Have you guys ever listened to a full album before the live stage comes out, find that one amazing B-side track that you hope they promote with their title track? But then they don’t and you have to wait for a possible tour with the hopes that they might add it to their setlist….


being in front of cameras and walking through loud crowds in nearly a daily basis is so stressful and tiring not only physically but also emotionally. idols get their energy drained and we always have to remember that they’re still humans. remember once chanyeol was wearing his sunglasses and he was crying. we should respect their privacy and not surpass the limits of personal space. we can take photos from a bit far away and be respectful. and that ofc doesn’t apply only to exo but kpop in general and mostly bts cause of the recent incidents.. please be considerate


What’s a Greater Leap of Faith: God or the Multiverse?

What’s a greater leap of faith: God or the Multiverse? What’s the multiverse? Brian Keating, Professor of Physics at the University of California, San Diego, explains in this video.

Idol Groups and Solo Artists to Keep an Eye Out For

Just a list for those who are new to Kpop and are looking for a masterlist of talent. #StanVisuals #StanTalent - Admin Dayna

Boys Who Cry

  • Debuted in 2006
  • Bikini Bottom’s hottest Boy Group
  • They charge $1,000,000 to sing at events - but sis… them vocals?
  • Must be protected at all costs - their sasaeng Squidward is outta pocket

Check out their Song It’s All About You Girl

Boyz’N Motion

  • A three member boy group
  • All of them are visuals
  • All of them are vocals
  • Almost disbanded but thank god they didn’t omfg

Check out their Song Be Prepared

Chip Skylark

  • A fucking babe
  • The only man in the world that can rock a neck beard
  • His teeth are nice asf???
  • The CLEANEST moonwalk
  • Shaded tf out his Sasaeng Vicky

Check out his Song Icky Vicky

The Jonas Brothers

  • They went to the year 3000
  • They said there wasn’t much to say but they lived underwater
  • And they visited my great-great-great-granddaughter, apparently she’s doing fine!

Check out their Song Burnin’ Up

Fifteen Cent

  • 50 cent who?
  • Got mad bars thooooo?
  • Lil homie got the juice tho
  • Drives a sick fucking jeep.

Check out his Song Blowin Up The Spot


  • An Italian-Born sensation
  • One time a fan that looked exactly like her had been pretending to be her for like a week
  • The bitch even stole her boyfriend Paolo
  • But its cool cause Paolo was trash anyways
  • Still made bangers though

Check out her song This is What Dreams are Made Of


  • Everyone’s sexual awakening - y’know… after Simba.
  • Prince and Michael Jackson’s love child
  • His edges laid to the GAWDS
  • But have you seen his fits tho?

Check out his song Eye to Eye

The Naked Brothers Band

  • Debuted in 2007
  • Co-Ed Band, hella diversity
  • Acoustics my g
  • They write all they own music too
  • Talented asf.

Check out their song Crazy Car

The Muses

  • Them VOCALS, sis?
  • Their vocal cords were honestly woven by Gods
  • They got body-ody-ody; breaking South Korea’s beauty standards with grace bitch
  • Come THRU

Check out their song Zero to Hero

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