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Hero Child | Chapter 1: Cold Hands, Cold Smoke

Synopsis: When Shigeo Kageyama is abducted from his home in Seasoning City, Ritsu Kageyama teams up with the supposedly great detective, Arataka Reigen, to bring his big brother home.

Rating: PG for now
Warning: Implied self harm

He sits in front of the television that night and watches cartoons with eyes glazed over and mind far away. It’s times like these that losing himself isn’t such an issue as it is like when he nearly burns himself reaching out to touch the iron of his heater. 

There’s no harm in zoning out to the glory of judicature, a symphony of purity and corruption in which superheroes flatten their enemies against the might of their charisma, their innate goodness.


Sleepover Shenanigans by Undetermined

Fic can be read HERE.

Family Bonding, Dad/Big Brother Reigen. Ongoing. Rated: G. Word Count: 300.

Pairings: None (Platonic ReiMob)

Trigger Warnings: None.

Mr. and Mrs. Kageyama need a weekend away from Spice City. No big deal, the boys are old enough. Ritsu decides to make plans with friends and Mob….
Mob isn’t really sure.
So he asks Reigen if he can spend the night.

Yo, no shipping here. At all. Ever.
This entire thing will be based entirely on the sleepovers I have with my siblings so just….just keep that in mind please.

Fingers crossed that this ends up being a knee slapping comedy because I am READY.

Y’all really think production put in all that time and effort into a 1/12 chance twist that doesn’t even make it into the game? The posters, departure board, literally the whole house based on different locations is connected to the round-trip twist.

Also, the schedule requires another houseguest to stay another week or come back later in a comp battle, which would be even more work for producers, especially after the pre-jury buyback. You know they made this for the sole purpose of keeping a popular person in the game, which in this case is the one and only Da’Vonne Rogers.

Thor/Loki fic rec list

A slightly larger rec update! Also I have finally started including word counts in my recs, though I have not yet gone back to all my existing recs and added them, because there is perhaps 200 fics in there. I might decide to tackle it some day, likely piece by piece, so don’t be confused if a third of my recs has wordcount and the rest doesn’t please :))

Whole rec update below the cut, the entire list here.

Title: The beast you made in me
Summary: An alternative version of the events of Loki: Agent of Asgard #1. Or, teen Loki crosses a dark!possessed!Thor and proceeds to trick him into doling the punishment Loki knows he deserves. A darker take on both the new Loki and the possessed Thor. “Would you believe me if I said I was here to save your soul?” Loki asks, the truth tripping off his tongue to the same rhythm as his sweetest lies. My, my, things have changed. “I would not believe a single word that falls from your deceitful lips,” Thor growls, flushing a deep red and fairly thrumming with energy, the muscles in his arms bunching and flexing as he drops Mjolnir to the floor and begins to stalk towards Loki. 
Wordcount: 4,7k 
My comment: Agent of Asgard continues to be an inspiration for many size kinks fics and this one is brilliant. Pretty rough, laced with spot-on observations and characterization.

Title: i know the tide will turn
Summary: Steve has his friend back, and Thor is happy for him. That doesn’t change the fact that it hurts to look at them sometimes. Or, the one where Thor and Steve have a conversation about love and loss on the rooftop of Avengers Tower. 
Wordcount: 5,1k 
My comment: You don’t know what it does to me when Thor has space to share his burdens and talk about his grief. Flawless characteriztion.

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VARIANT COVER BY Erica Henderson
• Caught in the Crosshairs of time!
• Old-man Clint and an aged Kate have finally tracked down PROJECT COMMUNION. But even with help from two of Kate’s Young Avengers teammates, liberating the FROG KIDS will prove more difficult than the sharpshooters ever imagined.
• Meanwhile, in the present, Clint finds himself estranged from Kate, and pays a visit to another Hawkeye–his big brother Barney!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99