Creatures From Around The World

My Favorite Mythology/Folklore and Cryptid monsters collected by Country/Continent.

MEDIEVAL EUROPEAN MYTHOLOGY / FOLKLORE (Book of Imaginary Creatures, Heraldry, Alchemy, Medieval Bestiary, Roma, Left-Over European)

The Muscaliet is so hot it will inflate everything it touches into a burning column of fire. Entire forests burn away when they find their way into earthly forests.

A Bao A Qu / Barometz or Vegetable Lamb / Basilisk / Cagrino or Chagrin / Carbuncle / Catoblepas / Echeneis or Remora / Flaga / Goblin / Gold-Digging Ant or Formica Aurum / Hypnalis / Ichneumon or Hydrus / Imp / Incubus / Leontophone / Leucrotta or Crocotta / Muscaliet / Myrmecoleon or Antlion / Nependis / Nightmare or Mare / Odontotyrannos / Pard / Peryton / Salamander / Scitalis or Scytale / Seps / Succubus / Undine / Will o Wisp / Wyvern / Yale or Centicore / Ziphius

Abarimon / Aspidochelone / Bicorn / Blemmyes / Bonnacon / Cerastes / Chichevache / Cockatrice / Cynocephaly / Haermorrhois or Blood-Letter / Indus Worm / Keythong / Musimon / Onocentaur / Panotti / Parandrus / Sandman / Wild Hunt / Ypotryll / Zitiron


GREEK MYTHOLOGY (Ancient Greek/Roman Mythology)

Nemean Lions (named Golden Lion or War Lion in Mythika) are powerful hunters with very tough skin which is almost impossible to pierce with normal weapons. Their manes are covered with arrows and the weapons from their victims.

Akheilos / Amphisbaena / Anteros / Argus / Cacus / Centaur / Cerberus / Charon / Charybdis / Chimera / Chrysaor / Dactyl / Echidna / Empusa / Erinyes or Fury / Faun or Satyr / Gorgon or Medusa / Harpy / Hekatonkheires or  Hundred-Handed One / Hippocampus / Hydra / Kampe / Karkinos or Cancer / Ketos or Cetus / Ladon / Lamia / Lampad / Makhai or War Daemon / Minotaur / Narcissus / Nemean Lion / Nosoi or Pandora Box / Phobetor / Scylla / Sphinx / Thriae

Aegipan or Capricorn / Aetos or Caucasian Bird / Antaeus / Arachne / Celedon / Circe / Cyclops / Dryad / Erote or Cupid / Erymanthian Boar or Dire Boar / Eurynomos / Gegenees / Geryon / Graeae or Stygian Hag / Griffon or Griffin / Khalkotauroi / Maenad / Mormo / Pytho or Delphyne / Scorpios / Skolopendra / Spartoi / Stymphalian Bird / Symplegades or Planctae / Talos or Bronze Colossus / Teumessian Fox / Triton / Typhon / Zelus


NORSE MYTHOLOGY (Ancient Norse Mythology)

Fenrir are said to be ancestors of all canine species, and in Mythika they are among the most powerful, only Cerberi stand a chance. Their skin is riddled with ice crystals and their breath is cold as winter.

Berserker / Draugr / Fafnir / Fenrir or Fenris / Hraesvelgr / Jormungandr / Jotunn or Frost Giant / Nidhogg / Svartalfar or Dark Elf / Troll / Valkyrie

Alberich / Dwarf / Elf / Hell / Hrimfaxi / Naglfar / Ratatoskr / Skinfaxi / Ymir


CELTIC MYTHOLOGY / WESTERN EUROPE MEDIEVAL MYTHS (English, Welsh, Manx, Scottish, Irish, Breton and Arthurian)

Tatty Bogle are evil animated Scarecrows which can control birds and animate objects they touch. It is said that they are created by evil Hags which use the hearts of humans and the soul of a bogeyman to animate them.

Afanc or Addanc / Alp-Luachra or Joint Eater / Ankou / Awd Goggie / Banshee / Barghest or Black Dog / Boobrie / Brobinyak / Brollachan / Brucha / Buggane / Cirein Croin / Cu Sith / Cwn Annwn / Dullahan or Headless Horseman / Fachen / Fear Liath or Grey Man / Fomorian / Gancanagh / Grindylow / It / Jack-in-Irons / Kelpie / Knucker / Lavellan / Leanan Sidhe / Marool / Muirdris / Nuckelavee / Phooka or Pucca / Questing Beast / Rawhead or Bloody Bones / Redcap or Dunter / Shellycoat / Sianach / Sluagh / Spriggan / Springheel or Spring-Heeled Jack / Stray Sod / Tatty Bogle / Water Leaper or Llamhigyn Y Dwr / Wizard’s Shackle or Burach Bhadi

Arkan Sonney / Black Annis / Bluecap / Bodach / Boobach or Bugaboo / Bugbear / Cat Sidhe / Cath Palug / Ceffyl Dwr / Clurichaun / Curnunnos / Dobhar-Chu / Far Darrig / Fear Dorcha / Fear Gorta / Gwyllion / Kilmoullis / Leprechaun / Lunantishee / Ly Erg


NORTHERN EUROPE MEDIEVAL MYTHS (Germanic, Scandinavian, German, Norwegian, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Dutch, Belgian and Danish)

Osschaart are bizarre constructs made by the Jack-in-Irons. Osschaarts dangerous aura’s increase gravity and they can animate and control the chains that form most of their bodies.  

