Madonna Under the Fir Tree (1510, but may have actually have been painted in Vienna between 1500-04), by Lucas Cranach the Elder.

The glory of Lebanon will come to you, the pine, the fir and the cypress together, to adorn the place of my sanctuary. Isaiah 60:13 (NIV)

The painting, which had been hanging in the Cathedral of St. John in Wroclaw, Poland since the 16th Century, was in the process of being restored in 1946 (look closely to see where it was broken in half). A German priest and amateur art collector, Siegfried Zimmer, was in charge of the restoration project. Instead, he made a forgery of the painting and slipped away to Berlin with the original, leaving the counterfeit behind. It was not until 1961 that the hoax was discovered. From that point on, the painting was held privately until 2012 when negotiations began for its recovery and return. In the summer of 2012, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland finally negotiated the return of the original to the Wroclaw Cathedral.  


Over the Garden Wall - Historical Pumpkin Halloween costume. Maybe an inspiration? probs not, but so cool to see a possible historic connection. 

Also another cool connection: Pottsfield is similar to the term Potter’s Field, where they buried paupers and beggars or those of unknown origin.

I love this kind of stuff! I want to find more in this show!

MythStory (J.M. Chema)

Part II (2/3)

Adam and Lilith, however, lived in Eden for many annuals under the sun, which He created for them to rule the days and the moon to mark the months. Sammael, the great adversary, had been watching the couple, whom Jehovah loved so much, for many months now. When they woke and when they slept, when they played and when they ate, and especially when they were copulating. He also noticed something after a while, that the female Lilith was not submitting to Adam the male; who found that because he was man, he should be on top while they were in the act of intercourse. Lilith, believing that she was equal in every way as her mate would have none of his chauvinism and would not be laid on her back.31

So after many fights and arguments between the two humans, Sammael with a grin on his face, appeared to Lilith. Shining in all his glory he said, “Child of matter, why the stern look on thee? What trouble could possibly be bothering such a pretty face?” Lilith gazing at his beautiful glowing face began telling the matters of her and Adam to Sammael, telling him of his masculine dictations and empowerment. 

After Lilith had laid all her burdens on Sammael, the great diabolic one turned to her and said, “Why child, he does not understand you and he is no good of a mate for you, why not just leave him?” 

She then said, “For he is my mate and we are bound together.” 

“According to whom?” he answered back. 

“My Creator Adonai,” her reply came. “He was made for me and I for him.”
Then Sammael, devious and cunning, gave Lilith the answer to her problems. He told her about The Name of God that is never to be spoken, the Most Holy and Sacred Name of YHWH: the Tetragrammeton.

After he had taught her the ineffable name of the Most High and all the magic and power it contains in it, she did the most daring and stupid thing. She spoke them. From her back, Lilith sprouted great black feathery wings32 from the Power, and flew off into the wilderness. Sammael followed after her and after calming and taming the wild and wretched beast, he began fornicating with the female, now part divine,33 allowing Lilith to become pregnant, time after time again. She would now be able to give birth to hundreds and hundreds of demonic children every day; monsters of grotesque form and disfigured heads, of multiple limbs and spiked wings, which would spring out from her rotten womb, free to prowl the Earth, but bound not to enter the Garden where the human lay.

When the Almighty and Powerful heard of this, He commanded three Princes of the High Throne, to find Lilith, the mother of all the demonic sub beings, as well as the fallen prince Sammael. 

So Barachiel, Raphael, and Uriel, all spread their magnificent wings,34 and off they flew, finding the rancid couple in no time, lying down out in the wilderness; the wilderness: where the Cockroach crawled, and the Slug slimed, and where the Spider dwelt, nothing but sores and cancer on mother earth. 

When the three Spirits of Might approached the wretched pair, they all proclaimed in heavenly harmony, “We Archangels, messengers of war, call to you from the King of the Most Terrible and Thundering Throne, for you unclean creature to leave the lilitu35 and be elsewhere, and you female return to your mate Adam, the man whom your Lord created for you.”
“I will do no such thing,” hissed the she-beast. 

“So be it,” Barachiel said, “If that is your choice, then the Lord my God has commanded me to curse upon you, the death of a hundred of your children every day.” 

“So be it then, kill my children,” screeched Lilith, “In return I shall then hunt and kill any offspring of the man before the age of five.”

Then Raphael exclaimed, “So be it then, so be it then. I then give to that lineage of man, the power to protect them by an amulet with the signs and symbols of we three Princes of the Seven Heavens. When you see our mark, and you will, you shall flee in horror and trouble the infant no more.” 

Before Lilith could say anything else, Uriel, brandishing his fiery sword cried out, “Now be gone from our sight, as we shall from yours, creature of the darkened moon, before the Flame of the Lord36 shall find your neck. Be off with you!” 

