So this may seem like a fuck customers at the beginning, but it actually turned out funny.

I work at a casino (same person as the guy who wanted “better fives” a few months ago) and a lady came up to my window and more or less tossed Tito (which is a money voucher ticket thing the slot machine gives you) at me instead of putting it on the counter. And at first I was like, okay that happens sometimes, it slips out of your hands. And we can’t take anything out of people’s hands anyways (surveillance reasons), so I just go with my usual greeting. And she’s making this grumpy face, cuts me off, and tells me she wants four big bills. The ticket was for $410 but people usually just tell me they want big bills, and the rest is implied as whatever is easy for us. So I count out the money, and she’s telling me to “Not take all day with it.” And at this point, I see a few of the other cashiers come over behind me to see what all the fuss was about. But to my credit, I keep a calm head through it, count her money out to her. And she starts making a big fuss, and yelling how she wanted four big bills. And then she says, and I quote, “I asked for four big bills! So you can take that ten dollars and put it with your tips because you’re doing an excellent job today sweetheart.“ 

I was so shocked. And the other cashiers started laughing! Turns out this lady is a regular customer and likes to spice up our day by doing the grumpy act to new cashiers. It was so surprising it made me laugh. She’s still one of my favorite customers, despite the initial impression. And honestly, it can get pretty boring working there because it’s always more of the same most of the time, so having someone that likes to treat us like we actually need some entertainment is pretty great.


Cucurbita Farm, a work in progress…..

(Grown crops don’t show up in the picture makes, so enjoy a small pic of my butt-ton of eggplants and pumpkins i have growing.)

  • Jimin: hmm this is so weird, my toothbrush is missing
  • Tae: wow must have been one of those saesangs, crazy am i right *sweats*
  • Jimin: ... Tae
  • Tae: ...
  • Jimin: ... *sigh* How much did you sell it for this time
  • Tae: 2,000 dollars and free big bang tickets

I’m sorry I’m asking for help!!
We are $80 short on utilities and Spencer doesn’t start his new job until after thanksgiving. I’ve been consigning the baby’s old stuff like crazy but nobody buys clothes and we don’t have a lot of big ticket sellers that aren’t stained and beaten because we got them secondhand already…
Our new place is cheaper and we have roommates but we had to scrap one of our two cars after finding out the person we bought it from lied about it being in good condition(second time that’s happened…)so Spencer couldn’t work at his old job anymore because of distance and travel time after his tech school classes which are 7-3 weekdays and an hour away from home.
I just got a referral for 60 days of free daycare for Oliver, so I have also been applying for work and I have an interview today for amazon because they are 3 miles away and I can bike there…
but the GI BILL goes off of school days and it was a couple hundred short this month because of hurricane days last month.
PLEASE if y'all could help until we get working and have more income that would be amazing 😢
PayPal is
Please signal boost. All the utilities are in my name because everyone else didn’t wanna make the phone calls. 😓 my credit is tanked already and we have been trying hard to bring it back up.