Ajatar / Alraune / Buckrider / Colorobetch / Doppelganger or Fetch / Erlking or Erlkonig / Gloson or Gravso / Gulon / Horerczy / Hrokkall / Ice Worm or Lagarfljot Worm / Iku-Turso / Kraken / Land Wight or Landvaettir / Osschaart / Pesta / Swamfisk / Valravn or Vilderavn

Askafroa / Baldanders / Fossegrim or Nakken / Helhest / Hrosshvalur / Huldra / Kludde or Aufhocker / Kobold / Lorelei / Mandragora or Mandrake / Nachtkrapp / Norn / Otso / Skotumodir / Snow Queen / Traicousse / Vatnagedda / Waldgeist


EASTERN EUROPE MEDIEVAL MYTHS (Slavic, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, Lithuanian and Serbian)

Combining the most feral features of both wolves and dragons the Zburator is a nocturnal hunting dragon that unlike most other dragons hunt in packs, they mostly hunt for other dragons.

Aitvaras / Bagiennik / Bauk / Bukavac / Fext / Hala or Ala / Karzelek / Kikimora / Leshy or Leshii / Lich / Moroi or Vampire / Nocnitsa or Night Hag / Planetnik or Demon Storm / Poludnica or Lady Midday / Shtriga / Veela or Vila / Vodyanoi or Vodnik / Zburator / Zirnitra / Zlatorog or Goldhorn / Zmey or Gorynych

Abaasy / Alkonost / Baba Yaga / Balaur / Bolotnik / Domovoi / Drekavac / Ebajalg / Indrik / Likho / Nosferatu / Ovinnik / Psoglav / Rusalka / Sarkany / Tculo / Ziburinis


SOUTHERN EUROPE MEDIEVAL MYTHS (Spanish, Basque, Maltese, Sardinian, Italian, French, Swiss, Austria, Cyprus and Medieval Greek)

Every year the scales on a Cuelebre’s body become harder, until after a 1000 years they reach Adamantium hardness, once they reach this age they are almost impossible to destroy with normal weapons and most spells will simply bounce of their shimmering iron scales.

Aatxe / Agrippa / Barbegazi / Butatsch-Cun-Ilgs / Codrille / Cuelebre / Erchitu / Gargoyle or Gargouille / Gaueko / Hellequin / Kaw Kaw / Lou Carcolh / Marabbecca / Nuberu / Peluda / Pyrausta or Pyrallis / Stella / Tarasque / Trenti / Vrykolakas

Aerico / Caladrius / Drac / Krampus / Tartalo / Vouivre


NATIVE AMERICAN FOLKLORE AND MYTHOLOGY (Inuit, Canadian, Navajo, Cherokee, and other such Tribal American)

Psonen are beautiful, but ice-cold bird monsters that are said to be related to the Phoenix. They mostly serve the Snow Queen as aerial mounts. They summon cold weather wherever they go.

Acheri / Ahkiyyini / Akhlut / Amikuk / Aniwye / Awahondo / Baykok / Binaye-Ahani / Delgeth or Thelgeth / Djieien / Ewah / Gaasyendietha or Meteor Dragon / Haietlik or Lightning Serpent / Mahaha / Mishibizhiw or Underwater Panther / Nalusa Falaya / Nida / Oniate / Piasa / Psonen / Pukwudgie / Qalupalik / Rougarou or Werewolf / Skinwalker / Tlanusi / Tsenahale / Utlunta or Spearfinger / Wendigo or Windigo / Yeitso

Adlet / Agloolik / Amarok / Amhuluk / Aziwugum / Baxbakwala / Cervitaur / Fastachee / Hinqumemen or Engulfer / Ijiraq / Ishigaq / Isitoq / Kokogiak or Qupqugiaq / Raven Mocker / Thunderbird / Tizheruk / Tupilaq / Ugjuknarpak



The Reptilian Xhumpedzkin are famous for the lethal headaches they cause with their psychic aura’s. They feed on other creatures shadows.

Ahuizotl / Camazotz / Cipactli / Lechuza / Nagual / Xhumpedzkin

Camulatz / Chaneque / Huay Chivo / Quetzalcoatl / Tezcatlipoca


SOUTH AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY / FOLKLORE / CRYPTIDS (Brazilian, Chilean, Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Patagonian, Surinam and Argentina)  

Cherufe are the voice, will and mobility of a living volcano. They can take any shape they like but are always formed from lava and magma. Inside their volcanic homes these elementals are invincible, only outside the volcano the creature can be slain. 

