Big Phony


good god, this fusion is just a big mess X’D

i didn’t get to upload this one when i uploaded Rhodonite earlier, but better late than never, right? xux

anywho, this is another Sonic/StevenUniverse crossover i made along with Rhodonite and the others ;u;

I made Scourge a Green Zircon because its a false diamond (and if i’m not mistaken, Diamonds are royalty in the Gem Homeworld, right? So Scourge claims to be high authority when in reality he’s just a big phony c: complicated i know >->)

and the fusion with Green Zircon & Inesite form Zoisite! (she has floofy cheeks o0o)

Zoisite IS able to perform a Spin Dash, and her weapon of choice? A giant battle axe that was put together by Zircon’s Chakram & Inesite’s Lance.

does this self portrait i drew count as a selfie??? sorry i’ve been mia recently i’ve been busy with work and art stuff. happy bfsn!!

I miss lexa, commander of the 12 clans, first love was Costia, Lil nightblood badass, little liberal Heda, Who would do anything to protect Clarke, Who was so fucking extra she had candles everywhere and fucking glitter with her one hot hit leg in that “this is Obvs a nightgown clarke” dress, I miss lexa who nose bopped Clarke twice, Who always looked to Clarke for permission before touching her, Who fucking could have and should have slaughtered all the skyrats but didn’t because her dirty space nugget said no and didn’t tell her those three words because she didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, Who kills men twice her size but cries when pretty girls kiss her, Who teaches her Lil baby nightblood about peace and wisdom and shit, Who hold Clarke’s hand after eating that new ecosystem pussy I mean can u believe. WHOS LAST DYING WISH WAS TO PROTECT CLARKE

I guess I’m just waiting on someone
To tell me,
That the jokester I portray to be,
Is just a big phony,
And that they see right through my smile,
And see the internal eternal tears
That leave the eyes of a four year old Child…

And that they’re only here to make
That child,

—  JihbazFubyok

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