Big Bang

how BigBang probably spends their money
  • Daesung:buys lots of comfortable furniture (mainly beds) and clothes to relax in. probably buys his family a lot of stuff.
  • Taeyang:lots of jewelry and clothes in attempt to keep up with the the trends Jiyong keeps starting. showers significant other in gifts.
  • Seungri:invests in literally anything that could make him money so he can continue his world tour of night clubs. starts multiple establishments to fuel his need.
  • TOP:literally cannot stop buying art. friends and family try to start an intervention but he just can't stop.
  • G-Dragon:clothes. lots of clothes. is currently trying to find a way to make himself a blood relative to Karl Lagerfeld. scientists tell him it's not possible but he keeps putting more money into research.

“Directioners are the best fandom!@!@! and we will end ur idols.”

“ wHat is a kpop?!!?!”

“ at least we stan talent and our idols aren’t plastic”

 “why would we listen to kpop?? we speak English we can’t understand what they are saying!!!”

“They are irrelevant, I should no bc I asked my friends and no one knew who they were!”

“ go stan ur kFLOPS”

This “top 10” list was floating around the web today so I decided to translate it:


1. G-Dragon
2. Bangtan Boys (BTS)
3. Black Nut
4. Big Bang
5. Yoo Byung-Jae
6. Lady Gaga, Seo Taeji
7. Shin Hae-chul, Lee Seung-hwan, Yoo Ah-in, ZICO
8. Anonymous (Hacker Group), Eminem, Block B, Kim Jae-dong, Gukkasten
9. Dok2, Justin Bieber, Ilgan Best, IKON, BOBBY, PSY
10. Miley Cyrus, Kim Jho Gwangsoo, Akdong Musician, Hyuk-Oh, Busker Busker

Do you agree with this list?

How They React To Their Pregnant GF/Wife Being Grumpy (BIG BANG)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! I do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell me who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3

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Author: Laymedown

T.O.P: He would be the only one to get angry back at you. He would tell you that he didn’t deserve all of your mislead anger and tell you he needed to leave while you cooled down. While on his walk he would begin to feel guilty for acting like he did, knowing you were going through the worst of it and how you were probably stressing out more than he was. He would swing by a floral shop and pick up some of your favorite flowers as an apology on his way home, and for the rest of the night he would pamper you.  

DAESUNG: Poor Daesung would be so oblivious to all of your snarky remarks and grumpy sarcasm. So the day you really couldn’t take his stupidity, you let him have it. He still held his dumb smile as you berated him. He would let you finish, and when you were done he would take both your hands and his, and gently hold your stomach. ’Don’t worry, umma is nicer in person.’ He would coo to the baby before laughing his contagious laugh.

TAEYANG: For Taeyang, he would become used to your grumpiness when he came home from a day at the studio. He would do everything he could to make up for his time spent at work and not being able to help you. Although, he couldn’t help but laugh at you when you waddled from your bedroom, yelling at him for doing this to you. Even though you smacked him on the back of the head for doing so, there would be a hint of a smile in the corner of your lips when he gave you his ‘I’m home’ kiss. 

G.D.: He would probably be the most helpful throughout your pregnancy. He would make sure you were always healthy and well taken care of. But once you were hitting your fifth month, it would be more annoying than anything. So when you suddenly screamed 'Leave me alone before my next craving is your head in the wall’ he would have been very surprised. He would recover quickly though, getting that he has been a little too overbearing. He would leave without a word, but in the most dramatic way possible so he could leave you with a smile instead of a frown. 

SEUNGRI: Despite all of your complaints and fits of anger, none of it would faze Seungri. He would know your anger wasn’t directed at him (at least that’s what he would tell himself) and most of the time he would let it go in one ear and out the other. There would be times though where he would excuse himself to the bathroom to calm down and remind himself that he loves you and that you only have a few months left. 

BigBang Reaction: Being Moody

Request: How do you think Big bang would react go their pregnant wife beging all Moody like ; “Dont touch me.” “NO.” “If you dont leave me alone my next craving will be your head in the wall.” “1…2….”

GD: Jiyong would be a little frustrated because he would be trying to his best to help you be comfortable but you kept yelling at him and pushing him away. He would probably still insist on trying to help you and would do whatever you wanted even though you kept screaming at him.

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TOP: I think that Seunghyun wouldn’t ignore you or anything, but he’d try to help you out even though you didn’t want him near you. Of course if he thought you truly meant it he would do what you asked, but if a few seconds later you asked for his help he’d sigh and help you out. 

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Taeyang: He knew that women get moody during pregnancy so he knew what to expect. Except sometimes you could be a bit extreme sometimes with comments or yelling at him. For example you’d scream at him and he would get agitated and yell back, resulting in you crying even though he didn’t mean what he said.

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Daesung: Daesung would panic, he wouldn’t know how to react and he wouldn’t know whether he should still help you even if you declined his offer or not. Daesung would probably still help you anyways because he wanted to make sure that you felt as comfortable as possible. 

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Seungri: Seungri would respond to your moody comments with laughter as well as a response. If you screamed at him not to touch you, he’d chuckle and say “But don’t you want me to help you over to the couch so you can watch your tv shows?”. Even if you said something rude to him on accident, he’d just shrug it off. 

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