Hate To See You Go (Grayson)

Summary: Based off of this ask. You’re a teacher at Grayson’s daughter’s kindergarten and it’s Mother’s Day.
Word Count: 4,463
Warnings: Actual daddy!Gray. Daddy kink (if you squint).
A/N: I swear, I received this ask 3 weeks ago and it’s still stuck on my mind. So I hope you like this, leave feedback if you want to!! This turned out to be longer than intended, yikes xx

The first time you saw Grayson Dolan was when his daughter, Penelope fell off a swing during recess and scraped her knee. She’d cried as you stroked her hair, pointing at her bloody knee while telling you of how she’d tried to stand up on the swing, her foot slipping in process which had caused her to fall off. It wasn’t that bad. In fact, it was a small scrape but it still made your heart squeeze in your chest when you looked over her tear-stained face, her hand squeezed into a small fist as she rubbed her eye.

You’d taken her to your own classroom, calling her father in the process. His voice had sounded deep and it kind of shocked you for a moment. It had been two months since the term had started and Penelope had been brought to kindergarten by her Aunt Cameron. You’d been so curious as to why her father was never around, but Penelope had explained how her father was working early hours and he never had time to take her to preschool; which, you never frowned over that because there were plenty of parents who worked their butts off, having a relative or even a nanny drop their children off in your classroom.

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my cinderella wakes up with the taste of ashes in her mouth and thinks of her mother’s waning sickness. my cinderella has nightmares of watching her mother’s chest rising, a wheeze escaping her ribs. my cinderella does not cry about this, because she lives in the place fires begin.

her stepmother has perfect teeth and high eyebrows. “are you done sweeping?” she asks. “i need to see myself in my tiles.”

there are long days spent like this. sometimes cinderella gets caught on things. she spends four hours with a toothbrush swiveling in small circles, her whole body trembling. she thinks if everything is perfect, nothing bad will happen. if she checks the stove eight times, it will not poison her like her stepmother’s venom. if she lets the cat scratch her once a day, it will learn to love her. if she just gets these baseboards clean, maybe her father will come home to her.

the invitation comes when she is adjusting the pictures on the wall. it is announced with fanfare. her stepmother sends out the request for dresses instantly while cinderella watches, waiting.

“baby,” stepmother wakes her on the day of, “hope you know how long you’ll be working for today.” strokes her hair a little.

cinderella stares at her. doesn’t want to go to the ball, where people will be twirling around on floors someone else spent six hours polishing, where people will be careless in eating food someone else toiled over cooking. where people like her fade into the shadows.

when she opens her mouth, she says, “let me go, stepmother.” it is worth the look of shock and terror on that woman’s face to tell a lie. cinderella, after the slap, hides her face and smiles.

they leave trumpeting. her step sisters are cupcakes floating on shoes cinderella has sown together.

in the night, she rises from her bed and coaxes a little mouse onto her hands and snaps its little neck. 

boiling the fur of it off is easy. she feeds the bits to the cat, who twines around her feet. she takes the bones under the poplar tree and lays them out just-so. she says the words her mother used to know.

deep from the shadows comes the Fairy. pink and pretty with eyes that are totally empty. cinderella knows better than to look at them directly. “you summon me?” asks the ancient one. “what needs be done?”

cinderella does not want a ball. cinderella wants a night off. she explains slowly what she wants. she gives the Fairy three things: a needle. a fingernail. a strand of hair. the deal is done, midnight comes.

she dresses in her mother’s dress, hidden under the floorboards. it is beautiful, white, shines like a river. on her feet are no shoes at all. she wants to feel the ground that carries her, that has been tilled by people like her.

at the gates, they stop her. no carriage, nothing but a smile on her. but she’s so polite. so willing. has big fluttering eyelashes. lures the guards beyond the light of the castle’s torches. knows how to work a kitchen knife.

inside, she is blinded by the brightness of lamps on granite. everyone here is laughing. gliding. cinderella glides too, effortless without any shoes. 

her stepsisters hang off one another, have their arms draped off the prince. cinderella walks up. smiles. says the words her mother taught her. 

they erupt into screams. “needles” they howl, dancing in shoes cinderella made, “needles in my feet.” they bleed all over the floors someone worked hard for. “That,” says cinderella, “is one for me.”

the prince is without words. stepmother in her skirts tumbles as she skitters forwards. she is bubbling with improper language to speak in front of royals. on her hand is a nail chipped from slapping her stepdaughter. cinderella looks her in the eyes when she says the word. without a pause, violent scratches appear over her stepmother. she is torn open. 