Abuhuku / Alicanto / Caleuche or Ghost Ship / Candileja / Cherufe / Chon Chon / Cuero / Curupira / Eintykara / Encantado / Inulpamahuida / Invunche / Kayeri / Mapinguari / Minhocao / Nguruvilu / Peuchen / Succarath / Tuyango

Anhanga / Ao Ao / Boitata / Bush Dai Dai / Camahueto / Capelobo / Colo Colo / Cuca / El Tunche / Huallepen / Kori / Yacuruna


AFRICAN FOLKLORE AND CRYPTIDS (Central and South African Countries)

The Migas in Mythika kinda resembles the LOTRing’s Watcher in the Water. Swamp Octopi with more than twenty tentacles, fighting one of these aberrations is like fighting an entire army of tentacles.

Aigamuxa / Asanbosam or Sasabonsam / Bouda or Werehyena / Cagn or Mantis / Dingonek / Eloko or Biloko / Emela Ntouka / Gbahali / Impundulu or Lightning Bird / Intulo / Jba Fofi / Kongamato / Lukwata / Lunwaba / Mbielu Mbielu / Migas / Mngwa or Nunda / Nandi Bear or Chemosit / Popobawa / Umdhlebi / Ya-Te-Veo

Abada / Adze / Anansi / Aziza / Chipfalamfula / Emere / Gambo / Grootslang / Jengu / Kwamang-A / Mokele-Mbembe / Ngoubou / Nguma-Monene / Ninki Nanka / Olitiau / Rompo / Yehwe Zogbanu


EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY (Ancient Egyptian Mythology)

Sak are strange, wingless Griffons with a beautiful lotus flower on the end of their tails. This lotus flower releases a calming fragrance which takes away aggression in its victims. Sak love the flesh of Unicorns and other equine creatures.

Ammit or Devourer / Khepri / Petsuchos / Sak / Salawa or Set Animal

Axex / Heqet / Mummy / Phoenix or Firebird / Serket / Serpopard


LEVANTINE FOLKLORE, RELIGION, MYTHOLOGY ( Arabian, Persian, Iran, Iraq, Turkish, Sumerian, Mesopotamian, Akkadian and Middle East)

The centaur-like Urmahlullu combines the best features of the lion and a humanoid. They are the perfect hunters and both gentle and evil variants exist.

Aghash or Evil Eye / Asag / Asdeev / Bushyasta / Caspilly / Devalpa / Druj Nasu / Dybbuk / Fulad-Zereh / Ghul or Ghoul / Girtablilu or Aqrabuamelu / Golem / Ifrit or Efreet / Jidra / Karkadann / Manticore / Miraj or Almiraj / Ouktazaun / Roc or Rukh / Sandwalker / Shadhavar or Siranis / Tiamat / Urmahlullu / Zaratan

Anzu / Arzshenk / Asena / Djinn / Ghawwas / Humbaba / Lilith / Palis / Pazuzu


HINDU BELIEFS (Hindu Religion, Buddhism)

Raktavija are masters in blood magic, they can animate and harden their own demonic blood into shields, armor and weapons. To refill their lost blood they simply drain other creatures dry of theirs.

Juggernaut / Rakshasa / Raktavija / Virabhadra / Vish Kanya or Poison Girl / Vritra 

Airavata / Apaosha / Garuda / Makara / Naga 



Oh, can I keep it? Keukegen look like fuzzy, innocent creatures made entirely from hairs, in reality they spread horrid itching diseases and in the worst case a victim will scratch its own skin off.

Akaname or Filth Licker / Ashinaga-Jin / Bakekujira or Ghost Whale / Baku / Dorotabo / Enenra / Gashadokuro / Harionago / Heikegani / Isonade / Ittan-Momen / Jinmenju / Jorogumo / Jubokko or Vampire Tree / Kamaitachi or Sickle Weasel / Kappa / Keukegen / Kurage-no-Hinotama / Muramasa Blade / Namazu / Nekomata or Bakeneko / Nogitsune or Kumiho / Nurikabe / Omukade / Otoroshi / Raiju or Thunder Beast / Rokurokubi / Sagari / Sazae-Oni / Tenaga-Jin / Tengu / Tenome / Tera-Tsutsuki / Tesso / Tsuchigumo / Umibozu or Sea Bonze / Wanyudo / Yuki-Onna or Snow Maiden

Akashita / Ame-Onna / Hahakigami / Hannya / Hyakume / Jinshin Mushi / Kamikiri / Kasa Obake / Kasha / Katsura-Otoko / Kirin or Qilin / Kitsune / Mekurabe / Nodeppo / Nue / Nure-Onna / Oni / Shachihoko / Suiko / Tanuki / Yanagi-Baba



Xiao or Hsigo are kleptomaniac pests, they steal for the act of stealing and even attack other creatures to rob them of their possessions, especially gemstones and golden coins are wanted by the little thieves. Their leaders are called Ahools and they combine baboons with bat features.

