“Hear your voice and I wonder where you are, if you all alone. If you in a good mood, if you not or you thinking about you was at my spot. What we did when we got hot? Is you dreaming you had me? Is you creaming your panties? Like a king, fed me grapes, and you fanned me on the couch, to the floor, to the bed, to the sink and we ate each other like candy, under the covers, two intimate lovers.” - Nas (Big Girl)


This year was all about confidence for me. I finally learned how to love myself no matter what size I am. I never thought in my life that I would ever wear and look good in a bikini. Doing this is such a huge step in my body positive journey. Thank you Yasmena for this amazing body positive/ Tess Holliday inspired shoot. ‪#‎effyourbeautystandards‬


This post is not like my regular BGAD posts. I posted pictures of me in a fatkini… I was extremely hesitant to post it because I’m not even 50% comfortable with my body, but I’m trying to love it and it’s taking some time. So basically until then I’m going to try to keep it positive. Lol not making this a sap post but yeah.HAPPY BIG GIRL APPRECIATION DAY MY LOVELIES💕