“that,” says cinderella, “is for my mother.”

cinderella tips over candle sticks and sets things on fire. leaves them all with the taste of ashes in their lungs. turns. does not run. 

the prince follows. on his steps, as the clock strikes midnight, he finds a footprint in blood. he swears he will find whomever it belongs to if he has to try the shoes of every girl in the kingdom. 

but cinderella is no longer a girl. the last, a ring of cathair, has turned her into whiskers and a tail. she sits there, watching him in the light. she twines around his legs and purrs at him. he finds her white coat fascinating. 

she lives off of castle food for the rest of her life. sometimes, when she is bored, she bats all of the pictures straight in the front hall. 

nobody ever finds the girl. at the funeral of the stepmother, a white cat sits by the feet of the widowed man who was her father. he has nightmares of his first wife forever after. 

I’m getting a little sick and skeeved by how trans people are drawn by cis people. If you’re drawing a trans woman and you’re giving her a square jaw and facial hair, or you’re drawing a trans man and giving him big round long eyelashed eyes and an hourglass figure take a moment to ask yourself why you’re assigning traditionally masculine and feminine traits to the wrong gender as a way of signifying that they’re trans.

appearance and astrology
  • the traits we inherit is determined by our chart; the sun, moon, first house, dominant sign and most importantly dominant planet. this is a brief list of the archetypical features for each sign:
  • aries: strong brows, 'strong' bones but bones that don't show no matter their weight, naturally more muscles, fierce yet innocent looking, eyes that stand out, long eyelashes,
  • taurus: long eye lashes, eyes that stand out, 'unconventional' but classic, medium to thick hair
  • gemini: pointed features, button nose, freckles, clear eyes, thin to medium (thick) hair, 'small-ness' (e.g narrow shoulders), large forehead
  • cancer: large and water eyes, big eyelids, thick eyelashes, big teeth/smile, roundness of features
  • leo: clear eyes, thick eyelashes, thick hair and brows, stand out, appear strong but feminine (because of thick eyelashes etc),
  • virgo: pointed features, thin to medium (thick) hair, small features but large eyes in comparison, clear eyes, wide smile
  • libra: conventional, plain, symmetrical and proportionate features, medium thick hair, medium sized teeth
  • scorpio: strong bone structure, full cheeks, thick brows, large and watery eyes, big mouth and eyes in comparison to nose, square face
  • sagittarius: large eyes, long nose, long face, large teeth, thick hair, full cheeks, plumper lips than most, nose bump
  • capricorn: strong bone structure, bones that stand out even if chubby, high cheekbones, hollow cheeks, small features, flat forehead
  • aquarius: unconventional, asymmetrical, stand out, large forehead, features that's don't 'match' but complement each other, unusual lip shapes
  • pisces: large and water eyes, long eye lashes, round or triangular faces, full cheeks, long and 'triangular' shaped nose - often pointed downwards
things associated with the signs

aries: odin, tinkerbell, cinnamon buns, supernovas, peach green tea, game of thrones, kim possible, marc jacobs, balloons, florida, dragons, bear hugs, freckles, city skylines, ripped jeans, pegasus, bonfires, long hair, cooking, auburn hair, nail polish, board games

taurus: gemstones, pocahontas, cat’s whiskers, katniss everdeen, roses, economics, finding nemo, dark red lipstick, prada, cherry blossoms, forest fairies, singing, smoke, autumn leaves, teddy bears, trees, fancy dinners, tea, soft eyes, flower crowns, dublin

gemini: budapest, lilo, honolulu, honeysuckle, spice girls, eskimo kisses, the dead sea, rainy nights, new york, polyjuice potion, shapeshifter, lamps, yellow, angelina jolie, roadtrips, log cabins, texting, green eyes, city streets, lipstick, shakespearean insults, pixie dust

cancer: chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, oversized sweaters, starry night, coconuts, hot chocolate, penguins, plaid shirts, vera wang, long hugs, fluffy socks, hades, werewolf, snow, croissants, crystals, the beach, journals, musical theatre, clean sheets

leo: thor, knitted blankets, fall out boy, ginny weasley, champagne, destiny’s child, swans, chanel, polaroids, phoenix, glitter, sunflowers, pink, massages, manicures, bubble baths, starbucks, saturday nights, sunlight, bright green, rome, sleeping, full moons, alcopops

virgo: amsterdam, mona lisa, white wine, science, cappucino, calligraphy, clouds, back to the future, unicorns, coffee stains, elephants, turquoise, collarbones, ballet, dinner parties, paint, showers, daisy chains, icy blue, boston, pop music, green tea, porcelain teacups

libra: london, photographs, ombre hair, mulberry, lavender, geography, parks and rec, ralph lauren, perfect eyeliner, angels, lotus flowers, feathers, old movies, big cities, drunken kisses, snow, cats, mineral makeup, wind chimes, copenhagen, lemongrass

