¿Por qué el pollo cruzó la carretera?
  • PROFESOR DE PRIMARIA: Porque quería llegar al otro lado.
  • PROFESOR DE SECUNDARIA: Aunque se los explique, queridas bestias, no podrán entenderlo.
  • PROFESOR DE FACULTAD: Para saber por qué el pollo cruzó la carretera (tema que se incluirá en el parcial de mañana), lean los apuntes de la página 2 a la 3050.
  • DARWIN: A lo largo de grandes períodos de tiempo los pollos han sido seleccionados naturalmente de modo que ahora tienen una disposición genética a cruzar carreteras.
  • ALBERT EINSTEIN: Si el pollo ha cruzado la carretera o la carretera se ha movido debajo del pollo depende de tu marco de referencia.
  • MARTIN LUTHER KING: Veo un mundo en el que todos los pollos serán libres de cruzar la carretera sin que sus motivos se pongan en cuestión.
  • BILL GATES: Acabo de lanzar el nuevo Windows Chiken Office 2014, que no solo cruza carreteras, sino que pone huevos, archiva tus documentos importantes y encuadra tus cuentas.
  • ADOLF HITLER: Hay que fusilar al pollo inmediatamente, y también a los testigos de la escena y a diez personas más escogidas al azar por no haber impedido este acto subversivo.
  • YODA: Tentación del lado oscuro de la fuerza muy fuerte es. No resistirse pudo el pollo y la carretera cruzada fue.
  • HOMERO SIMPSON: Uhmmm... ¡¡POLLO!!

More concepts for Ankama’s videogame “Abraca” !

This time we show you the Prince Class, (originaly “Knight Class”), who have the ability to turn into frog and swallow ennemies before spitting them out onto other ennemies !

You can also check out the Djinn Class, the Wolf Class, the Sorceress Class and the Beanstalk Class !

Artworks by Gobi and Bill Otomo

Mario: Never Give Up.

Hoo boy, this one took a lot of effort to finish. But I suppose that’s fitting given the subject matter.

I have never finished the original Super Mario Bros. It is an insanely difficult game and truth be told, I’m just not a good enough gamer to beat it.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying. And I guess that’s a lesson worth taking to heart.

Current 1000+ Year Old Animated Characters


Wander - Wander over Yonder

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Bill Cipher - Gravity Falls

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Cartoon Network

Marceline Abadeer - Adventure Time

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Ice King/Simon - Adventure Time 

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Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum - Adventure Time

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Crystal Gems - Steven Universe 

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“Bill Cosby is back in the headlines this week after the Associated Press made public a 2005 court deposition in which he admitted to obtaining drugs to give to a woman in order to “have sex with,” or rape, her. It’s the first such admission we’ve heard from the now-disgraced comedian amid the dozens of women who came forward to publicly accuse Cosby of drugging and raping them on occasions that date back to the 1960s.

But the news is also proof of another truism about how our culture deals with women who say that they’ve been sexually assaulted.

We don’t.

Even after a few women stepped forward to bring Cosby’s actions to light, it took two men to raise concern and then verify the stories of nearly 40 female accusers. The first was comedian Hannibal Buress, whose November stand-up set about the accusations against Cosby went viral. The second was Cosby himself, whose lawyers fought bitterly for months to keep the decade-old deposition from going public.

Every 107 seconds, a sexual assault takes place in the United States. The vast majority of those assaults — 68% — are never reported to police, according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. Most of those assaults are committed by a friend or acquaintance of the survivor, not some stranger popping out of the bushes and following them home late at night.

It’s very rare for someone to lie about being raped. In fact, according to the Huffington Post, it’s more likely that someone will commit insurance fraud than lie about being raped; most studies put false rape reports at about 7%. Still, when close to 40 women came forward and accused one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars of rape, they were met with skepticism. Cosby, on the other hand, was cheered by fans and defended by colleagues and family members.” Jamilah King,

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Photo credit: Jennifer Thompson wipes away tears during an interview at her family’s home in Spring Hill, Florida on March 6, 2015. Chris O'Meara/AP

cartoon network leaked internal memo

[7:53:10 PM] jordn: i just cant tell who to make dale and who to make boomhauer… damn…

[7:55:11 PM] jordn: i mean dale has the specs so youd imagine hed be a good fit for garnet in looks but i mean. his PERSONALITY is way more pearl! and boomhauer looks more like pearl but he’s the most quiet… or in this case least comprehensible one

[7:55:23 PM] jordn: phew! at least bill is an obvious fit for amethyst. i don’t have to worry about that