Biker Gang

combining two different character tropes is my kink

Goth Surfer (”Dude. I want to die. But on this gnarly wave first”)

Rogue Herder (what’s he stealing? Other people’s sheep? I love it)

Berserker Valley Girl (you insult her bff & she sees red, carries a giant ax in her purse)

Bad Gym Teacher Priest (”I want to see some HUSTLE in that prayer”)

Gay Jock Cleric or/and Necromancer (resurrects his teammates for the Big Game; loves his bf, a zombie angel)

Genki Girl Monster-Beast (a huge werewolf throwing a peace sign into the camera)

Hawaiin Shirt Dad Biker Gang Leader (no leather, just Hawaiian shirt and dad jokes about taking out rival leaders)

Character cliches aren’t boring, creators just need to combine them in new ways

Ever since her sister died in a horrific accident (some suspect sabotage), Yellow has required all members of her “Crazy Diamonds” biker gang to wear helmets and proper safety gear.

She responds with extreme violence to anyone dumb enough to ignore this rule…