A Fishing Crew Near Portugal Found This Giant Eyeball

In a discovery that could change all we know about animal life on Earth, a fishing crew off the coast of Portugal discovered this colossal eyeball that scientists say must have belonged to a squid the size of three football fields.

“Genetic testing confirms it’s from a squid,” said marine biologist Marnie Balgis, “and the scale is absolutely certain. The squid from which this eyeball came was nine times the size of a blue whale, the previous largest known animal on Earth.”

Balgis notes that there is nothing to suggest the squid that lost the eyeball is dead. Even more startling is the age of the eyeball. “The eye belongs to a very young squid. There’s every reason to believe this animal is still growing, and will likely reach adulthood at five times larger than its present state.

The new species has been named “Mesonychoteuthis margaretkeanes” after Margaret Keane, an artist known for painting portraits with big eyes.


Nena StojanovicIt’s Not My Fault, 2016.  

Painting: Enamel and pastel on canvas, 15.7 x 15.7 in.