Dragon*con 2015 Cosplay lineup! I’ll be Joy (Inside Out), Baymax gijinka (Big Hero 6), Clay Middleinitial Puppington (Moral Orel), Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit- Parade only), Newton Geiszler (Pacific Rim) (Also now with a baby Otachi prop!) Charlie Kelly in his PJs (Always Sunny in Philadelphia), and Benny the 1980′s Something Space Guy (The Lego Movie)

Also if you are free Saturday night, I’m hosting a Pacific Rim dinner at Pacific Rim Bistro! :D <—Check out the Facebook event page for info!

See you there! <3 I always look forward to seeing online friends!


It’s cute how Kili was all like: “Hey, uncle, you’re being mean to Bilbo again… uncle, stooppp >_<”

While Fili is watching what will Bilbo’s reaction be. Probably, he’s used to Thorin being all mean outside and fluffy inside and at the outset, he knew the hug will  come.

Just imagine how happy their family would be if Fate had been kinder…


The Fem!Bagginshield (and also Fem!Kili) Pacific Rim AU That No One Asked For

Bella Baggins had been thirteen when the first Kaiju attacked, seventeen when she enlisted in the jaeger program with her mother, and twenty when their jaeger -Poison Flower- went down, taking Bella’s mother and eyesight along with it.

She left the program after that, disappearing without a trace, going off the grid and staying there until Gandalf Grey found her and pulled her back into the thick of things.

Bella wasn’t going to pilot again, she wouldn’t, not even with Thorin Durin -the badass with the sexy voice who piloted Erebor Gold with her sister, Dis- weedling her way under Bella’s skin (with a little help from her niece and nephew)

They had bigger things to worry about than Bella’s PTSD - the twenty thousand pound walking, crushing crustacean working its way through downtown Hong Kong.

The Glass around your Heart

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Nad4x4

by Meg_Thilbo

There was a dwarven myth of strange creatures being trapped within mirrors, forsaken to travel only in the lands which existed in the reflections of the real world. Thorin didn’t believe in such creatures, of course and he never expected to see one much less fall in love with one.

Words: 7093, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Nad4x4