Imagine Tony being a big ASOIAF and GOT fan, and getting really really PISSED at all the unnecessary (and non cannon) sexual violence they start shoehorning into the show, so he decides to make his own fanvideos, but he’s TONY FREAKING STARK, so he hires Bucky and Steve to work with the stuntees, and has Hawkeye and Black Widow teach knife-work and archery, hires big names like George Clooney and Angelina Jolie to be in it.

(Submitted by anon.)

The wake at sunset dances

Through the soft waves passing by

As each petal is tossed and swayed

It’s now I say goodbye.

A white rose will do

For its courage from within

Is a symbol of your life in full

As how you’ve always been.

Join the angels’ chorus

As a spirit now set free

While I upon the earth now set

Your white rose out to sea.

Rest in peace, George.