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BtVS Episode, "Bargaining, Part 1" AU Questions: If the Slayer's friends attempt to resurrect their fallen ally was farther ruined by a group of demons, resulting in the Slayer not returning to life, what would the group called the Scoobies do now that can't bring back the blonde heroine at this point in time? And what of this demon biker gang I mentioned? How much havoc would they ring upon the town known as Sunnyvale?

The Scoobies would die, and so would everyone in Sunnydale. Well, die or become slaves. Show over. No Buffy, no show. (it’s literally impossible for me to conceive the story without Buffy in it.)



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Meet the female motorbike gangs blazing a trail for India's women
Over the past few months, more and more women in India have started riding their own bikes (rather than riding pillion). They’re doing it as a hobby and usually to prove a point; whether that’s around solo travel, strength, ability or simply to fulfill a long held dream.

“Riding a motorbike - in a country where women are often told to stay within four walls, or be accompanied by a male member of the family when out, on the pretext of their safety - may seem like a far-fetched idea.

But the trend is fast catching on. India Bike Week, the country’s biggest yearly biking festival which started in 2013, has seen the participation of women riders shoot up in the four years.

The girl biker gangs, apart from being a safe space to grow and learn, help develop female camaraderie while discussing and bending gender rules together.

As with any activity women undertake – despite being told it’s ‘not for them’ by society – the female biker club members feel ready to take on the world.

By busting the myth of feminine fragility- and of female dependence on a men for mobility and protection - it provides women with independence.

Bandodkar says: “A woman on a bike is the best thing to happen for women’s empowerment. Because even one woman on the road can inspire many others - and the chain reaction will lead to liberation.”

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