Dijiang / Gaki or Preta / Kun Peng / Shen or Chan / Taotie / Terra-Cotta Warrior / Xiao or Hsigo / Xing Tian / Zhenniao

Azure Dragon / Bai Ze / Byakko / Dragon Turtle / Feng Huang / Genbu / Nian / Pixiu / Zheng


POLYNESIAN MYTHOLOGY AND FOLKLORE (Philippines, Indonesia, Melanesian, Malaysian, Solomon Islands and Vietnam)

Terrifying aberrations, the Kurita use their many arms for swift locomotion, grabbing their victims along the way, they can eat and move at the same time without much trouble.

Abaia / Abere / Adaro / Bakunawa / Batibat or Bangungot / Berbalang / Bonguru / Con Rit / Dalaketnon / Jenglot / Kurita / Mambabarang / Nuno / Orang Minyak / Polong / Pua Tu Tahi / Sigbin / Tikbalang / Tiyanak

Ahool / Anggitay / Aswang or Manananggalen / Babi Ngepet / Banaspati / Berberoka / Bungisngis / Gawigawen / Genderuwo / Imoogi or Imugi / Kapre / Pelesit / Sarangay / Siyokoy / Tiburones / Toyol / Veo


AUSTRALIAN MYTHOLOGY, CRYPTIDS AND FOLKLORE (Australian, Aboriginal and New Zealand)

Tiddalik suck up water and spit it at great force at their prey, putting them off balance and turning them into easy prey to swallow. There are also jungle variants of the Tiddalik which shoot with poisonous water and which look like giant mutant poison-arrow frogs, they can climb in trees as well.

Burrunjor / Dheeyabery / Drop Bear / Mokoi / Muldjewangk / Nargun / Papinijuwari / Punga / Taniwha / Whowie / Tiddalik / Wulgaru / Yara-Ma-Yha-Who

Bunyip / Mimi / Minka Bird


FEARSOME CRITTERS (North American Lumberjack Stories, Cryptids)

Argopelters live high up in the treetops where they use their bizarre tentacle-like arms as whips, they also use them to throw wood-splinters which hit their enemies like bullets, often instantly killing their prey.

Argopelter / Cactus Cat / Hidebehind / Hodag

Hoop Snake / Jackalope / Moskitto / Roperite / Splinter Cat / Squonk


LEFTOVERS (Modern Cryptids, Caribbean, Biblical, Himalayan, Dante’s Inferno and Alien Sightings)

Rat Kings are bizarre beasts which appear like a swarm of rats which tails are all tangled together into an impossible situation. These swarms of rats have a single mind and their diseased aura will cause the pest into any creature that lives close by.

Apocalypse Locust / Chupacabra / Death Worm / Gray or Dover Demon / Mad Gasser / Morgawr / Mothman / Ooze / Rat King / Tooth Fairy / Wolpertinger / Zombie

Beelzebub / Behemoth / Bloody Mary / Boo Hag / Cecaelia / Gowrow / Gremlin / Grendel / Guardian Angel / Horseman of Death / Horseman of Famine / Horseman of Pestilence / Horseman of War / Jack-O-Lantern / Jersey Devil / Leraje / Leviathan / Lusca / Poltergeist / Reptilian or Lizardman / Tree Octopus / Tulpa / Yeti or Abominable Snowman


You Are Mine

Request from @thedreamsofafangirl: Could you write an imagine where Draco gets sick but is allergic to the main ingredient in pepper up potion and y/n is a great potion maker and she nursed him back to health?

Sure thing :) thank you so much for your kind words!! it means a lot :D 

*I am so sorry this has been ages! It’s been in my drafts for like two months and I totally already thought i’d posted it 😬 thank you so much though!!*

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Evil Bonapartists, dubious headwear tastes, fun times at the Grande Armée

anonymous asked:

Pour rebondir sur Emmanuel Bonaparte (au passage, je suis très mal (ou trop bien) placée pour apprécier ça : j'ai voté Macron et Bonaparte est peut-être le personnage historique que je préfère), mais les commentaires lors du discours de prise de fonction m'ont fait hurler de rire. Macron qui serre la main de Gérard Collomb, de Bayrou, et d'autres proches et leur pose une main affectueuse sur la joue : le Présdent remercie ses grognards en leur tirant l'oreille".

A quand le bicorne ?

A quand le retour au régime impérial ?

A quand la conquête de l’Europe pour l’établissement d’un Empire macronien ?

A quand la Bérézina ?

