Bill Maxwell


Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled S01E06 - Were You On The South Bank Show Last Night

The human voice is the most pure expression coming from your own being, there’s nothing between your soul and your ability and your body and them. It’s not being camouflaged by a trumpet or a saxophone or guitar, it’s pure, and that’s why they’re so sensitive about it, because they’re putting it out there.
—  Bill Maxwell, talking about a singer’s voice (Twenty Feet From Stardom)

BroTPS: 4/7

ok but I have no idea where to start with these two. They are not healthy…. NO they are HEALTHY FOR EACHOTHER just not for me. Ralph makes Bill a less of a sexist jerk, and a little more open minded, and Bill makes Ralph looser and helps him realize you can be smart and still joke around. ALSO He helps Ralph realize that sometimes its ok to knock some heads in if the stakes are high.

Their hobbies include fishing, camping, baseball, watching basket ball games, spending the week end in the dessert pretending to know what they are doing, and uncovering international plots to overthrow the government.

They fight like a married couple, live in their own little bubble of jokes and sarcasm, and driving Ralph’s Girlfriend Pam up the wall.

Pam’s a bamf but also says she can’t handle them for long periods because they act like they have their own universe. I give her props for handling them almost every episode. I actually am on her side when she says “Leave me out of this.”

I love that Ralph is the intellectual And The Muscle.

I love that Bill is the average IQ with the attitude, but has the resources and skill.

Also Bill is a seasoned FBI agent of 20 years service.

and Ralph is a high school teacher so yeah.