Today we’re going to update a story we first brought you back in 2004. That September, NPR set out to document what may be the most important day in any young child’s life — the first day of kindergarten. For parents it’s a day filled with hope, anxiety and one big question: Is our child ready?

The answer back then, as far as 5-year-old Sam Marsenison was concerned, was “No, no, no!”

For his parents, Paul and Maryanna Marsenison of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., it was tough letting go too. They had spent weeks, if not months, preparing themselves. But on that day, Sam made it very clear that he wanted no part of his new school, Virginia Shuman Young Elementary.

Sam lunged towards Maryanna and wrapped his little arms around her waist, tears rolling down both their faces.

In the background, the principal was on the PA system with a not-so-subtle warning: It was time for all kindergarten parents to leave. Immediately.

And now it was Maryanna, not Sam, who didn’t want to let go. For a while it seemed that even a tractor couldn’t pull her away.

Thirteen years later, Sam says he only has vague memories of the drama that unfolded on his first day of kindergarten.

How It All Turned Out: A Kindergarten Story, 13 Years Later

Photo: Zak Bennett for NPR

He couldn’t have him

Link loves everything about Rhett and always has. His infectious laugh that sends his whole body vibrating with joy - his long, strong body, and his perfectly coiffed hair. Ever since they were kids Rhett had a presence of home and warmth that made you want to curl up in it and stay there. It was enough to make the Mclaughlin’s house feel like something between a sanctuary and a second home. Because Rhett was there.

But he was a boy in North Carolina, and there was only so long you could you could curl up in the presence of a boy like Rhett before someone started asking questions. Big and scary questions. So he couldn’t have him, or at least - he couldn’t have everything. 

He only thought about the big and scary questions more as time went on. Every time he got annoyed about how often Rhett wanted to talk about that pretty girl three lockers down. Every time he caught himself staring at Rhett swerving around the basketball court like a star, and more times than ever when he was drunk and had Rhett close to him. Those times he was tempted to give himself an answer to those questions. 

But he was still a boy in North Carolina, and this was his very straight best friend with parents who would never even breathe the questions. So he couldn’t have him, and he knew by this point that he never would. 

He’d hoped that maybe adulthood would bring patience, endurance, and maturity. Or that he’d meet someone who could cut the ties of longing that had strangled him since he was five. 

Yet he’d dated a number of smart, funny and beautiful girls. Even fell in love with one as he watched Rhett grow from teen basketball star to a man. He’d grown up but the tie of longing had grown with him; over his head, down to his neck and over his heart. Stretching across every space they came to call theirs as it tightened and made him want Rhett more every day. 

But he was a successful man in Los Angeles, married to the woman of his dreams with a company and children. Rhett was family, his livelihood and his dream personified - with a family of his own. He was richer in many ways than he had been in North Carolina, but he couldn’t afford to lose Rhett even if he cashed in his half of the company tomorrow.

He couldn’t have him. 

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Hi! I'm really interested in getting into witchcraft and I'm agnostic. I don't believe that crystals/herbs/moon water/etc. are "magical" per se. (For example I don't think mint will give me good luck just because it's mint) With all these doubts, is it at all possible to be a witch? And if it is possible, how could I practice it? Would that still be witchcraft? Thank you so much!

So….. why are you interested in witchcraft? That’s the big question. Like, does it look cool to you? Do you want to be convinced? Are you all Mulder “I WANT TO BELIEVE” about it? There are many many many different paradigms on how magic, spells, and witchcraft work. The job for you is to study, practice, see what works or doesn’t work for you. A witchcraft practice is never handed to someone whole cloth. Even in existing magical traditions there is a lot of study and goals to be met. Secular witchcraft (witchcraft without religion) can be even more difficult because there are no road maps, but there is a lot of open space for exploring.

Basically, pick a direction and go. What are you interested in? Tarot? Spell work? plants? history? I find that even when I’m all Goldilocks with different subjects the bigger picture is kitting itself together in my subconscious.

Here’s a link to my witchling tips and here’s a link to my resource pages.

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Hey I've had a big question since a lot of time ago I see these gifsets all the time about "the moment" when they find out they won RPDR, but they're sitting in a sofa, not really in the final show ceremony in the theater, so what's up with that??? Did they knew they were gonna win before the final show started??

they don’t actually know till it airs! they usually film multiple crownings (this year was peppermint and sasha) so that no one who goes to the live taping spoils it / i guess to give ru more time for a decision. the gifsets of them on the couches are from backstage of the official finale events that go on when the queens are watching it live with the rest of the world, finding out at the same time we all are!!

so what we see on tv is only partially genuine, since they’re obviously emotional to be getting crowned but it’s partially acting since they know they might not end up being the winner that’s used in the aired version of the episode

We Just Identified More Than 200 New (Potential) Planets

The Kepler space telescope is our first mission capable of identifying Earth-size planets around other stars. On Monday, June 19, 2017, scientists from many countries gathered at our Ames Research Center to talk about the latest results from the spacecraft, which include the identification of more than 200 potential new worlds! Here’s what you need to know:

We found 219 new planet candidates.

