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Kari was astonished… this Sylveon’s restorative will was admirable. Even if she wasn’t the target, the Audino could feel the soothing effects of such a potent healing skill. Moreover, the effects were quicker and more visible; the pink Gardevoir’s scars seemed cleaner and paler…

“ まあ …” she murmured quietly in awe, “… Such power…!”

Kari’s heart felt at ease; even Momoko’s pained expression seemed lessened. She was still under rest of course, but her suffering definitely seemed to have been lifted. This alone urged the Audino to clasp her hands together and rest them over her own chest, a big relieved smile forming over her round, tender face. Ever-grateful, she turned to Seirei.

“Ahh, arigatou gozaimasu…!” she cheered with a watery look in her eyes. “She looks even better!” Before her emotions could be riled further, Kari collected herself and bowed to the Sylveon.

“… She must still be tired… so she might not wake up right away, but this has definitely helped! I can feel it… thank you so much! How… How can I repay you? Please tell me! You’ve been a tremendous help for her…!”

I’m told to meet someone like it’s some kind of easy feat, like all I need to do is throw open my front door and call out to my fellow lady loving ladies, rip open my shirt Supergirl-style to reveal a big G on my chest for Gay, thus leading to all the lesbian activity.

Little newsflash for the more simple minded folks; it ain’t happening.

There’s no magic button I can press to make women grow attracted to me, there’s no star I can wish on in our vast sky to make myself desirable. It’s hard enough to make LGBT+ friends that live in the same COUNTRY, let alone the same city. There are plenty of us, but we’re still outnumbered by straight people, still viewed as less than human by the leeches that find their way into positions of power, still scared into staying hidden by narrow-minded family members, driven to suicide because of persistent abuse, and even murdered just for being who we are. Fuck you, Russia

Throw into the mix a body no longer yours, instead you are a shell being ravaged by an illness you’re going to have for the rest of your life. It’s not that I’m ashamed of my wheelchair, I’m ashamed of the inaccessibility that accompanies it. It’s difficult enough to get along the pavements let alone trying to go to some club or bar. Besides it’s not like I can dance, or even see over the bar to get a drink. So where exactly are we supposed to go? I’ve tried dating apps and they end up making my self-esteem plummet further when no one shows the faintest bit of interest. Online? Even worse, you find someone perfect that happens to live hundreds to thousands of miles away. I’ve done my share of long distance and now that I’m sick I just, I can’t. I need someone I can physically hold or see without the use of a phone or computer. Where the hell does that leave us? 

The answers I seek, much like Katie McGrath’s date of birth, remain a mystery.

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I wanna be a boy so bad but sometimes I feel like I would be better off staying a girl and I need a hug bc I have a big chest and I'm really curvy and I came out to my friend and my friend told me I shouldn't be trans bc I shouldn't give up my body

your friend is wrong!!! your body type has nothing to do with your gender and shouldn’t prevent you from exploring your gender !!! if people can correctly gender cis boys who have bodies that look more traditionally feminine, then they can accept trans folks with bodies that might not match their expectations for us.

if you believe you’re trans, keep exploring it. you probably are if you think you are. your friend is wrong and shouldn’t have said that.


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What are some good sports bras or binders to wear for work? I'm a server and usually work for 8 hours and sometimes do set up (tables, chairs) and I do a lot of walking. I may have to double bind because of my big chest. Thanks

If you’re going to do a lot of physically straining things during those hours, it might be worth investing in a binder that is a size too big. It will still do some binding, but it won’t be as restricting as a binder in your right size would be.

And if possible, it would be good to take a few small breaks from binding every now and then during the day. Even if it’s just going into a bathroom to take your binder off and strecth for a few minutes, it’s better than nothing.