I’m going to reiterate I’m not always the best person to learn from, but I’ll tell ya what I’ve learned.

I like to go over a line, again and again and again. Oftentimes, when you’ve seen one of my drawings it’s only the latest in a long string of redrawn lines always drawn fairly loosely. But every time I get closer and closer to what I’m looking for, trying to avoid losing energy. It’s why I’m very attached to pencil brushes overall. They lend themselves well to repeated strokes.

Another thing, and this might not make sense, you gotta draw what’s around the object too. Draw what’s behind what’s in front of you. Draw it like you’re working out the other side of the object. And then erase it when you’re getting to the final art. I often don’t erase every little bit of what’s behind too, a little bit of wonky transparency and left over construction can be beautiful and helps describe the form to the viewer.

I think it’s funny you should mention spuds. I figure you can get a lot of mileage out of doing life drawings of potatoes.



omgggg thank you so much that’s so sweet come to my bosom let me love you <33

Send me a note with a request, and I’ll draw anything you want 8D

duskenpath said: I know that feel :( happened to me after 3 months in october. No warning. Have some tea, you deserve it :(

bettydice said: oh no I’m so sorry bb! ): *huuuuuuuuuuuug* fuck them!

bigadam said: Well bugger, but, BUT! It was a job that you didn’t seem to like too much. Shove it on the CV anyway, just don’t use them as a reference.

phantomthiefcrow said: *hugs*

gorfanel said: I’m very sorry to hear that. It doesn’t even make sense, you made what you could to solve the client’s problem. Those incoherent rules some companies enforce are just infuriating >.<

vampirecheetah said: Oh this totally sucks :( Especially since you were doing your best to provide customer service.

rprambles said: ; A; o no bab i’m so sorry /wraps in blankets and gives treats

korakos said: You’re better off without those douchenozzles in the long run, promise. Almost told off one of the sups when I saw him in the hallway. Maybe will save it for my last day.

sazuka57 said: Oh wow that sucks I’m so sorry D:

Thanks, babes~ ;A; Sorry I’ve been kinda avoidy aside from reblogs and shit. Been panicking and sulking in between job hunts, and it made me a little unsociable. >_>;

The whole thing infuriated me bc my being canned ended up being over me doing the same mistake (i advised a customer to call Medicare bc by then her problem was out of our hands) on the 7th; they hadn’t even heard that call I was worried about yet. D: So I got fired for making a mistake my first week on the floor. Made me want to set fire to shit on my way out -___- To make things worse, I found out from a work friend the next day that her team was warned later day not to call medicare, but if they did so before that day, it wouldn’t count. Apparently that only applies to her team, not mine, since again, this was for something I did the week after training. DX Asshats. It’s not like I could’ve hoped for my sup to stand up for me. She’d introduced herself once. I didn’t even know her schedule (I didn’t even know she was my sup for 2 days), and even the day I got fired, she kept calling me by the wrong name. I didn’t like the job, but I’m worried about having trouble finding another one.

The slightly hopeful news is that I’m going to expand my search further out than I usually do bc my sis wants to quit her job; so if we get jobs near each other again, it won’t matter if we work 20 min away from home (we share a car).

P.S. korakos pls don’t go off on anyone there >_>;;;;; unless it’s jason

bigadam asked:

Only now do I realise, your icon is not an Asari.

HEH ye it’s a monster high character

i’ve been meaning to change it for a while actually

sammymontoya said:as someone who has never been hungover amiko HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU NOT TASTE PIE

i am in hell send help

vampirecheetah said:D: Noo dun die. Commander Shepard leaves no one behind. Except Kenneth. Or possibly Ashley. Okay, Shepard will leave someone behind, but not you :p

delete my browser history when i’m gone

bigadam said:If the PSU screws you over, give a shout and I’ll post one over the pond.

I had to sit here and translate that in my head haha I’m not too quick today. Thanks, but I’m gonna dig around for the receipt for this PSU. It’s a decent one, so as long as the warranty covers it, I want those fuckers to replace it.

sammymontoya said:you’ll make the shed stink and how are we supposed to retrieve your corpse from under it

just kinda like drag me out with a rake idek