All of these worlds were found in a patch of sky near the Cygnus constellation in our Milky Way galaxy. Between 2009 and 2013, Kepler searched more than 200,000 stars in the region for orbiting planets. The 219 new planet candidates are part of the more than 4,000 planet candidates and 2,300 confirmed planets Kepler has identified to date.

Ten of these worlds are like our own.

Out of the 219 new planet candidates, 10 are possibly rocky, terrestrial worlds and orbit their star in the habitable zone – the range of distances from a star where liquid water could pool on the surface of a rocky planet.

Small planets come in two sizes.

Kepler has opened up our eyes to the existence of many small worlds. It turns out a lot of these planets are either approximately 1.5 times the size of Earth or just smaller than Neptune. The cool names given to planets of these sizes? Super Earths and mini-Neptunes.

Some of the new planets could be habitable. 

Water is a key ingredient to life as we know it. Many of the new planet candidates are likely to have small rocky cores enveloped by a thick atmosphere of hydrogen and helium, and some are thought to be ocean worlds. That doesn’t necessarily mean the oceans of these planets are full of water, but we can dream, can’t we?

Other Earths are out there.

Kepler’s survey has made it possible for us to measure the number of Earth-size habitable zone planets in our galaxy. Determining how many planets like our own that exist is the big question we’ll explore next.

The hunt for new planets continues.

Kepler continues to search for planets in different regions of space. With the launch of our Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) and the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) in 2018, we’re going to search for planets nearest the sun and measure the composition of their atmospheres. In the mid-2020s, we have our sights on taking a picture of small planets like Earth with our Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST).

*All images of planets are artist illustrations.

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imagine all the hogwarts kids at pride

luna’s wearing a trans flag as a cape, ginny has the lesbian flag painted on her cheeks and is holding her hand, dean and seamus are both in rainbow-coloured robes and are leading the parade, ron and hermione have sprayed their hair in the bi colours, charlie is riding a dragon painted in the ace colours, neville has a badge with the nonbinary flag on it, parvati and lavender came together and are literally inseparable, sirius is in dog form for a disguise but has a rainbow and blue/pink coat on, harry is wearing a badge with a big question mark on it but is supporting all his friends


Meanwhile, in the Nottingham Post, Colin is tackling one of the big questions….

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Riverdale S01E09

This episode was all about big questions!

Let’s dive straight in and address the big elephant in the room! Where did all that snow come from?!

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Are we ready to see Ronnie without the pearls?!

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Will Alice work at the Blue and Gold? Do they have a budget big enough to pay her?!

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And what is Cheryl plotting?!

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so like, is grell male or female? i like to think genderfluid or male, but i see a lot of people refer to them as female (in a way it kind of bothers me i guess) . I was just wondering your take on this and how you interpreted grell

Grell is male, but that has nothing to do with gender. Male and female are sexes, not genders.

Grell’s gender is up for interpretation, as far as I’m concerned… until either Grell or Yana-san emphatically states it as one, the other, neither, or both (fluid).

Grell usually (but not always) self-refers with feminine nouns, like “lady” and “actress”. The vast majority of other characters call Grell by male pronouns or treat Grell as a man. Sebastian makes a point of saying “Mr. Sutcliff,” but he is offended by Grell’s advances and retaliates with coldness. William can barely refer to Grell by name at all, just refers to Grell as a terrible employee… and I’m not sure what pronouns he uses for Grell – it generally comes across as gender-neutral in English, though. Othello might be using feminine pronouns for Grell, but again I can’t tell for sure. If so, then he’s probably the only one. Ronald seems to avoid the gender issue, much like William (but without being so insulting).

Yana-san usually refers to Grell with masculine pronouns but then also says things like “actress”, so that’s not much help, is it?

However, It might be summed up best in “Ciel in Wonderland” when “Cheshire Cat” Grell ponders this very question and admits confusion over gender-identity. Man… or woman? “Cheshire Cat” Grell cannot choose. Is it even necessary *to* choose?

There’s a growing number of people within the fandom who (very strongly) believes Grell to be a trans-woman. However, Grell could, indeed, be gender-fluid.

I cannot give a definitive answer. LOL I don’t *have* one…. As you have probably noticed, I try my best to avoid pronouns when referring to Grell.