scorpio: soft pillows, galaxies, cute nicknames, edward scissorhands, hickeys, that’s so raven, dyed hair, athena, vampires, waves, leather jackets, long eyelashes, big beds, smoky eyes, mountains, radios, new orleans, candy apples, black lipstick, whispers

sagittarius: loki, the girl with the pearl earring, comets, violet baudelaire, jack sparrow, beer, swallows, versace, centaurs, philosophy, candyfloss, bad jokes, crayons, old magazines, campfires, acapulco, flowers, indie music, white sage, curly hair, scary movies

capricorn: candles, asteroids, vanilla, lattes, sweeney todd, the supremes, pancake dates, blizzards, goblins, thunderstorm, dancing, craft beer, headphones, new shoes, wildflowers, pearlescent white, montreal, rock music, juniper, spiral staircases

aquarius: merida, miami, nebula, jasmine, bob’s burgers, hummingbirds, velvet, dior, brown eyes, lightning, witches, venice, smooth rocks, moon dust, lipgloss, notebooks, sphinx, wednesday addams, stars, sundresses, leather, nightlights, buenos aires

pisces: paris, books, arctic monkeys, luna lovegood, mad hatter, doves, meditteranean sea, classic rock music, alexander mcqueen, snowflakes, hawaii, poseidon, mermaids, romance, pasta, dandelions, doodling, black coffee, old friends, lakes, seville, acoustic songs

Just friends (m)

pairing: do kyungsoo x reader / feat. oh sehun, high school! kyungsoo

genre/warnings: smut, fluff

• words: 9,117

Summary: You’ve had feelings for your friend Kyungsoo for as long as you can remember, but you always thought they were unreciprocated. What if it turned out they weren’t…?

“He should be here already,” you whined to your friend, who you were sitting next to on a kitchen counter.

You were at some pretty crappy house party and things were getting boring.

Why wasn’t he here yet?

“Maybe he got lost on the way, I heard he’s that stupid,” your friend replied, his low voice drawing out as if he couldn’t be bothered to speak aloud.

You turned to him with a huff, but that huff trailed off as you were met with his face and you silently groaned.

How after all these years of knowing him, did he still have this effect on you?

His eyes were big and dark, his eyelashes curling upwards, thick and black, and his nose perfectly fit his face, it wasn’t too big but it wasn’t too small…and don’t get you started on his lips. Those lips were enough to make any girl wonder. They were thick and plump, his cupid’s bow flawlessly turned up and his teeth were straight. You loved it when he smiled, his mouth opened up into a heart shape, although these days you didn’t see him smile much. Maybe you had stopped making him smile…

“Hey, don’t me mean!” You warned, remembering to speak.

You watched him roll his eyes and run his hand through his thick hair. It was styled up today and you liked it – it made him look older, more mature.

“It’s true though, right?” He asked, smiling that heart shaped smile, that you missed.

It was your turn to roll your eyes now and you hit him on the shoulder.

“Kyungsoo, be quiet,” you said, however, you couldn’t hide your little smirk, as you watched him laugh at your reaction.

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Zodiac signs physical features (MEN)


Triangle shaped face with good bone structure. Physically strong body. Facial hair is common. Average height.


Thick, usually darker hair. Square shaped face. Shapely lips. Usually bearded. Stocky build is common. Height is slightly below average.


High forehead. Full lips or wide mouth. Long eyelashes. Big or wide nose is common. Height is average or above average.


Round shaped, sparkly eyes. Beautiful skin. Slender legs is common. Appear younger than their age. Average height.


Large forehead. Thick and usually longer hair. Prominent nose. Broad shoulders. Long legs. Above average height.


Large forehead. Distinctive hairline. Squinty, hooded eyes. Slender nose. Long limbs, gangly appearance. Height is average or above average.


Large, square or round chin is common. Good bone structure. Symmetrical face. Usually fit body type. Height is average or above average.


Seductive sparkly eyes. Broad shoulders is a common feature. Thick eyebrows. Hairiness is common. Height is usually average.


Large forehead. Thick, usually wild looking hair. Slim body type is most common. Above average height.


High cheekbones. Good bone structure. Full lips. Usually has facial hair. Stocky build is common. Average height.


Large forehead. Nice eyes. Darker hair is common. Angelic/innocent face. Long limbs. Height is above average.


Big, mysterious eyes. Thin lips. Slender to medium width nose. Body type is very average. Height is below average.

anonymous asked:

How would you describe the Batboys physical appearances??

