The past few days I’ve been working on a necklace to represent Mitch and Jerome and it’s done ^-^
Of course, I had to make Betty and Big Bertha xD
But this was quite the pain to make actually.
I kept messing up on Betty. I messed up twice but I kept the second one because it wasn’t as noticeable. It looks pretty good tbh cx
It looks awkward at the bottom where I combined them and it was so annoying to get the necklace strong through the holes but I did it and I can now wear it to school with pride c:

If anyone wants to know what I made it out of, I just used yarn and plastic canvas (:

Big Bertha (42 cm howitzers)

Made with Krupp steel. Was THE legendary example of WWI artillery. 

Only four Big Bertha were produced, the first two rolling off the production line a mere matter of days after the onset of hostilities, on 9 August 1914. With a range of 15km the 420mm shells proved devastating and all four were used during the German assault upon Verdun from February 1916.

Big Bertha, Meet Big Ben: Texas Drum and Longhorn Alumni Band Leads London’s New Year’s Day Parade

Making her maiden voyage overseas, Big Bertha, the cherished drum played at major events at The University of Texas at Austin, accompanied the Longhorn Alumni Band to lead the 2015 London New Year’s Day Parade.

The parade, considered the largest New Year’s Day event of its kind, featured 10,000 performers from around the world, hundreds of thousands of spectators and a TV audience of several hundred million.

Parade organizers learned about Big Bertha, billed as the world’s largest drum, while they were considering the Longhorn Alumni Band as one of the many visiting bands taking part in the 2015 festivities. They ended up inviting the band and Bertha to lead the parade.

Band members had to raise funds and overcome logistical obstacles to transport the 500-pound, 10-foot-tall Bertha to London. Alumni band members Moton Crockett and J.P. Kirksey helped organize the voyage, which will be the subject of an upcoming episode of the A&E television program “Shipping Wars.” Broadcast time has yet to be announced.

More than 200 Longhorn Alumni Band members traveled to London to play in the parade, which raises funds for London charities.

“It was a tremendous opportunity to be nominated to lead the parade,” said Nefertiti Williams, president of the alumni band. “And because the parade gives money back to the local community, we get to show that what starts here in Texas helps change the world.”

Image: kevinkwc on Instagram

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