Biker Gang

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Oh my god that's such a cool idea (the swoop bike gang I mean) how did you come up with it? Is it a real thing from the Canon lore?

Thank you omg! Yes it’s canon! I mean, I was thinking about making a gang of bikers, so I did some researches and I found out biker gangs were indeed a thing in the SW universe and they’re called swoop gangs. So I told Lazy about it and then she said she’d like to participate and make swoop biker OCs too soo yep :D

Ever since her sister died in a horrific accident (some suspect sabotage), Yellow has required all members of her “Crazy Diamonds” biker gang to wear helmets and proper safety gear.

She responds with extreme violence to anyone dumb enough to ignore this rule…

Art trade with trappedwonderland

Theme was biker gang Lavi so I decided to go with more rough style, which to tell the truth is more natural for me ^^’, I hope You like it (*ノωノ)

and I wanted to draw Lavi in my clothes so I had a chance

And once again thank You for Your drawing :D

I’m kind of late with all the requests and art-trades since I started uni. But I’m getting used to new enviroment. So I hope I’ll be able to end all of them soon :) I remember about all of them,I’ve written them on my desktop so I won’t forget!

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Dating a SouthSide serpent Would Include...

Requested a few times by anons ☺️hope this is okay for you as it was a little but of a challenge for me.  Warnings: sexual themes.   Masterlist

Being a serpent yourself

  • You probably would have met in the bar one night, you a little tipsy and him offering to take you home and instead of taking advantage, actually helping you to bed. You had probably met when you were younger, probably just after you had left school and you had only just noticed one another. 

Date nights at the bar

  •  It was the hangout where you met and it continued to be so. You hadn’t remembered who had helped you that night until you saw him walk again, his jacket on proudly and you had to buy him a drink to say thank you. Now you had to buy him a drink most nights. 

Letting you take care of yourself

  • He knew you were a tough one. He wouldn’t dare stand between you and someone who had made some comment instead, he would gladly watch. You were a feisty one and he loved it. You could easily take someone down verbally or physically if it came to that, that it even turned him on.

Rough sex 

  •  Okay so, you were both wild and young and just crazy for each other so most if the time your sex was exactly like that. You fooled around a lot often risking it in public places or places you could easily get caught but you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. When you two had argued everything got so much hotter. Make up sex was your favourite. It was hot and fast full of sweet bruises and scratches and mind-blowing ends. 

Drinking games 

  •  You two were a couple that were also best friends. Some weekends when neither of you could be bothered going out, beers and alcohol were a great escape often making it a little competition involving the loss of clothes and a long night.

Having your own bike

  • You used to just catch a ride on the back of his bike but, for your birthday, he had managed to save enough to buy you your own - you were part of a biker gang after all! On occasion however, you would still ride on his bike with him, just so you can get close to him again making the ride more fun and just a little more dangerous. 

Arguing a bit

  • You were both feisty and a little crazy, especially after a few drinks in the wrong mood so it was obvious that you two would fight and quite seriously sometimes too. It was nothing a night of sleep or a night of passion wouldn’t fix for the both of you. You cared for one another but sometimes, a little too much. 

Looking out for one another

  • The serpents were all a family and non more than you two. You two had never really bothered with engagement and marriage but you were the closest two there could be. You were closer than anyone and bickered like a married couple but you were always there for one another. 

Starting a family

  •  Sure, your pregnancy was a little unexpected and there was a bit of a panic over what to do, you were both young and could hardly support a baby but you made it work. The serpents who had kids already helped a lot and soon you had your own little family, it was difficult, sure but you managed. 

Always worrying about your family and being protective

  • all you had was him and your baby and that was all that mattered to you. You had your own family now on top of your extended family and you and him would do anything to protect that bundle that came into your life in a hectic time and brought everything together.