Describing physical appearances was never my strongest point and writing an answer to this ask made me realize that I really need to work on that (But you know what, my friend @redrobin-detective has written some popular posts about the Batkids physical appearances that I really like so I would suggest that for you to check out)

But meanwhile here’s my try (I did it in my 5 minutes btw):

Bruce: Has a squared chin that go along with his square-shaped face, a very hard roman nose , lips are thin but surprisingly big especially his upper lip, short thick eyebrows over piercing-blue hooded eyes, a was-thick-once-upon-a-time dark receding hair that’s starting to get grey on the sides and back, a stubble beard that’s starting to get hard to get rid off as he ages, Wrinkled skin that’s has an average beige color to it, a short thick neck that’s connected to extremely broad shoulders and back, chiseled chest muscles that always shows regardless to the clothes he’s wearing, narrow hips that kinda looks ridicules when you compare it to his shoulders, and short steady bull’s legs with big feet. All of that’s 6′4 grumpiness stuffed in a bat costume.

Dick: A heart-shaped face and a round chin, up turned puppy nose, feminine looking bow shaped lips, soft rounded eyebrows that used to be thick but lost its thickness because of all the dominos masks he wears, deep set eyes are also round and are baby blue in color, his shiny black hair has gone through many lengths and styles but now it’s in a halfway between short and long in length and almost always split in the right, his deep olive skin has a greyish-tone to it that used to be very apparent when he was a kid/teen, average sized neck with a decent wide shoulders that no ones notice because he’s almost always standing next to Bruce and his giant ones, really long limbs and a very short torso, and lastly two pointy ballet-looking feet. Basically he’s a skinner prettier version of Bruce.

Jason: long diamond-shaped face with a pointed chin, long and narrow nose, wide full “hamburger” lips, hard angled eyebrows, up turned protruding eyes that are a dark shade of blue, his black hair is fast at growing so he’s constantly cutting short, it also become almost grayish after his dip in the big L pit and even a small patch of white hair appear once a full moon (but since he cut his hair once every two week you need to be lucky to caught it) His tanned skin while darker than most of the Robins is still in the 3rd place in darkness after Dick & Damian, thick neck that’s slightly slightly thiner than Bruce and broad shoulders that are slightly thinner than Bruce’s, unlike Dick however this boy got torso for days, you can slide a baby from the its top and that baby would become an adult when he reaches the end, his limps are extremely thick especially his legs/thighs (They’re still slightly thinner than Bruce’s tho).

Tim: A thin “foxy” triangle face and a pointed chin, small upturned nose,small thin lips (Like really thin), straight flat eyebrows, his icy blue droopy eyes have a grey undertones to it, thin black (Duh) hair that has never been long before Bruce died, but afterword he decided to keep it that way cuz everyone told him it suited him, and he has the split always in the middle, his skin is the palest out of all the Batboys and it gets a little bit yellowish sometimes if he doesn’t drink enough fluids, thin neck, thin shoulder, thin hips, thin everything really. So far he’s 5′5 and is only 17 so there’s still time to grow but if he was going to be honest….he hasn’t grown an inch in 3 years and if things stayed this way then the Demon’s Spawn would caught up to him…

Damian (Speaking of the devil/devil’s spawn): Has an between face shape between round and diamond-shaped (it’s just baby fat okay? give him time people) Small button nose, small but full lips, thick arched eyebrows and long thick eyelashes, big almond shaped eyes that are mostly brown but still have a faint of green around the irises, his short hair is straight at the roots but gets wavy at the ends, his skin got a deep dark brown olive shade to it that’s very similar if not darker than his mother’s, small neck, small shoulders, small hips, small everything really. All of the world greatness is in this 4′8 body. And yes, he can contain it thank you very much.

Okay so recently the trailer for Coco came out, and we saw this design:

It’s no secret that this isn’t a very good design. There are many elements here that are off: the fact that she is clearly designed to look like a skeleton, yet has fleshy lips and hyper realistic eyeballs; the fact that the eye sockets are so enormous and cavernous like two black holes ready to swallow up the rest of her face; how the eyeballs themselves are just floating in dead space and how glassy and bulbous they are; how she has big, long eyelashes coming out of the hollow sockets. Overall it looks like they couldn’t decide if they wanted her to look alive or dead and so they chose both, and it resulted in a poor design. Now I won’t say the rest of the film is bad or anything, it’s not even out yet, so I will be restricting this to only design stuff. We do’t even really know how the other skeletons in the movie look like. So, I won’t pass judgement on the rest of a film I and the rest of you have not even seen. This isn’t going to be about anger over the whole Book of Life issue, other people can write stuff about that if they’d like, but I won’t.

