In cosmology, the Steady State theory is an alternative to the Big Bang model of the evolution of the universe. In the steady-state theory, the density of matter in the expanding universe remains unchanged due to a continuous creation of matter, thus adhering to the perfect cosmological principle, a principle that asserts that the observable universe is basically the same at any time as well as at any place.
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A note to virgins writing and reading smut:

You won’t have an orgasm the first time you have sex and it’s probably going to hurt. 

Most girls don’t orgasm from penetration alone and you gotta fiddle with the outside too. 

Dicks don’t taste sweet. 

Speaking of oral, the tongue stays outside the vagina. Being ‘tongue fucked’ isn’t actually a thing. The tongue stays on the clit, the fingers go inside if the girl wants penetration. 

Dicks don’t go flaccid straight after a dude comes. It takes them a few moments to deflate. 

A lot of positions are hard to get into. It’s not easy to switch from missionary to him behind you - it should take more than a sentence to write.

Cum leaks outta the vagina and gets messy if you don’t use a condom. 

It keeps leaking out after you’ve banged so things get wrecked. Underwear, sheets, legs, whatever is in the way.

Your vagina will smell like dick afterwards. What does dick smell like? Gross. It smells gross. 

Like honestly, no guy will get you a warm towel to help wipe your vagina. It doesn’t happen. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a tissue or a towel. 

[Video] 161019 El actor Lee Jun Ki publicó un vídeo en Instagram bailando “FANTASTIC BABY”

Lee JunKi es un actor coreano famoso que aparece en varios dramas, revistas y publicidades.  is a famous Korean actor who has appears in multiple dramas, magazines and print ads. Actualmente se lo puede ver junto a IU en el drama “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”. Se sabe que es  fan de Big Bang, y se lo ha visto siguiendo los albums solistas de los miembros del grupo, ha bailado/interpretado algunos otros trabajos de Big Bang, como “Ringa Linga” de Taeyang.

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To those of you who don’t know what’s going on, I’d like to give a little update. tl;dr at the end. PLEASE READ THAT AT LEAST.

Recently, idol group Monsta X performed a version of Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry in Japan that hadn’t been aired by MBC. They were then scheduled to perform Sorry Sorry with a dance that they choreographed for MBC at the DMC festival, but before they were set to perform, were told that they would no longer be doing so. Without Monsta X’s knowledge, the choreography that THEY created for the dance break was given to other groups, who then performed it.

Wonho, a member of Monsta X, mentioned it on this recent VLIVE of theirs, that they had been watching the performance and realized “Oh, that dance is familiar!” None of the boys were rude about it, they complimented the groups who performed it, even going as far as saying that Monbebes (their fans) who were curious about their stages could watch the other groups and see how they performed it. They were honest with us, and let us know that they just wanted us to be aware that Monsta X performed the original choreography.

Because of this, though, news has spread across portals. Articles have been created, a hashtag has started on twitter “#MBC_범법자” (“#MBC_Offender”) and fans of other groups have even become aware of the situation.

We really need to stand our ground as an entire fandom through this. I’m certain that this hasn’t JUST happened to Monsta X, but has happened to so many before them. If we don’t take a stand, this will continue on, and next time, it could be your favorite group who is treated unfairly and taken advantage of.

I’d like to ask that you spread this around and create awareness about this, no matter what group you support. Monsta X has such a small group of fans, but imagine if this had been done to the group you support. It’s a very frustrating thing, to see these young men who worked so hard be asked to create a dance and have it stolen from them and used elsewhere without credit.

Whether you follow them or not, it took a lot of courage to come out and say something, and we can’t let this be swept under the rug. They made the first step in shedding light on the unfairness, and because of this, we can’t allow them to be ignored. They didn’t do this just for themselves. Them bringing attention to this issue can very well prevent the mistreatment of future groups, big or small, and we should take advantage of this and help stop this.

To help support, what we can do is make use of the hashtag “#MBC_범법자” on twitter and direct it at @withMBC. PLEASE be respectful in what you say, though, and do not speak in a way that could reflect badly on any group. This is the fault of none other than MBC.

Please do not let this be swept under the rug. This isn’t just about one small group—this is so much bigger than what it may seem.

tl;dr: MBC took choreography from Monsta X after refusing to air their performance of the original dance, gave it to other groups to perform, and did not credit Monsta X for the choreography that THEY CREATED. Monsta X has spoken up about this, letting people know, and we, the K-Pop fandom as a whole, should not let this be swept under the rug to prevent the future mistreatment of any and ALL other groups, because this is most likely NOT the first time this has happened. It could have happened to the very group that you support, even.

To help, tweet @withMBC with the hashtag “#MBC_범법자” PLEASE be respectful in what you say, though, and do not speak in a way that could reflect badly on any group. This is the fault of none other than MBC.

Let’s raise awareness to prevent the mistreatment of all groups by big companies.