The Tangled Before Ever After teaser was uploaded 5 months before the release date, and we don’t currently have an exact release date for the Big Hero 6 TV series, but presumably we’ll get our first teaser 5-6 months before it.

All we know is that the Big Hero 6 TV series releases this fall, so that’s in like September, October or November.

And using the logic from the Tangled Before Ever After teaser, we should get a Big Hero 6 TV series teaser in April, May or June. 

Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll even get one in March. But…I really don’t know. I’m just speculating here.


Remembered (Big Hero 6, Tadashi)

I stupidly injured my arm last weekend (it’s not serious, just sore), and have been taking it easy on drawing. Rewatched Big Hero 6 on Friday, so here’s a quick series of Tadashi pics.  

*spoiler warning*

On a repeat viewing, it strikes me that Callaghan/Yokai is one of the most disturbing villains out there. For someone in higher education, so well-respected, to think nothing of killing his students is pretty horrifying.

Top 10 Hottest Disney Character (Girl Edition)

Because Disney makes cute girls ok.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t expect a list of just princesses. Only about 3-4 are technically princesses (one being kind of honorary.) Also this is just an opinion. My word is my own, don’t listen to me. I’m a terrible influence.

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