just dropped foster pup at the vet

she’s staying for most of the day, which gives me just enough time to squeeze in 85miles… attempting to get 85 miles without leaving the “metro area” is a pain in the ass. Trying out MacArthur for the first time! Look for me around Haines Point mid day, and in Rockville this afternoon :) Going to rock the tri suit too since it’s (Finally!!!!) super warm out. Hope the drivers are feeling nice today…

Cycle - 05/03/2015

It was a great afternoon, weather-wise, so Lorelie and I went for a bike ride. We drove down to Alexandria and we rented a bike for her at Big Wheel Bikes. (We usually go to Bike and Roll, but they seemed to have moved to a new location, because the storefront we usually go to was empty.) From Alexandria, we headed north and stopped by Gravelly Point to watch a couple of planes take off. After a few minutes, we went to the Jefferson Memorial and sat there for a little while. 

Then, we made our way back to Alexandria. Post-ride Pop’s ice cream was enjoyed on this warm afternoon and it was delicious!


35 miles ride became longer when I wanted to go all the way around Haines point… riding brain made me forget that more miles on an out an back means MORE miles to come home. So with 8 miles left on my o.a.b. I bailed and came up that wicked hill by the LDS temple. It makes it only 3 miles to get home…better than 8, but that hill is killer. Miles look slowish, but there was all of the construction out on the CCT today, as well as it being super crowded, and riding along with a guy who just bought his bIke yesterday and who wanted to chat. At least the weather is gorgeous!!
DC Bike Ride
With DC as your backdrop, it's not hard to be inspired. Cruise the city at your own pace. Just you, two wheels, and some of the most iconic sights in the world. And after you've taken it all in, hop off that bike and celebrate at the Finish Line Festival on Pennsylvania Avenue near the Capitol.

17 miles of biking on closed DC streets?! Count me in!

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