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                                                                       september 2010


Hi! Did you know that I’ve got a comic called BIG JIMMY? And that the comic involves aliens and robots rough housing? What if I also told you that its got jokes n’ chuckles in it too? What? You want to buy it NOW? Well, then my intentionally leading sentences have worked. Well done me!

Nah, but seriously, there are two issues of Big Jimmy that you can buy at my Big Cartel store right now, and I’m planning to have issue 3 ready in the Autumn. Let me tell you about them…

Big Jimmy #1 tells the story of Jimmy Feldspar. He’s a shy, lonely 14 year old Martian boy, but somehow he finds himself representing Mars in the Triumph Of The Solar System, a galaxy wide battle tournament. Without so much as an explanation or a training montage, Jimmy is thrown in the deep end and has to avoid getting his little blue face punched off while he meets new friends and enemies and searches for the truth about why nobody will tell him the truth about why he has to keep fighting monsters.

In issue 2, Jimmy and his friends, Cheezdood and Candyhead are back with two hilarious stories of violence and hijinks! In the first story, Jimmy continues his accidental adventure through the world of deadly battle tournaments, coming up against a foe much stronger and monstrous than him. Can his parents give him the confidence he needs to win the day? Then in the second tale, Candyhead and Cheezdood go on a babe hunt, with DEADLY CONSEQUENCES!

You can pick up both issues in my store now (along with other comics and cool art prints). And keep your eye-peepers peeping for news of the next issue soon!


The scene cuts to a solitary Ed who is crying over the loss of his TV.

He says under his breath how this is not fair. If it is true that Ed got punished over destroying Jimmy’s stuffed bunny he must have blamed it on how he was taken over by the curse. Ed’s mom did not take this as an answer and punished him.

Ed’s mom must have a soft spot for Jimmy. I know she doesn’t have a soft spot for Ed’s friends, well maybe Edd, since they’re always getting themselves into trouble.

Oh the irony because she has no idea what kind of trouble Sarah and Jimmy get into behind her back.

It’s rare whenever there is a quiet emotional moment in the series.

All three Ed’s fear loneliness.

Ed has the worst loneliness of all because he is alone with his thoughts. His mother messes up his mind with insults. Ed also believes that he is not good enough for the world which he would have told his friends in the deleted scene in Big Picture Show.

Ed doesn’t understand the world. If Edd and Eddy weren’t his friends this is how his life would be like every single day. He’s trapped in his basement hiding from his family, or mainly his mother and Sarah. He is mentally disabled making it tougher to understand himself and everything around him.

I wonder who was the one to put this box in the corner. It shows up in a few episodes after this. There is a flood of tears around it. I hate whenever Ed cries. He is always so happy making everyone around him feel better.

It’s sad to think that Ed has the worst home life where someone is always putting him down and degrading him.

His dad understands him, but he doesn’t try to put an end to his wife’s treatment. I once said in a post how I don’t believe Ed’s father is not a dead beat, but now I think he is. He lets his wife talk to him as if he isn’t a person. He’s done with trying to deal with it feeling that it has become a routine in his life.

I really hope Ed gets out of that house as soon as he can post BPS.

Suddenly the drain begins moving around and Ed hears a strange noise.

Ed, the guy who rarely gets scared about anything, is horrified.

He may actually think that monsters are coming up from the drain.

Ed has an overactive imagination so I wouldn’t be surprised if he thought that monsters existed. And he has nobody other then his friends to tell him this.

They tell him the right and wrongs. Ed begins growing by BPS and tries to take charge of the fight between Edd and Eddy. He doesn’t try again when he fails the first time knowing that it’s hopeless because he is too.

His second chance to prove to himself that he can do anything is when he is the one to deadest Eddy’s brother.

Oh, how I want to give Ed a hug.


Big Jimmy 3D is almost here! The third book in the saga of the most adorable, monster-thumpin’ Martian powerhouse will be ready and available at Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival on the 14th & 15th of November and then afterwards on my BigCartel page alongside the first two issues.

This issue of Big Jimmy will have a little extra OOOMF in it. Firstly its in full colour! A whole rainbow of ‘em! Secondly, both stories will feature three dimensional panels, where stuff jumps out of the page at you (GASP!). How will you be able to appreciate this with your beautiful, regular eyes? With your complimentary pair of 3D glasses that come with the issue dood! Read along in goggle-eyed wonder as Jimmy meets a girl with a dangerous secret, then, laugh with soggy aplomb as Cheezdood’s superstitions get the gang in hot water!

