Bic Pen


|April 18-24|2016|

This was week two of my bujo! I was originally going to go with a grey and purple thing, but I decided to add pink too. Not my favorite, it looks a bit messy and I was pretty unproductive :/

Better luck next time!

◇Grey Faber-Castell brush tip
◇Black Sharpie Pen
◇Pink Bic Highlighter
◇Metallic Purple PILOT G-2


Helena Hauss is a Paris based illustrator.

I graduated in 2012 form a small graphic arts school in the south of France, and after a few months of free-lancing in different advertising agencies (LEG, BETC, NOUVELOEUVRE), I’ve decided to try my luck at being a professional illustrator. 

I draw very large pieces of art (usually around 100cm x 70cm) that allow me to really go into details of hair, patterns and typography, all in bic pens, with bright and contrasted colors. 


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Got Bored at the Cafe 2

Yeah another one of these - was waiting for a friend and this popped out. Didn’t do it from memory! I had a pic of this boy on a book. Done with BIC (black and red). The red BIC is to make the first stage of sketch

This is a Bubo bubo (Eagle Owl) sketch. Even though I always prefer to draw them from live models, there is not crime in doing it from the photo. It is a good practice to get familiar with the animal’s proportions and all before moving to the real model.