healthy ways for the moon signs to express emotions

Expressing emotions in a healthy manner can be difficult for all of the signs. Air and Earth moons may not express their emotions often, but that doesn’t mean they are emotionless. Water and Fire moons may express themselves more openly, but that doesn’t mean it’s always in the healthiest way. This post is a means of self help for those who would like to work on emotional expression, any sign can use any of the suggestions below, these are just my suggestions for each moon sign. 

Athletically - Aries moon, Capricorn moonAquarius moon
Stretching, aerobic classes, swimming, walking, hiking, bicycling, weight-lifting, martial arts, yoga, dance, and all forms of sports.

Interpersonally - Libra moon, Taurus moon, Leo moon
Face-to-face conversations with another, group activities, telephone conversations, exchanging emails/letters, writing a diary or journal, engaging in a shared social activity with a friend or relative, therapy or coaching. 

Artistically - Gemini moon, Virgo moon, Cancer moon
Drawing, painting, music making, pottery, gardening, decorating, flower arranging, stone cutting, wood carving, graphic design, video and board games, animation, video and movie making, visualizations, lucid dreaming, reading and crafts activities.

Spiritually - Pisces moon, Sagittarius moon, Scorpio moon
Prayer speaking to the Divine and listening as well, letting the Divine speak through your voice, participating in spiritual practices or religious rituals, scriptural study, affirmations, meditation, communing with Spirit in nature.


Fixed Series

(by bnomio)


Fixed Series was born in June 2013 as a personal project of Bnomio Graphic Designer.
Collect a series of fixed gear bikes illustrations made ​​in vector, limited edition 1/10 signed prints.
Until now, these bikes had been documented in many books and photos, but my passion for design led me to convert it as a part of my work.
Go fixie Go! 

Fixed Series nace en Junio de 2013 como un proyecto personal de Bnomio Graphic Designer.
Recopila una serie de ilustraciones de bicicletas de piñón fijo realizadas en vector. Ediciones limitadas 1/10 seriadas y firmadas.
Hasta ahora, se había documentado en libros y fotos muchas de estas bicicletas, pero mi pasión por el diseño me llevó a convertirlas en parte de mi trabajo. Go fixie Go! 

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