So the problem here is that they tried to hard, I think, to make her pretty or cute (as they always do with girl characters) and they did so by using their regular go to for cute characters, which is big eyes. And Disney and Pixar spend probably too much time and effort into making not only huge eyes, but hyper realistic ones. But skeletons don’t have eyes, so of course this would look weird. That is the main issue here. I will call your attention to another character who is supposed to be a pretty woman with big eyes who represents death, and that is La Muerte from the Book of Life.

So here we have a design that is meant to be a pretty woman who reminds us of skeletons without actually being a skeleton. She’s clearly not human but clearly not meant to look actually dead. They do this by giving her a human face with essentially sugar skull makeup and pale white skin. But this works with the style of the film. Another reason they did this was probably so that they could give her more intense expressions, as skeletons don’t have facial muscles. 

This is how character designers made La Muerte look good as a dead character. They probably decided “She’s a god and doesn’t have to play by the same rules as humans, and also it’s a cartoon, we can do what we want.” I personally think that the Book of Life was also pretty lazy about it’s woman character designing (an issue that infects much of the animation industry, so it’s not just them) and it, like Disney is very guilty of the big eye issue we’re seeing so much of in animation these days. But it’s less of an issue here partially because it’s a much more simple style, so the detail doesn’t go into every pore on her face or giving her really intense eyes, it goes into other stuff like clothes or patterns on the characters’ skin. But I digress.

Okay, so we’ve established why La Muerte looks fine, but how about another example, one that’s supposed to be a literal skeleton? There are some in this same film that work. Manolo for example.

He looks clearly like a skeleton, yet has expressions. We the viewers know that in real life skulls don’t work this way but we suspend our disbelief. He is not designed with any realism and it works for his design, making way for details in other places. He does not have lips or hyper realistic pupils. Manolo and the other skeletons in the Book of Life are designed well for their purpose, to be expressive and to look cute and still look dead without looking like a horrifying monstrosity. They don’t have eyeballs but instead have little glowing orbs in their eye sockets. These are minimal and simple, don’t distract the viewers, and most importantly look natural in the style of the movie.

If you want other examples that do not pertain to Dia de los Muertos, we have plenty. Ones who don’t even have eyes like the ones in Book of Life. Just look at early animation, there’s tons of skeletons who look fine. Or Grimm from the Grimm Adventurers of Billy and Mandy, no problem there. Or Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas, probably one of the best examples. 

Jack is an apt comparison because not only was he designed to look cute, but Disney actually originally requested that the designers give him eyeballs because they thought he would be too scary without. The artists said no and it worked out fine; he does not look frightening, he looks natural and cute and the fact that he has no eyes is fine. He still blinks, but this is to keep him from looking too uncanny, as a face that has that much time on screen without blinking would be a bit unnerving. He is expressive and most importantly SIMPLE. He still is clearly a skeleton but has life in his design. 

This woman in the trailer for Coco is uncanny looking. They go for a very sunken face shape, much closer to a real skull shape than Jack, Manolo or La Muerte have, yet they give her giant gaping eye sockets, and her eyes are just floating there. My main point, though, is this: Disney and Pixar’s go to design elements are failing them fantastically. Not every character design calls for giant bulbous eyes, sometimes that just looks plain bad. And recently they’ve been getting even worse, yet never seem to try to fix it. And believe it or not, I’m not writing this just to harp on Dinsey and Pixar, and I am not talking at all about what people have been saying about the plot being too similar to Book of Life and all that. Really I’m just sticking strictly with design stuff right now, and trying not to be biased about it. But that woman in the Coco trailer looks awful, and there are so many solutions to the problem that can be reached very easily, as I mentioned. And this may seem a bit trite and silly to be complaining so much and so in depth about a design that shows up in a trailer for like two seconds in a film that hasn’t even been released yet, but this is a major problem with Disney right now. They restrict their designs by reusing and rehashing and always using the same design elements until BOOM. We get this: 

All I’m saying is that it doesn’t look right, and it’s pretty lazy and I’m sick of the whole big eye thing. Every character doesn’t need that super intense eyeball thing they keep doing. By the way, I don’t think that people shouldn’t see the film or anything like that because of this, I think it deserves to be seen. But it’s already shaping up to be a bit mixed up. And also skeletons shouldn’t be this difficult to design. We’ve already figured out how to do that and make them still look cute, it’s not a foreign concept. This is a bad design. Do better next time. Rant over.

sugar & spice | m

◇ He’d do anything it took to make his princess happy.

◇ Jin x reader

◇ sugardaddy!au  bc i’m trash

◇ more sugardaddy!jin - spoonful of sugar


A dress of the finest midnight blue silk adorned your body, feet enveloped in Ralph & Russo Eden Pumps, a silver choker wrapped around your neck - and, away from prying eyes - a silver butt plug, a pink jewel nestled in between your cheeks comfortably.

