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Bill Cooper Predicted 9/11, Was Killed Shortly After

Bill Cooper Predicted 9/11, Was Killed Shortly After

Milton William “Bill” Cooper was an acclaimed conspiracy writer best known for his 1991 book Behold a Pale Horse. Throughout his life, Cooper worked to expose numerous global conspiracies, and one of his latest involved the September 11 attacks. He was fatally shot shortly after, leading many to believe he had actually been right. During the 1990s, Cooper would broadcast a nightly radio talk…

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Jenna Roberts as the Lilac Fairy in Birmingham Royal Ballet’s production of The Sleeping Beauty (2013). Photo by Bill Cooper.

Jenna Roberts plays this beautiful enigma, the fairy who had yet to deliver her gift, which turns out to be the gift of life. The Lilac Fairy looks so perfect, and dances with such lightness and elegance that you could not fail to be enchanted.

Marianela Nunez in Symphony in C. Royal Ballet, May 2013. © Bill Cooper, courtesy the Royal Opera House.

“Nunez has learnt to soften her superb technique so that she seems to need an adoring partner to assist her, instead of being a gloriously self-sufficient ballerina. And what an effective applause machine the last movement is, everyone in the air at the same time.”