I hope to see you at Thought Bubble and BLOW YOUR MIND with my mastery of the third dimension. I’m like a James Cameron in that respect!


With quick thinking, Eddy takes both Ed and Edd and bolts up the stairs before Sarah and Jimmy can see them.

This is where I love when Eddy is the leader. He takes his friends out of danger. Eddy also does this similar thing in Big Picture Show. Although his personality changes he is always the leader helping his friends along the way.

That is the best trait about Eddy and not many people can see that. It’s something Bro would never do. This is one of Eddy’s wishes and it comes true when Ed and Edd save Eddy from the danger of his brother in the movie.

And here is the best secret escape scene in cartoon history.

Once again using cartoon world physics the Eds slide past Sarah and Jimmy by, literally tip toeing through the banisters of the stairs.

Don’t we all wish we could do this?

I know this is something Eddy thought up. His thinking and leadership skills are on fire today.

Edd and Eddy both know that Ed will give them away so they have to drag him through like this. They don’t rely on Ed later throughout the series. Ed tends to mess up their plans. They also think they can take advantage of him because of his disability. They learn multiple times that Ed is smarter then he looks and learn to give him more opportunities to help them out.

Sarah believes she hears something, but doesn’t fully inspect. Jimmy believes that Sarah is working too hard and recommends that she should stop and smell the coffee once in a while.

Sarah just gives off a rude, “Ah, would do you know?” She hates others telling her what to do even if it’s really going to help her. Sarah rarely has fun in the later series because she starts acting more like an adult, similar to Edd. This is because her mother is taking over her mind more each day. And Sarah does realize this, but she isn’t sure on how to ask for help.

Post BPS, Ed and Sarah will stands up to their parents together and maybe things will finally change.


Sarah orders Jimmy to get back to his post.

Pay close attention to Sarah’s reactions in this scene. She is trying to keep her confident ‘I can do anything’ mask on, but then she becomes uncomfortable.

I wonder if she is afraid of her mom too, but can’t show it. It must bother Sarah that their mother mistreats her mentally disabled brother. She fears getting into trouble as we see in Stop, Look and Ed when she’s furiously scooping all the ice cream back into there carts.

In the second image she says Jimmy’s name in this questionable voice. She also holds her toy gun in this fearful way. Sarah never likes to be alone. Whenever these characters are alone, their true character comes out to the audience. All these kids are really unsure of themselves.

No matter what Sarah is always seen with Jimmy. Sarah learns off from Jimmy about how to be a better person.

Through the season 6 episodes and special she gets the vibe that she is not being a good friend. It is evident that she changes herself in the movie because she and Jimmy are getting along better.

Like Eddy, I believe Sarah wears a mask only to impress a certain person in her life. She wishes that her mom would displease about the way she acts. Sarah doesn’t want to behave like a monster because she is feared. Sarah is only eight and yet she is already this monster.

Ed and Sarah’s mom is an offscreen antagonist of the show. She abuses everyone with her power and gets what she wants. She may treat Sarah with respect, but she’s unaware of what her daughter is turning into. She is not aware of her flaws. To me, this is the most hated character in all of Ed, Edd n Eddy.

Sarah races after Jimmy telling him to wait up. She wants to see who this really is. But, in the back of her mind she’s wondering if she should have really left her post.


What the…Hey its BIG JIMMY #2

Howdy stranger! If things have gone wrong then I’m talking to myself and you’ve got a wet towel wrapped around your head. Now, whatever your name is get ready for a big surprise; Big Jimmy #2 is on its way! Jimmy, Cheezdood, Candyhead and the forth character; a casual attitude towards violence are all back in two “hilarious” “tales”. In the first story, Jimmy continues his accidental adventure through the world of deadly battle tournaments, coming up against a foe much stronger and monstrous than him. Can his parents give him the confidence he needs to win the day? Then in story two, Candyhead and Cheezdood go on a babe hunt, with DEADLY CONSEQUENCES!

Big Jimmy #2 will be on sale at my table throughout MCM London Comic Con at the end of the month, then it will be up on my Bigcartel shop along with issue 1 (still on sale!). I’ll also be at the Thought Bubble Festival towards the end of November so get ready to catch Jimmy-fever! (seriously get ready, its a diarrhoea related illness)

Jonny pops out from the bushes in this leprechaun get up.

