In America it is normal for pharmaceutical companies to make medications unaffordable to those who need them. In America it is normal to pay 2-3 times more for care to live shorter lives than other developed nations. In America we have the most expensive healthcare system, yet it ranks below most others in quality. In America it’s normal for healthcare to not provide health while making record profits. Our healthcare system clearly has nothing to do with health, but everything to do with business.


The cabal is so evil that they actually have articles that say these iron shavings are good for you. That is total Bull. The shavings, once oxidized inside the human body become cancerous over time. It is unfathomable to me the level of demonic thought necessary to deliberately put metal shavings inside corn flakes. I also can not wrap my mind around the millions of people who are being deliberately poisoined, sickened and killed by this devious practice. We all know that ALL prepackaged foods are high in sodium, high-fructose corn syrup, various fats, and dangerous dyes. All of these additives serve to improve the look, feel and flavor of the products. What do metal shavings add to the food content? All of my research concludes that the only thing they add is …cancer! Creating new customers for #BigPharma. #4biddenknowledge

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ive been doing a lot of fieldwork in random corners of North Carolina.

like deep deep dirt road off of a dirt road off of a dirt road towns where folks have lived on the same plot of land, either as slaves or oppressors, since their white ancestors stole it from native Americans and

honestly even talking to super old black folk in these places - church leaders and politicians and old farmers like

people will say things like “we need to build a community and economy for people of all races, genders, religions… and even the LGBTQ”

like sure it might not be worded in the same way as a post on tumblr or in academia but it gives me so much life.

mainly because these corners of the US - the poor rural #South - have been characterized as victims of right wing populist exploitation (e.g. trump) and like..

the truth is

there are plenty of people out here who are down to align with the struggle of all these marginalized groups.

I just got done talking with an old AF black pastor who talked about LGBTQ people, Palestinians, building local food systems, and uncovering the ills of BigPharma lobbying..


he doesn’t have a degree. isn’t on tumblr. and lives out in the country. I’m sort of tired of so much of the country scapegoating rural-ness or Southernness or poverty as reasons folks stay away from exposing their minds to the plight of people different from themselves. Or the reason why they mobilize into hate groups.

on some level, it’s just white people understanding their stake in domination when it comes to resource distribution in this country. recognizing that this population is time and time again choosing this is a harder pill for people, especially liberal urban whites, to swallow.


This dude spits knowledge! The govenment bans legal herbs to get you hooked on their prescription waste!

A Fundamental Crisis in Values

Today I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Gale, a health policy professor at CSUS, speak to our class on primary care and preventative medicine. He is 87 years old, and more politically savvy than all of us combined. He was around when the dust bowl occurred. He talks about Clinton, LBJ, and racial segregation as if it occurred yesterday. But don’t get this idea of a fragile old man hobbling about. He is a stout, straight-talkin, no-bullshittin’ kind of dude who is a force to be reckoned with. When the doctor introduced him as a liberal he corrected him, “I’m not a liberal. I’m a radical!" 

Here are some notable quotes:

  1. "What’s wrong with healthcare? It’s a fundamental crisis of values. We don’t value the human life. We put profit above humanity. That’s the biggest problem with healthcare.”  
  2. “The drug companies spend 33% on advertisement, 22% in profits, 17% on research and 15% on administrative costs. That’s 54% on making advertisements and profits. They’re basically PEDDLING DRUGS TO US.
  3. “Work is therapeutic to people with mental illnesses. In Scandinavia I visited a complex that housed schizophrenic patients. Nurses woke them up early in the day and they all made breakfast together. They spent the day doing activities, working, being active. When Reagan de-institutionalized people with mental illnesses, he put all of them on the street with bottles of meds. He was supposed to put that money towards adult day centers, community centers, places that would support these people. He didn’t. In Scandinavia, there wasn’t a single homeless man or woman on the street. They took care of their people. Again, we devalue people.”
  4.  "I’m not religious. My values are humans. My religion is humanism"
  5. “I canceled my democratic membership in September 2002 when Democrats in the congress voted for the Patriot Act. They do not reflect my values. I’m an independent.”
  6. “I voted for Obama. But I wrote him a two page letter giving him an outline of what he needs to do, to not back down and keep fighting!”
  7. “The grand fraud of the American people is that they’re trying to make us believe that providing tax cuts to the wealthy, to large corporations, will somehow create jobs. 66% of corporations in the U.S. pay NO TAXES. Of the corporations that do, they pay only 14% of their revenue. Where are the jobs? They’re overseas, where they don’t have to pay anything for those workers. I’d like to ask Mr. Romney, ‘When you were CEO of the Bain company, how many jobs did you create?’”
  8. “It’s all interconnected. You can’t talk about fixing our healthcare 'system’ without talking about our economy, corruption in politics, money in political campaigns, the prevalence of media, the power of drug companies. It’s all intertwined.”
  9. “My advice? Define your values and attack BOTH sides with it. Don’t back down from your values.”
  10. “There are 3500 healthcare lobbyists for 450 house reps. TAKE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS”
  11. “I stay young and tender with my healthy outrage at the world.”
  12. “I’m pessimistic about the future of healthcare nationally. We have to take it one state at a time. What would really piss them off is if 10-15 states all at once implemented universal healthcare.”
  13. “The Answer: Organize. In 1848 women organized to get their right to vote. That didn’t happen until 1920. 72 years. It took 100 years for civil rights to happen. Movements like these take a long time.”
  14. “Advice for a healthy life? Love what you do, be in healthy relationships, have a healthy lifestyle, give back to the community, and have fun!" 

From this lecture, I realize how important history is. I wish I paid more attention in school. One day my kids will be studying stuff that happened during my time and I want to be able to answer them and be like, "Oh yeah, gays weren’t allowed to marry back then. How far we’ve come!" 

Obama & Big Pharma

Obama is now using Federal Authorities to crack down on Medical Marijuana distributors in California, even though it is perfectly legal in there. The Reason: the FDA has given approval to GW Pharmaceuticals to manufacture and distribute Sativex, a new drug produced from Marijuana. The crackdown would eliminate GW’s competition ahead of the planned release date giving GW a Monopoly on the Medical Marijuana market. Yet another big Corporate giveaway, gotta love it.