Meet Bikke the Chipmunk, a tiny, stripy rodent with a huge appetite for corn on the cob. It’s his favorite treat. Bikke is here to remind us all that summer is corn season, and, as much as he’d like to try, he can’t eat all the corms himself. So, after watching this video in which Bikke eats kernels of corn that look comically large in his little paws, seek out your nearest grocery store or farmers’ markey and pick up a few ears crisp, sweet corn for yourself.

After you’ve done Bikke proud and eaten your corn, we highly recommend checking out his YouTube channel where you’ll find all sorts of other overwhelmingly cute videos, including this one where he’s doing his morning stretches:

[via RocketNews24]


Kabe no Naka no Tenshi (The Angel On The Wall) by BIKKE

I really like this story. It’s about the story of each angels from a painting on the wall. The story are just so beautiful, I’m falling for the author. The story is not too complicated and not too simple, and it’s not too long, just one volume and it’s done.

Try reading it here


Cute chipmunk to help you through this looooong thursday!  Almost Friday… @__@