Who Gives a Spit?


                                                                                      (Photo Credit: AP)

After this weekend’s Sudden Death playoff between Phil Mickelson, Keegan Bradley and eventual champion, Bill Haas, all anyone can talk about is spit, saliva and loogies.

Forget the fact that Haas’ stunning play led to his fourth PGA Tour victory. The morning headline on Monday was all about Bradley’s salivary glands and his spit-shot routine.

Bradley’s salivary glands got so much attention he even took to Twitter to apologize!

“Id like to apologize for my spitting,” Bradley tweeted. “It’s like a reflex, I don’t even know I’m doing it, but it’s a longtime habit I’ve got to try to conquer.”

Conquer? Really?

So cameras won’t cut to him before he hits a shot because it’s disturbing? Please…at least it’s not as disturbing as watching Sergio regrip his club 16 times!


Great Brands Pair With Great Golfers 

After reading an article in my sports promotions class about Arnold Palmer’s new brand Arnie Wear and their sponsorship of Ryan Moore, I could not think of a better match up. Moore being known for his retro apparel, embodies the Arnie Wear throwback. Arnold Palmer is a man of style. He knows what looks good on men and goes with it. Expanding his empire with a fresh lifestyle brand is nothing short of genius. With influences from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, there is nothing not to like. Their Spring Look Book says it all. Any guy that appreciates golf and true timeless style should check out Arnie. 

Since seeing Arnie and their sponsorship, I have been curious as to which other brands that I follow sponsor golfers that are not a sports wear company like Nike. 

I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon Peter Millar cheering on Bill Haas yesterday on Twitter. Peter Millar has been a brand that I have loved for a while. Great looking shoes, shirts, pants, pullovers and even swimwear, the brand excels in it all. The Spring Collection is flawless with great colors and fresh looking apparel. This North Carolina company recently made it big with landing an account with Neiman Marcus. The next step clearly was endorsing an athlete and what better sport to endorse than golf! Bill Haas and Ben Curtis being the first golfers endorsed by the brand. What better way to prove a good move than seeing Bill Haas win the Northern Trust Open yesterday! I bet Peter Millar is selling quite a bit of golf apparel today after that big win! 

I can’t wait to see which other lifestyle brands begin to endorse golfers! The gentleman’s sport should be fully supported by all reputable clothing lines. 

Keep it Classy, Keep it Southern, 



Bill Cipher: “I agree Anon, I think it’s time to unfreeze time…Don’t want that Timelord on our asses again like last time…”

“Also I’m starting to feel pretty weak, and I know you feel it too, Stanley… We can’t hold it this long anymore, not without more training…”

“Put everything back in order, and we’ll chat more about Specs after you hang out with your family…”


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