Big Easy Rollergirls


Take your Saturday morning run with some extra fun as you get chased by the Big Easy Rollergirls at the Running of the Bulls this weekend!


Let the Good Times Roll-Talk Derby to me 


Last Saturday, The Big Easy Rollergirls hit the track for the first double-header of the season. Both teams, the Crescent Wenches and AllStars, came out with wins, showcasing their diligent training in the off-season and incredible teamwork. The next home bout is May 31st at the UNO human performance center!


We hosted our second New Orleans Project Derby on January 25, and skaters from all over the Gulf Coast region braved the cold to attend. In addition to three periods of hard-hitting, full-contact scrimmage with derby women and men, NOPD included chiropractic services from Dr. Shoemaker, blocking and jamming drills lead by Dee Stortion of the Boston Massacre, and a session on foam rolling and stretching lead by our own Coalminer’s Slaughter. We had such a great time that we’ll definitely host another one in the future. Stay tuned for updates on the third installment of NOPD!

Huge shout-out to all the leagues who participated:

Magnolia Rollervixens, Grassroots Rollergirls, New Orleans Brass Roller Derby, Red Stick Roller Derby, Northshore Roller Derby, and Cajun Rollergirls! See y'all again soon.


Last weekend was huge for roller derby in the Big Easy! The Crescent Wenches took on Red Stick Roller Derby’s Capital Defenders and came out victorious with a massive win of 386-64. The Big Easy AllStars also scored 386 points against their competitors, the Gainesville Roller Rebels, while their excellent defensive teamwork held Gainesville to only 10 points. The AllStars hosted a closed bout against the Houston Roller Derby All Stars the next morning. The Big Easy AllStars took the lead in the first half, but ultimately Houston was able to overcome them, racking up the points in the second half for a final score of 224-151. Despite losing to Houston, the AllStars are optimistic that they performed well enough to earn themselves an invite to the prestigious WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs in August. This would be the first time The Big Easy Rollergirls have participated in a WFTDA playoff tournament since the league formed in 2005.


slow-mo footage from the all-star game on saturday. they didn’t win, but they played a great game. this play in particular was amazing to me.