Okay, Hello I don’t know what else to title this but whatever

Anyways, you’re probably wondering why this just appeared while you were scrolling through your group tag (let’s hope this doesn’t flop because I literally tagged any group I could think of)

I’m here to talk about an underrated group called Seven O’ Clock

They just had a comeback after a whopping 1 year and a half

The group used to consist of 6 members but 1 of them left when they changed companies

They came back with 2 songs “ Nothing Better” and “Searchlight”. These songs are total bops so please check them out

My boys cameback on the 8th of this month but only have 170k views in their MV. Please please please check them out. You don’t have to Stan if you don’t want to but at least give them a chance.

Ok, that’s all

Tumblr do your thing