Kpop related Updates

T.O.P officially completes his test for military duty so he will probably be leaving soon

Yongguk won’t be promoting for the comeback due to being diagnosed with panic disorder (god bless him cause it ain’t easy at all)

Gary is leaving Running Man which means no more Monday couple and I honestly feel like my family is falling apart

Got7 Younjae is sick again so he’s out of promotions but they won’t say how he is sick so I’m worried

But on a good note BTS DOPE reached 100 Mil views and VIXX Hakyeon is real.

[ENLISTMENT] T.O.P has registered to take a conscripted policeman examination to fulfill his military service

Official results will come out November 11th. If he passes, he will be enlisting in early 2017.

*Conscripted policemen fall under the category of public service military duty. They work along the police department to fight North Korean infiltrators or help maintain public security. The term of enlistment is 21-24 months.

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161025 TOP of BIGBANG had compulsory police examination

*TOP registered for conscripted policeman selective examination to fulfill military duty. Official results will be out in Nov. 11.  If TOP passes conscripted policeman selective examination, he will be probably enlisted early 2017. Conscripted Policeman’s service term is 21 months.

*An explanation of “conscripted policeman” by a SuJu Donghae fan (he enlisted as a conscripted policeman): Here

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