Tonight has honestly been a completely perfect night! I’ve never been so happy.And sad at the same time.

Me lying in my bed right now means that the concert is already over but it also means that I’ve just experienced the best day of my life.

We arrived at the concert hall at two o'clock in the afternoon, which is actually pretty late as you guys probably know.

But we still had an amazing view, when we were inside the building. We stood in the eighth row, I guys. Right in front of bills microphone. Exactly, the place he always looked at. Tom threw his sticks during the concert as he usually does. But I felt like he was looking straight into my fucking eyes before he threw the stick. It’s hard to explain but it flew like it was meant to land in a specific persons hand and not like he just fucking threw it away. And this person was me. It made a bow over the crowd and fell right into my fucking hands. MY hands. Still can’t believe it.

Some aggressive girl tried to steal it from me, immediately. Luckily, I had my protective sister and her very protective friend beside me. So here it is. Guys, after catching the stick I was useless. Shaking and crying, caused by all the adrenaline. It’s been amazing.

Hope you guys had a great night too.