A quand l’exil ?

no more secrets / regulus black

requested by two lovely anons, i changed things a bit but i swear i meant well (also reader is a hufflepuff) love u xx



You didn’t fancy it, not even in the slightest. Having to spend the entirety of your days watching couples and their incredulous PDA from afar as you walked through the dark corridors, only slightly illuminated by candles, cold fingers adjusting the mustard yellow scarf around your neck that kept you warm all day. It was bad enough you had to presence all their playful touches and passionate kisses without a care in the world when you couldn’t even hold your own boyfriend’s hands openly.

It was draining your energies, and worse, you had to watch him walking around the same halls pretending not to acknowledge your very existence, yet you knew you couldn’t complain - because you had agreed to it. He wasn’t disrespectful to you at all and his stares seemed to always follow your shadow, but the agreement consisted of pretending the other didn’t exist and you said yes to it. It was, after all, only to keep you safe from his mother. He had explained everything in solid details about how awful she had always been towards his brother and himself and how worse she had become when Sirius was sorted into Gryffindor. She had this obsession with keeping the bloodline pure, said Regulus, she believed being a Black made you practically royal and he couldn’t even imagine what she would try to do if it ever come to her ears her sweet son was in love with a Hufflepuff.

However, even with all of that, he needed to keep seeing you, he wanted to be with you arduously but could never put you in danger, ever. So you had agreed to keep your relationship secretive, after all, Walburga had her eyes everywhere even at Hogwarts and it only took one scared soul to spill it out you’d been seeing each other. But you still did, it’d been one year since you’d meet every day in one of Hogwarts secret rooms and be together. It felt so good and so right to be next to him, he was kind and took such good care of you, it was hard to believe it wasn’t just a big dream, a really fantastic one. He’d often read to you, bring you gifts and just spoil you in every way possible, you’d drown in each other’s scents and tastes and the world would just stop turning. You had this incredible adoration for the other and he made you happy. All that hiding was for your own good. But it had you thinking further, was it going to last?

Where were you even going with it? Walburga would never just let Regulus make his own decisions after finishing Hogwarts, and would probably disinherit him if she was ever to find out. And eventually, his mother would find some girl at his level to betroth and you’d be all by yourself. Did he have plans for you or were you just a toy until his mother found someone for him?

Watching him from across the room, during a Potions class had you realising: there was no happy ending for you. You had been cultivating all this love for him when you knew it had to come to an end, for your sake. You stared at all his features as he quietly laughed at something his partner had just said, his black hair a little bit messier than his mother would like. The slippery hot tears sprinkled through your eyes as you tried to suppress all those feelings, you’d miss him - but to your surprise, his eyes fell on you and he saw you. He saw your tears and he saw you grabbing your ink pot to stop your hands from trembling. He saw you looking down and drying the silky teardrops with the fabric of your sleeves and he saw you tidying your table and the rest of the ingredients as you claimed to Professor Slughorn you didn’t feel well and were wondering if you could leave the classroom once you’d already finished the potion. He saw you when Slughorn nodded and you quietly disappeared, not leaving a trace behind except the faded ink on your fingertips and the smell of mandrake root and bicorn horns, that evaporated from the Pepperup potion you had been asserted to make, lingering in the air.

He excused himself from his partner and Professor and carefully followed you, he could heard the echoes of your whimpers and sobs across the empty large corridors and he felt his heart tighten at every little sound that escaped your lips. Had he done something? Had someone else hurt you? And at that thought, he forgot about all the carefulness he should take with the secret of your relationship and stopped caring about what his mother would do, and he ran after you, entering the kitchens corridor, he proceed to the shadowy stone recess on the right-hand side of the corridor, where your sobs followed to.

You were in front of the barrels which led to your common room, trying to concentrate to tap the barrels rhythmically and correctly, not to be drenched in vinegar by one of the lids who repelled non-Hufflepuffs, when your name was shouted closely from you.

The entrance to the Hufflepuff basement opened as you finished tapping the lids but a large hand caught your arm before you could enter the earthy passage, making you turn to face the person.

“(Y/N), are you okay? What’s wrong? Did someone harm you?” Regulus questioned as he held your face looking for bruises or any sign of harm, however, all he found was the tears slipping down your cheeks, your face coloured from the amount of crying you’d done since you left the dungeons used for potions classes, lips drenched by tears.

“Baby, what happened? You know you can tell me anything, don’t you? Talk to me, angel, use your words.” He tried to sooth you quietly, kissing your cheeks.

“Reg-, someone could see u-us.” You stuttered, looking through every inch of the corridor searching for any eyes.

“Don’t be silly, there’s not a soul in here and honestly, (YN), I don’t bloody care about any of that. I just want to know if you’re alright.” He replied pulling you to his chest, enlacing you with his arms, now safe and warm in his embrace.

You wanted to forget everything you’d thought until that moment and just be there with him, just calmly stay in his arms but you knew in your heart if you stood there, you’d back away and melt onto him like you had done many times. As you clutched the fabric of his robes and engulfed your face in his soft chest, his scarf covered in the Slytherin colours underneath you, you inhaled his intoxicating scent and repressed a sob. You didn’t deserve him, his mother was ought to be right.