“Howdy, howdy, howdy! If you catch me I’ll give you me a pot of gold!”

He is overjoyed that he is a part of the Eds scam. In season 1, Jonny was practically a fourth Ed, but Eddy didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore.

Jonny is always being used by someone in the series. It’s mainly for distractions, like this one here, but he loves being in his own world. He made him his own character and dialect. Jonny has a perfect Scottish accent.

Let’s talk about his clothing. This looks like something Jonny would wear because he owns bizarre clothing. The high heel shoe must be his mom’s, but Eddy does own a pair of high heels for unknown reasons. We all know that Jonny loves to dress up which is why he has this mustache. He went all out.

Jimmy is overjoyed to see a leprechaun. He believes in fairy tales. I don’t blame Jimmy because he is still a little kid. He even runs after Jonny the leprechaun believing there to be a pot of gold.

Jimmy gets mocked for his imagination even by Sarah. Sarah doesn’t believe in fairy tales. She and Jimmy grew up in different households. Sarah likes playing with dolls, but she never had an imagination like Jimmy.

Sarah’s mom believed it was more important for her daughter to learn about being the dominant person. Sarah missed out on a lot. I really feel bad for Sarah because she doesn’t know who she is.

I believe that most people of Sarah’s age fear her. She’s only seen hanging around with Jimmy throughout the series. Sarah also hangs out with Nazz, but they’re not the same age.

How can they not tell that this is Jonny? The kids are portrayed as gullible many times throughout the series. Sarah knows that it is Jonny. Like Edd, she thinks realistically. Jimmy is the one who lives in the clouds and always sticks with the first thing that comes to his mind.

His mind grows throughout the series. Jimmy spends less time in the clouds in the movie and brings them to safety.

I like how thrown off Sarah is in the scene. She has a great pose in the first image. Sarah isn’t as strong as she poses herself to be. She is never prepared with what she is about to face. Sarah believes that she can survive on her own in the world, but she can’t. This fact has to be learned the hard way in the movie.


Some time later, Jimmy get distracted upon seeing something in the bushes. Now it is obvious that it is Plank, but I am trying to wonder how Jimmy didn’t notice that it was Plank.

He believes that he is getting heat stroke from the hat he is wearing. I didn’t talk about the hat yet, but this is a really cool hat. Jimmy has quite an accessory of clothes and costumes.

There are many implications that Jimmy might be gay. Keep in mind he is only an eight year old kid exploring his world. His feelings blossom for Sarah by the movie. Jimmy is also really into sports like hockey. He wants to have more guy time because he is seen getting tired of always hanging around with Sarah in the later seasons.

Jimmy rarely ever mentions his parents. He mentioned his dad once only because he had to make up a story and he mentioned his mom when she said how annoyed she was becoming when she had to constantly replace sheets on his bed.

Jimmy depends on Sarah more then his own parents. Whenever he gets hurt or is in an uncomfortable situation Sarah is the first person he calls out to.

I feel like Jimmy’s parents work during the day. He only gets to see them at certain times. He must get to see his mom more then his dad. He looks to the Eds for guy time because he gives no mention to any other siblings.

As Jimmy’s life goes he and his dad will be able to spend more time together. He is still young so it is best to explore himself on his own while he can.

Jimmy alerts Sarah that there is something in the bushes.

Sarah sends Jimmy to investigate.

Sarah always pushes Jimmy or another character to investigate on something. She won’t do anything for herself. This is her mother coming into play. Their mother makes their father do everything. She plays the dominant figure and teaches Sarah to be like her.

Either that or she is unsure. This will play out in a few second, but I hold strong to this theory. Sarah has created a mask for herself. On the outside she is this hostile, dominant bully who always gets her way. Think about who she is on the inside.

She comes from a home where he brother is treated unfairly and her parents are always fighting. Sarah doesn’t understand because she is still so young. I think Sarah is scared. Her mom is forcing her to turn into somebody she doesn’t want to be and it does work. Sarah begins to explore more of who she is in Big Picture Show when she loses a battle to the Kanker’s.

Sarah’s character is really interesting to look at. Behind Kevin, she’s one of the most hated character in the series, but if you think again she’s just a kid.

Sarah is trying to find someone to understand her. Jimmy begins drifting from Sarah because of her attitude, but they get back on good terms in the episodes we don’t see in season 6. She has a lot of maturing and I believe she will grow up to be a better person then who she is now.