Big Brother Ratings

Y’all really think production put in all that time and effort into a 1/12 chance twist that doesn’t even make it into the game? The posters, departure board, literally the whole house based on different locations is connected to the round-trip twist.

Also, the schedule requires another houseguest to stay another week or come back later in a comp battle, which would be even more work for producers, especially after the pre-jury buyback. You know they made this for the sole purpose of keeping a popular person in the game, which in this case is the one and only Da’Vonne Rogers.

VARIANT COVER BY Erica Henderson
• Caught in the Crosshairs of time!
• Old-man Clint and an aged Kate have finally tracked down PROJECT COMMUNION. But even with help from two of Kate’s Young Avengers teammates, liberating the FROG KIDS will prove more difficult than the sharpshooters ever imagined.
• Meanwhile, in the present, Clint finds himself estranged from Kate, and pays a visit to another Hawkeye–his big brother Barney!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99