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@jonsasnow and @the-eagle-girl tagged me to answer some fic questions :)

Which of your fics are you most proud of?

a tie: like we’re still dead wherein Sansa forgets who she is in the Vale and is arranged to marry Jon Snow, who has been brought back from the death one too many times and has little recollection of his life before. He desperately misses his family, and thinks they’re all dead, but his sister is actually right there. I’m mainly proud of this because I wrote it in a few hours and it turned out pretty good!

i thought that you were straight now i’m wondering which is co-written by the wonderful @darylvdixon. It’s a throbb au wherein they’re both on Big Brother and for ratings Theon “pretends” to be gay and claims he used to go out with the hottest guy on the show, Robb Stark. I got to write Theon, and Chloe let me get away with all sorts of stupid shit – making Theon addicted to House Hunters International, his best friend being a goldfish, giving the Greyjoys a reality show called Keeping Up With The Krakens, etc. Honestly, how does Chloe put up with me?

Which of your fics do you think could be expanded on if you had the time?

I want to write a prequel/parallel of like we’re still dead from Sansa’s POV. Basically, how she came to lose herself in Alayne and how she eventually started to remember who she is.

I’m almost done mess is mine and will probably write a prequel for @the-eagle-girl aka my #1 (only) fan.

 What fics are you reading at the moment?

@soapieturner sent me like 3 short Modern fics by @aknightfornawt last night so I’m working my way through those. 

Do you have fics that you go back to reread? 

a seaside framed in glass by @alittlestardustcaught came out like under a month ago and i’ve already read it twice. Same with The (Conquered) Hero by @the-eagle-girl.

Hold My Heart in Two… if you read this you’ll know what a sinner I truly am. Jon/Sansa/Arya.

What A Disappointment by @justadram is probably my fave jonsa fic I’ve read it like 4 times. It’s just so funny? And cute?

How many fic ideas have you got ‘on the back burner’? 

10+. this is why i give so many fic ideas away ;) shout out to the people who actually write said fic ideas I give away!!! (bless ari, trash-tzar kat and obiwan-katnobi kat!!)

Can you share any? 

The Nicholas Sparks Incest AU. Sansa thought she was the last Stark, but in her dad’s papers she finds out she has a bastard half brother the family never knew about. She pretends to be Alayne, because she’s on the run from her abusive husband and she’s not sure if she trusts Jon yet. Jon lives in like a stereotypically Nicholas Sparks town after WW2. Jon is broken from war and just as alone as she is. They fall in love. It makes everything a little less bleak. Eventually, Jon finds Sansa’s real driver’s license and has to decide whether to tell her he knows who she really is, or let things keep going as they are.

Princess/Pirate AU. Wherein Runaway Princess Sansa is kidnapped and ransomed by Sexy!Pirate Theon.

A theonsa fic told through the eyes of Cat. She just hates him. She keeps thinking Sansa will break up with him, but she never does.

What will you NEVER include in a fic? 

The terms ‘sweet girl’ or ‘cunny’. Dark!Jon where Jon no longer cares about consent. Jon embracing his Targaryen blood.

Is there a phrase that you find yourself repeating in ur fics?

words: soft, gentle, sweet. probably more

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Y’all really think production put in all that time and effort into a 1/12 chance twist that doesn’t even make it into the game? The posters, departure board, literally the whole house based on different locations is connected to the round-trip twist.

Also, the schedule requires another houseguest to stay another week or come back later in a comp battle, which would be even more work for producers, especially after the pre-jury buyback. You know they made this for the sole purpose of keeping a popular person in the game, which in this case is the one and only Da’Vonne Rogers.

Thor/Loki fic rec list

A slightly larger rec update! Also I have finally started including word counts in my recs, though I have not yet gone back to all my existing recs and added them, because there is perhaps 200 fics in there. I might decide to tackle it some day, likely piece by piece, so don’t be confused if a third of my recs has wordcount and the rest doesn’t please :))

Whole rec update below the cut, the entire list here.

Title: The beast you made in me
Summary: An alternative version of the events of Loki: Agent of Asgard #1. Or, teen Loki crosses a dark!possessed!Thor and proceeds to trick him into doling the punishment Loki knows he deserves. A darker take on both the new Loki and the possessed Thor. “Would you believe me if I said I was here to save your soul?” Loki asks, the truth tripping off his tongue to the same rhythm as his sweetest lies. My, my, things have changed. “I would not believe a single word that falls from your deceitful lips,” Thor growls, flushing a deep red and fairly thrumming with energy, the muscles in his arms bunching and flexing as he drops Mjolnir to the floor and begins to stalk towards Loki. 
Wordcount: 4,7k 
My comment: Agent of Asgard continues to be an inspiration for many size kinks fics and this one is brilliant. Pretty rough, laced with spot-on observations and characterization.

Title: i know the tide will turn
Summary: Steve has his friend back, and Thor is happy for him. That doesn’t change the fact that it hurts to look at them sometimes. Or, the one where Thor and Steve have a conversation about love and loss on the rooftop of Avengers Tower. 
Wordcount: 5,1k 
My comment: You don’t know what it does to me when Thor has space to share his burdens and talk about his grief. Flawless characteriztion.

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