He’s all charms tonight; his blonde hair is swept back as it usually was, his skin pale and lips plump and arms tight around your waist as he converses with other people of the same status, suit crisp and formal and completely suited for him.

It’s only when they leave to discuss other things with other people that he turns to you, a sly smirk on his handsome face that is reserved for you. “How are we, princess?” He slides his hand covertly down, past your waist, past your hips, barely touching your bottom before he’s moving his hand up again.

You look up at him through your eyelashes, eyes big and innocent but thoughts the complete opposite. Making sure that nobody nearby could hear you, you sigh lightly. “I’m fine, daddy.”

He raises an eyebrow at the look on your face, starting to lead you over to the banquet table, because socializing is over now, princess, now comes the business. You spot the rest of Jin’s friends there, mingling with people around them, leaning back comfortably in their chairs and sipping on wine that probably costs more than a small house.

“You’re bored?” It’s phrased like a question but you both know it’s a statement, especially with how his hand tightens around your waist when he greets the people that would be sitting next to you. 

You don’t want to answer his question so bluntly - but how do you sugarcoat this? You huff a little, making sure nobody sees you behaving badly as you finally sit down beside Jimin, who’s conversing with the Duchess of somewhere, probably charming her pants off while simultaneously setting a business deal with her husband. 

“There’s nothing to do here, daddy!” You whine quietly, swirling the wine in the glass in front of you in an attempt to amuse yourself for even the smallest amount of time, even though you knew you weren’t allowed to drink any after your bad behaviour yesterday.

Jin cracks a smile, his hand squeezing your thigh gently. “I promise, princess,” he murmurs against his own wine glass, tipping the dark, sweet liquid trickling past his lips. “If you can be good for the next few hours, we’ll play when we get home.”

You felt determination fill you. You had, admittedly, acted very bad yesterday - throwing a temper tantrum and getting angry at Jin for having to leave on a business trip again - you had expected him to refuse playing with you for a week at least. No way were you going to make Jin regret shortening your punishment.

He smirks again, and turns to speak with Namjoon - who looks all too transfixed on the neckline of your dress - but Jin doesn’t say anything about it. He’s shared you before, when he’s felt another person could be trusted enough to share you without growing too attached.


The banquet seemed to go on forever - it was a timeless blur of talking, fancy food, drinks (non-alcoholic for you, because Jin knew that you would regret drinking in the morning), and countless successful business deals that improved Jin’s mood drastically. When it was finally over, you were relieved that you had managed to behave well.

“You were so good tonight, princess,”Jin praises as he enters the backseat of his Bentley with you. You blush at his words as he takes your hand in his. The windows are tinted and the seats are smooth leather, and he pulls down the screen that separates you and the driver as you take off, leaving you completely alone with him. The Bentley is smooth and it almost feels as if you’re not driving; which was why it was always one of your favorite cars.

“You really want to play, don’t you?” He teases, a small chuckle escaping his lips at the pout on your face. He turns, grasping your face gently and running his thumb even more gently over your bottom lip. “Come on, princess. Don’t pout - daddy doesn’t like pouters.”

You reluctantly stop your pouting, biting your lip. Jin smiles, leaning in, and suddenly he’s pressed a small kiss to your lips that leaves you wanting more, but he’s moved away all too soon. He lets out another laugh at the disdained look on your face, patting his lap with a chuckle. “Come here, princess.”

Eagerly, you climb onto his lap, your expensive dress hitching up around your waist, your shoes long forgotten on the floor of the car. You wind your arms around his neck, his suit jacket hazardously thrown to the side as he wraps his arms around you and pulls you towards him, attaching your lips in a slow and passionate kiss.

His lips are soft and plump against yours, capturing your bottom lip in between his teeth and pulling softly. His hands are still settled on your waist, but as time progresses one of them move down, under your dress that lays limply above your waist, past the lace lingerie he had gifted you just this morning. He grasps the embezzled top of the butt plug you have inside of you, tugging on the metal that has filled you up deliciously.

You break away from the kiss with a breathy moan, the feeling of the plug moving inside of you making your toes curl and your fingers clench. Jin hums, inspecting your reaction, removing the plug another centimetre and watching as your back arches and your face contorts in pleasure, before he presses it back in.

“You seem to enjoy that,” Jin comments, pulling the dress high enough so that he could have complete access to you. He inhales deeply at the sight of the baby pink lace panties, so pretty against your skin. Slowly, he hooks his fingers into them and pulls them down to your knees - giving him enough space but not allowing you to spread your legs any wider than he wants you to.

