Big Bossman

The Big Boss Man died from a heart attack eight years ago today at age 41: September 22, 2004

The crooked corrections officer from Cobb County, Georgia, made an impact in the 1980s World Wrestling Federation with his feud with Hulk Hogan. At 6-foot-7, 330 pounds, the Boss Man (Ray Traylor) could move, running the ropes and smashing and splashing opponents left hanging over the second rope. He’d handcuff his opponents to the ropes and beat them with his nightstick (or he’d chain their legs to a ball-and-chain).

I’ll never forget Hogan superplexing the Boss Man off the top of a steel cage on a Saturday Night’s Main Event taped in Des Moines, Iowa. Neither will my father, a non-wrestling fan who still talks about that moment. recently added the Boss Man’s profile to its alumni section. I’m sure he’ll be added to the Hall of Fame some day.

Have you ever sat back and wondered if there was ever a wrestler who someone just went apeshit for, that a lot of people probably don’t go apeshit for?

This dude apparently goes apeshit for The Big Bossman. Seriously. There were about 10 pictures of his collection but I included this one because of the photos. I honestly would have never thought that The Big Bossman would have a “biggest fan”, and yet, I was proven wrong.


The Big Bossman promises to return Pepper to Al Snow [1999]

Man, The Big Bossman was about as heartless a heel as they came in 1999. Al Snow’s best friend was his Chihuahua, Pepper. When Snow defeated The Big Bossman for the WWF Hardcore Championship, Bossman sought out any way he could to get back at Al so he could regain the title, including this sickening segment that I honestly cannot figure out how it would pass the censors. A month and a half later, Bossman dragged The Big Show’s dad’s casket in his police cruiser. Seriously, how the hell wasn’t The Big Bossman the top heel at the time?!

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1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 160:
The Big Bossman Vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts
WWF at The Tokyo Dome [April 13th, 1990]

Two of the most well-recognized characters in the WWF from the late 80′s and early 90′s doing battle in the legendary Tokyo Dome! The Big Bossman makes it very clear early on that he’s not interested in a typical wrestling match, at least, until the methodical Jake “The Snake” Roberts starts to get the best of him. Roberts puts a clear focus on Bossman’s punishing arms, but Bossman’s focus is on simply hurting his opponent rather than getting a quick victory. These two went into this match knowing that they had a lot of work ahead of them, as the fans knew they had exciting action ahead. Enjoy!