“We need to break up.” You muttered, pushing yourself from him, using all your strength to do so.

“What?” He stuttered, the hurt in his face was too evident and it shattered your heart into tiny pieces, and his grip around you only tightened, as if he could stop you from leaving him. “You don’t mean that.” He mumbled, “Why would you-?” He muttered more to himself, the same tears so very familiar to him were now streaming down his face as well, the same tears who were there when Sirius ran away, the same droplets of remorse and emptiness of when his mother screamed and burned his name from the family tree. It was all too familiar, she was leaving him like his brother had done.

“Because you deserve more, Regulus, and this will go nowhere. Your mother will never aprove and I’m so, so tired of ignoring each other down the halls, it’s so tiring to hide us, to pretend this doesn’t exist, that we don’t exist. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it when your family finds a suitable pure-blood Slytherin for you and you finally realise that you’re better off without me.” You spilled, “I love you, I love you so much but I just can’t do this anymore, the only way for us to be together is if we stop hiding and if we do so your mother will most definitely disinherit you and I would never, ever, ask you to do that, so I’m breaking up with you. Because I don’t want to be a secret and you deserve better than a stupid Hufflepuff who decided falling in love with a Slytherin wouldn’t be such a bad idea.” You added smiling sadly at your own foolishness and he cried because yet again, his mother was taking the ones he loved the most from him.

“Do you seriously think I’m better off without you? (Y/N), you’re possibly the kindest gift the universe has ever given me and no ‘suitable pure-blood Slytherin’ will ever make me as happy as you do, so don’t you dare leave me like that, baby, you’re m'sweet girl. Please.” He breathed, “I’ll talk to my brother, he hates her just as much as I do, he can help us, I know he can. I don’t think she’ll actually disinherit me once she needs an heir and it’s not as if she’s swallowing her pride and taking Sirius back, but regardless of that, if she does, I’ll leave them and I’ll spend summers with my brother until I’m old enough to buy us a home, okay? Just please don’t leave, yeah? Don’t leave me.” He begged, kissing the tears that insisted on falling down your cheeks again.

“We’ll stop with all this secret bullshit and I’ll hold your hand and I’ll kiss you in front of everyone,” he said trailing his delightful kisses down to your neck as he softly pushed you to the closest wall, “I’ll tell every witch and every wizard that I love you and I dare my mother to try to do anything to you, I want to see her try to take you away from me.” Trailing his kisses slowly back to your lips, he kissed you as if he hadn’t seen you in years, the fear of never doing that again still palpitating his heart and sweating his hands. He embraced you in his arms like a shelter, and tangled his hands on your hair, pulling them ever so lightly not to hurt you in pure adoration and you, you kissed him back with all you had. Because even though the future was always uncertain and all the possible disapproval you’d face from his family, you knew you would be safe with him - and most importantly of all, you’d be happy with him.

A/N: I feel like the end sucked but I got too emotional over my baby Regulus and had to stop, hope you like this and remember likes, reblogs and feedback mean a lot to me, love u xx


The students circle ALBUS again as suddenly a Potions class begins.

POLLY CHAPMAN: Albus Potter. An irrelevance. Even portraits turn the other way when he comes up the stairs.

Albus hunches over a potion.

ALBUS: And now we add-is it horn of bicorn?

KARL JENKINS: Leave him and Voldemort’s child to it, I say.

ALBUS : With just a little salamander blood…

The potion explodes loudly.

SCORPIUS: Okay, What’s the counter-ingredient? What do we need to change?

ALBUS: Everything.

“I like girls.”

Warning: N/A

Pairing: Hermione x Reader

Request: Hi! So I was thinking maybe the reader and snape are like besties (she’s a student but he actually enjoys her company) and she suddenly blurts out that she likes girls and then starts rambling on about how ppl are going to think of her differently and she’s worried what snape thinks of her and then he’s a sweet and cute but still in character and then he asks if there’s someone she likes in particular and she says Hermione and then snape like sets them up? Xx