“So pretty,” he whispers quietly to himself, bringing his fingers up to your lips. Your mouth encases his fingers expertly, tongue swirling around the digits and lubing them up for you. He watches you in fascination, taking note of the amount of concentration you put into the smallest tasks.

He removes his fingers, humming in appreciation, and you still as you wait for what was to come. Then, suddenly, his fingers are sliding up and down your folds, the saliva from your mouth mingling with the sweet nectar that had trickled from your pussy.

He looks up to your face, acting as if he was considering pleasuring you or not. His head cocked to the side. 

“Hm,” he drawled, continuing to drag his fingers up and down your folds, occasionally bumping your clit with the tips of his slender fingers, reveling in seeing you try and buck your hips into his hand.

“If daddy remembers correctly,” he starts slowly, an impish look spreading over his face, “didn’t you call me the worst daddy in the world, just yesterday?” 

You freeze, your expression turning apprehensive. He tsked, lifting his hand for a moment, before coming back down on your pussy with force. The soft yelp that escaped your lips didn’t go unnoticed. “Answer me,” he demands, “You’re capable of moaning - answer my question.”

“N-no,” you gasp, eyebrows furrowing as he starts to circle your clit slowly. “No, daddy. I - I was angry!” He cocks an eyebrow, gesturing for you to continue. “I was angry because daddy is always gone,” you whine, circling your hips. “And daddy doesn’t take care of me that much anymore-!”

“Is that what you think this is?” Jin demands, seizing your bundle of nerves between his fingers and pinching roughly. Jin clenches his jaw as he watches your mouth open, sweet moans ringing through the tense air.

“Is that why you got so angry? Daddy is busy, you know that, princess,” he asserts, “And you know daddy always takes care of you when he has time.” He removes his fingers from your clit, instead trailing them towards your entrance, circling the wet area before he presses his fingers into your tight cavern.

“I - I know,” you pant, throwing your head back with a gasp, “I know, daddy…” Jin nods at your submission, pumping his fingers in and out of you so slowly that it has you squirming in impatience. 

“Please,” you writhe, gasping breathlessly, screwing your eyes shut in pleasure as he presses his thumb to your clit, rubbing the bundle of nerves in figure 8′s. “Please, daddy. Please go faster.”

“Do you promise to not doubt daddy again?” He asks fiercely, rubbing your clit faster, curling his fingers and making your breath stop as the pleasure overcame you. “Answer me, or else you don’t cum, princess.”

Your head bumps off the tinted screen that separates you from the driver - who definitely knows what’s going on, but has turned a blind eye to it. Your chest heaves as you try and stop yourself from screaming out from pleasure.

“I - I promise, daddy!” You squeal, one of your hands clawing at the glass behind you, the other tangled in his hair. “I’m sorry for doubting you-”

Your speech cuts off as he quickens his pace, fingers flying in and out of you at a quick speed, palm hitting off of your pelvis as lewd sounds echo throughout the car. Your lungs feel as if they’ll explode from the lack of air - but how can you breath when Jin’s fingers are brushing against your g-spot, thumb jammed against your clit, voice breathing dirty promises into your ear? You feel a pressure build in the pit of your stomach, gradually growing bigger and bigger-

The sensations are gone before you can process it. Tears prick at your eyes from the lack of everything, hands clammy as you grasp desperately at Jin’s arms. “Daddy, please!” You beg, unconsciously grinding against his lap, hoping for some much-needed friction, “I - I need-”

“I know, princess,” Jin cooes, planting a kiss on your lips, “I know.” He taps your thigh and you rise up, licking your lips in anticipation and still panting as you watch him unzip his dress pants and reach past his Derek Rose boxer briefs, pulling out his ambrosial cock.

He wastes no time in rubbing his cock in between your folds, leaning back comfortably and watching you squirm above him. He knows you’re on birth control, so he doesn’t stop to cover himself with the barrier of latex - instead, he pushes into you with one swift thrust of his hips.

The squeak that comes out of your mouth is the first of many. The feeling of Jin, warm, and hot, and stretching you deliciously is one of the best - if not the best - sensations in the world. You let out a sweet moan, grasping Jin’s broad shoulders and rising up off of him again, only to come slamming back down, re-filling yourself.

Jin grunts as he watches you ride him desperately, leaning back and observing you diligently. “That’s it, princess,” he groans in appreciation, head lolling to the side as he sees you raise your hands beneath your dress, placing your hands on your nipples, pinching and rolling the buds in between your fingers. Normally, he wouldn’t dare let you touch yourself - but subsequent to your confession earlier, it was the least he could do after he hurt your feelings.