Words: 874

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You huffed as you searched the cabinets, “You know, it smells horrendous in here.” you pointed out, continuing to shove through the cabinets. It was true; the potions room smelled as if someone had mixed dragon’s tail with the sweetest smelling flower and left it promptly in the sun to rot. “I don’t believe I asked you your exact opinion, Ms (Y/L/N).” Snape snapped simply back at you, “You’re right, but we’re friends so whether or not you like it you’ll hear my opinions.” Snape stayed quiet. He would never admit it and he would deny it if anyone asked but, you were one of his favorite students, even though you did some troublesome acts in his class landing yourself in detention. Snape actually enjoyed your wit and sarcasm. “Honestly, I’ve organized these drawers, perhaps a million times, but yet they always seem to be quite untidy.” Snape turned again to look at the potion he’d been brewing for over the hour. You organized the bottles of powdered bicorn horn, bezoar, dragon’s liver and mandrake’s leaves. “What are you cooking up there, Snape?” He turned and nodded you over, “the Felix Felicis potion, powerful but dangerous.” Snape spoke boring, and uninterested but inside he was happy you had taken an interest in potions, especially his potions. You stared into the pot, it was filled to the middle with a liquid that appeared to be gold but also clear. “Peculiar, I swear I’ve read something about this.” You hummed and took a smell, “Liquid Luck as most wizards say.” Your eyes looked down at your hands, “perhaps I’d be needing some of that then, Professor.” Snape raised his eyebrows at your quiet tone, “And I suppose it’s because you’re hoping for some house points?” Snape lightly joked. You took a breath, “No Professor, it’s because I like girls.” Snape was silent and stunned just staring with his eyebrow even more raised, “I mean. No. I like girls. I’ve always liked girls, and tomorrow I think I’m going to tell everyone in my house I like girls. But I need some, well I think I would like some of that luck because what is everyone going to say or think or feel? Will my friends treat me differently or talk about me? I’d really really hate to have to be the talk of Hogwarts, but I like girls. And I hope that you can appreciate that because well, Professor, I do admire your work and I hope you do not think of me differently as I suppose the girls in my dormitory will.” You spoke rapid, word after word til you were silent. Snape and you watched each other, not sure what to say or to think because it was so sudden and out of the blue. “I apologize, Ms (Y/N). I will not be giving out any Liquid Luck anytime soon.” Your shoulders dropped, clearly disappointed until he spoke again, “Because you will not be needing it. Any friend that talks about you behind your back seems to be no friend at all.” You smiled at his comment before staring back into the cauldron. “Just out of curiosity, is there any way you can switch up our assigned seatings, for a friend?” Snape’s mouth shut in a tight line as he poured the liquid luck into a small vial and sealed it. “And why might you perhaps ask that.” His tongue clicked at the end of his sentence softly, “Well. I believe that some of our students need to be paired with someone more… Intelligent per say, to help them with their studies.” You fiddled with the rest of the ingredients on his table, “And I don’t suppose Ms. Granger has anything to do with this? Just studies.” Your eyes widened at his bluntness, stammering back “No! Professor. I meant.” Your cheeks tinted at the idea of your potions professor knowing of your crush on one of his students, “Perhaps there are some students who need help… Maybe even a little luck. Supper is coming up soon, I’ve kept you too long.” Snape moved swiftly along the potions room and with a flick of his cape, slammed the door behind him.

“Today.” Snape called the roaring class to silence, “I have assigned new seating, anyone who wants to disagree will face.” He paused to create tremor, “consequences. These are non-negotiable.” Snape made brief eye contact with you before assigning seats, “Finnigan, Potter. Goyle, Weasley. Malfoy, Parkinson. Granger… (Y/L/N).” You let out a breath of relieved air and hid your smile. Snape’s class quickly began switching seats. You sat nervously next to Hermione, listening to Snape talk about the potion they would be writing about for homework. “(Y/N).” Hermione whispered trying to get your attention. Her hair was pulled back by a hair tie and her face was rid of any makeup, still, she was breathtaking. “Hermione?” She moved her head closer to yours so it was easier to whisper, “I think you’re really brave for. For well-being truthful about what and whom you like. To be honest, I was thinking about doing it myself.” Severus Snape watched from afar, a slow burn of approval burned in his stomach. You were happy, and he enjoyed it.

step right up, folks !! in this cabinet of curiosities you can find witches to heal your ailments or hex your exes; vampires who would love to give you a hickey; a bilingual… no. bicycle? no. bicorn of a cheerleader who happens to be a mathematical genius. you can have all of them && MORE !! give this post a like or a reblog if you’re interested. ( contains canon && original characters written by amber. )

Two-cornered hat (bicorne), c. 1789 - c. 1810.

After the French Revolution (1789), the three-cornered hat (tricorne) – the symbol of the previous government known as the Ancien Régime – fell out of favour. However, a large two-cornered model, the bicorne, remained fashionable until around 1810. It was also called a corsair after its most famous wearer, Napoleon Bonaparte, who came from Corsica. This hat is made of beaver fur felt, which was expensive and very popular. 



Can you do Fred finding out that Hermione not only once set snape on fire but also stole from him, I feel like he’d be so amused !

The sun was setting behind the hill and Hermione leaned back on her hands, taking it in while Fred tossed a quaffle back and forth between his hands. Suddenly, his positioning changed and he lobbed the quaffle across their small circle at Ginny who grabbed it instinctively.

“You’ve got to be better than that, Fred,” she said lightly, looking at one twin while she threw the quaffle at the other. The red ball hit George square in the face and bounced off. Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Fred laughed while Hermione looked over, saw George massaging his nose and finally joined in.

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yes omg it wouldn't even be about remus eventually. it'll be just tonks and her determination to get this potion right cause she doesn't accept failure!!!