The pressure in your stomach was rising at an alarming pace, a light layer of sweat covering both of you as you chased your climaxes together. You leaned in closer to Jin now, wrapping your arms tighter around his shoulders and pressing your head to his chest, your moans and gasps reverberating near his ear. His hips started to move as well, his hand moving past your stomach and to where you connected, roughly swiping at your clit.

That seemed to be the last straw for you - your back arched, your eyebrows furrowed, and your mouth formed an ‘o’ shape as you reached your orgasm, so powerful that you couldn’t form words or noises.

 Jin groans underneath you, feeling you tighten powerfully around his cock and drench him in your release. He thrusts into you 3, 4, 5 more times, before he too, stills underneath you, shooting his release into you in thick spurts. 

The air is humid and smells of sex - you’re covered in sweat and your body still spasms with the aftermath of your powerful orgasm. Jin lets out a breathless chuckle beneath you, lifting you off of him with ease and setting you down beside him.

You whine weakly as you feel him slip out of you, head falling tiredly back onto the smooth, cool leather of the Bentley. You pant as you see Jin reach into a little compartment in between the seats and pull out a box of tissues - something tells you he had planned this.

“So beautiful,” he’s muttering into the silence, hands dipping in between your legs to clean the mixture of cum that’s seeping from your worn out pussy. He balls up the tissues, dumping them in the empty box that once held the tissues, before he reaches to your behind to gently tug the metal plug from inside of you. A weak moan escapes you at the feeling of the metal easing out of.

It’s still silent when he’s gently pulling your panties back onto your frame, setting your dress that’s soiled with sweat and the smell of sex on you again. He sighs at the look on your face - you remember what you had said earlier, and you start to regret it. You feel tears prick at the corners of your eyes when you remember that you had revealed the source of your anger to him.

“Princess,” he sighs, brushing your sweaty hair out of your face. You sniffle, turning your head away from him. “Come on,” he murmurs, “Don’t be like that…”

“I’m sorry, daddy,” you whimper, screwing your eyes shut and bowing your head in shame, “I shouldn’t have said that to you… I - I know that daddy is busy but I just… I miss you so much…”

Jin smiles fondly at you, pressing a lingering kiss to your forehead that makes you cuddle closer to his chest. “You have every right to be upset with me, princess,” he mutters against your hair, “Daddy’s been gone a lot lately, hasn’t he?”

You nod silently, making him sigh. “Well,” he starts, biting his lip, “How about… the next trip I go on, you can come with me, hm?” Your head shoots up and a bright smile blooms on your face.

“I’d love to, daddy!” You cheer, burying your head into the crook of his neck affectionately. Jin just chuckles, running a hand comfortingly up and down your back. He’d do anything it took to make his princess happy.

The Four Classes on the Isle of the Lost

So one interesting thing to note is how the Isle evolved, we have a collection of people who abuse and control others through fear and intimidation. People who take what they want and given no room to argue with then. So naturally they evolve to fill roles to keep everyone… not happy, but less interested in killing each other.

Class One - Conquerors

(Examples: Mal, Uma, Harry, Freddie Facilier, and Mad Maddy)
So these villain kids are the ones that take what they want and give nothing back. They rise to the top, the rottenest of the rotten. They can’t show kindness and aren’t able to really let up on anyone that crosses them. They are running games and finding all the angles.

Class Two - Fighters

(Examples: Jay, Gil, Gaston Jr and Gaston the Third)
Big, strong, and being all there is hardly a requirement. Jay is certainly clever in his own right, but what makes him special is he’s strong and impressive. Probably wondering why Harry is up there, he feels a lot more like an equal partner with Uma than Jay was with Mal. And these guys can have other skills, or girls but I don’t think we’ve met any in any of the books, but they get labeled by their ability to violence.

Class Three - Flirts

(Examples: Evie, Ginny Gothel, Antony Temaine, all of Dizzy’s siblings.)
So if you can’t outscheme them, and you can’t just punch them out, you play a softer form of manipulation. You flirt, and tease, and you make them love you… at least enough to get what you want. These kids know the value of some choice flattery and batting big ol’ eyelashes. Honestly of the three they are probably the most dangerous in Auradon, because they’d get what they wanted before anyone realizes there’s a game being played.

They know how to blend in, by standing out.

Class Four - Victims

(Examples: Carlos, Dizzy, Yen Sid’s students.)
So if anyone should just be snatched up for Auradon life, it would be them. Someone (usually their family) has decided to turn their anger, their rage, their situation against these kids and just kinda beat them up for fun. Now you might be thinking ‘everyone is a victim of someone’ and that’s right! But these kids don’t have the chance, or the desire, to turn their pain onto others.

As for Audradon…

I feel Auradon has a similarly evolved ecology to it. However we haven’t seen enough to really label it. Not just yet. I’ll mull it over.