Okay so it turned out to be a ficlet I’ve whipped up just now before my 8 am class so sorry if it’s faulty but I’m publishing- for my other followers, this is coming from a larger conversation we’ve been having about how Tonks could brew a Wolfsbane Potion purely because she is such a determined, persistent person, she would take it as a personal offence to be defeated by a stupid potion so she would try and try and try until she finally gets it. /catch up over-


Remus goes round to Tonks’ place to report on a stakeout mission they are to go on together, strictly business of course hehehe, well anyway– He finds her in a frenzied state, amidst 20 cauldrons full of ingredients simmering or just failed attempts, she’s cutting up leaves with one hand and stirring the potion with the other, counting to herself because apparently one wrong move and the smoke of the final product will be juuuuust not the right shade of blue.

Lupin asks “What are you-”

To which Tonks says, lost in concentration, “Five clockwise, one anti–NOT NOW - clockwise, four clockwise-  LEAVE OR HELP.”

Lupin hesitates and his Gryffindorness getting the better of him, he cannot bring himself to leave, seeing Tonks’ unruly hair, steam-soaked, and with shiny cheeks and singed brewing apron and the corner of the curtains still ominously smoking, as if the trace of some earlier accident. A gentleman wouldn’t leave anyone in this state, would he? Let alone Lupin leave Tonks…

Lupin, astonished at himself, hears himself say, “Tell me what to do.” and takes off his shabby cloak and rolls up his shirt sleeves for the work.

After two hours of the most meticulous, precise to the grain brewing process, lots of swearing and tangled limbs as if they were playing a frustrating four-hand symphony on a piano, Tonks adds a last pinch of ground bicorn horn or something, and as soon as that’s done Lupin lifts the cauldron off the fire, places it on a stool and they wait, with hands in the air as if scared to touch the very air around the creation.

And the blue smoke appears.

It’s just the right shade and the tried potioneers can’t believe their eyes at first.

“Is that… is that… Wolfsbane Potion?”

“Sure is. Do… you… do you think it’s okay…?”

“It… it looks okay… let me… let me check…” Lupin, still shocked by having been lead into helping to brew a potion he had never succeeded to before, braves the few steps to get close to the steaming fresh potion, checks it for colour, surface, steam, smell. He looks at Tonks, perplexed but impressed.

“What- is it not good???” she asks, heart just over the edge of the cliff prepared to be sinking to the abyss-

“I guess there’s one way to find out for sure.” Lupin says, and before Tonks knows it, he’s filled a goblet and drinks.

“NO- what if it’s poisonous?” she asks but it’s too late.

Lupin chugs the potion, swallows with a grimace and after a tense second, announces, “It’s vile.”


“No no no… it’s vile.” he says with a smile, far from keeling over from Aconite-poisoning. “It’s disgustingly, revoltingly perfectly brewed.”

Tonks gasps, “Is it really?” then, realising what they’d just done together, she and Lupin forget to pretend not to be as affectionate as they want to be around each other and they are hugging with relief the force of a thousand suns, Lupin lifting, twirling her around, forgetting to be brooding, there’s laughing to mask the awkwardness when they part, there are sighes and headshaking in disbelief. “Bloody hell… This was my SEVENTH try today, and that’s only today. It’s the last day of the cycle to start taking it this month and so if I hadn’t finished you would’ve had to- and this batch will be enough for like two months! This is the most frustrating bloody potion in the whole wide world! And I won. Merlin’s pants, I WON.”

“You’ve been doing this for me all day?”

“I WON.”

“Tonks that’s really… I’m…”


And Lupin just stands there totally flattered, impressed, touched and everything but also terribly amused at Tonks’ victory dance.

They have their last mission in a week. He’s off on the werewolf missions within two.


British gentleman’s court attire with dress sword

A black velvet gentleman’s court outfit with dress sword

Late 19th century/early 20th century, comprising of a black velvet dress coat of 18th century styling, and matching breeches, both with steel cut buttons, with two cream satin waistcoats, a bicorne hat, dress sword, scabbard and belt, within a metal uniform tin box, with the inscription ‘Cha s-E Schwann, M.P’, 'H.Poole & C.O, Savile Row’. (7+box)


With a note reading: Charles Ernest Schwann, M.P.
Name changed to Swann by deed poll 1913. A merchant of Manchester 1864 on. Became Liberal MP for Manchester 1886-1918. Died 1929. Baronet 1906. Last address Princes Gardens, London.

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@discord-trolls. I found a spare unicorn horn in my dresser, and I can't remember where it goes. Do you want it? Be Ponyville's first Bicorn?

“Discord, seriously? Where did you get that? Did you make it?”

She examined the horn for herself to see if it looked like a real horn. With chaos magic she could never really tell what was about to vanish and what was something he had actually pulled from ‘reality.’

“And no thanks. I think being a unicorn is hassle enough.”