Lilith then turned her back to the three angels of war, and flew off into the night, to find her new mate Sammael, who although near, had disappeared into the wilderness in fear of his heavenly ex-partners. There they mated in their own disgusting way and just as the Archangels had said, every day a hundred of Lilith’s children died, causing her to screech in anger and agony, swearing her promise of revenge on the race of Adam.

Sad and alone sat poor Adam, angry and confused. Bewildered at what had taken place, he was watching all the animals in the garden, who he named, walking together, walking in pairs and realized that he no longer had one. Adam had no one at all. He was sad and alone. The Lord on High was watching what was taking place and he felt the sadness of His beloved creature. So the Compassionate One, the Merciful One,37 took pity and put Adam in a deep sleep. And slept the creature did. While he slept the Potter, with divine skill, removed a rib from the left side of the man and constructed something for him. It was something of him; a gift. For it is not good for man to be alone.38

When Adam awoke the next morning, he saw something lying next to him. Something that was out of this universe, but yet so close to his heart. Not man but woman.39 Flesh of his flesh, bone of his bone.40 Adam rejoiced at the Name of God and hugged and kissed her. 

Then the Lord instructed them in how to live their lives and how to worship Him. He also told them to eat of the fruit of the garden, especially from the Tree of Life, but carefully He commanded them not to eat, touch or even look at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that was planted near the edge of the garden.

Lucifer, returning from his stay in Tumult Castle,41 came to the gates at the edge of the garden where the serpent lay. Knowing he could no longer enter the garden, due to the folly of Sammael, he persuaded the serpent to allow him to enter into him, promising him dominion over all the animals. So the serpent agreed and Lucifer entered the garden through the serpent. Walking on his slithery claws and rattling his tail, the serpent flickered his red42 tongue and grinned his fangs. Looking for his prey, he found the woman picking roses in the mid-morning shade. Upon seeing him, the woman greeted him and he said:

“Why good morning my beautiful maiden. To what do I give this honor?” 

“Oh why I’m just about picking roses and maybe will stop to have a bite of fruit.” 

“Oh a bite of fruit you say?” 

“Why yes. Do you know of any near?” 

“Oh yes, yes there is, right over here at the edge of the garden. Come child come.”

So Lucifer led the woman to the edge of the garden, where lay the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. As soon as she saw it, she ducked and shut her eyes then said:

“Oh no that is the forbidden tree, I mustn’t look at it”

“Oh no my dear, and why not?”

“For my Lord and my Father, the One True God, has commanded me, not to look, touch, nor eat of the fruit.”

“Well, that’s just nonsense my dear. I eat of the fruit daily and behold, you’re now even looking at it and nothing has happened.”

“You eat of the fruit?”

“Why yes child, and so should you.”

“Oh no, I could never. If the Lord should find out and He knows everything…”

“No, no, no my lady, that is precisely why he doesn’t want you to eat it, for if you eat of the fruit, your eyes shall be opened just like His, and you will know everything of good and evil. Just like all the gods.”43

“All the gods? But I thought that there was just one…”

“Ah bup, bup, bup. Eat child, eat.”

So the woman ate. At the first bite of the fruit, so crisp and warm, a sudden rush of knowing swooped through her body, and a huge blast of her innocence was gone. She ran to her man as fast as she could, dying to tell him of what she discovered and felt. When she found him, she told him all about the serpent and the tree at the edge of the garden and its fruit and how it opened up her mind to great knowing. 

Then Adam, stupid and weak, gazed into his wife’s eyes and was fascinated, so took hold of the fruit and ate. Again, as soon as Adam took his first bite, he felt the same rushing sensation as his wife, and his eyes were open to the knowing. They danced about and ran around, feeding the fruit to all the animals in the garden. 

As soon as their mind settled, the sinful couple looked at each other, gasped and ran away from one another, and realized that they were naked and realized their shame. 

When Jehovah went to walk with his children, He could not find them and called out for them, but they did not come. So He called out to them again. Again there was no answer. Finally a third time, he called out and a distant soft voice from behind some bushes said, here I am. The Lord then said, “Why are you hiding my child?”44

Adam replied, “For I am naked and I do not want you to see my shame.” 

“What!” the angry deity screamed, “Who told you that you were naked?” 

“The woman,” said Adam, “She gave me a piece of the fruit, from the tree at the edge of the garden and I ate just as she did.”

Then Yahweh turned and gleamed at the woman and said, “Why did you partake of the fruit and offer it to your husband?” 

The woman replied, “The serpent, he snaked me into eating it. And ate I did.”
Then, the furious God looked at the serpent and said, “Foolish and selfish creature, for what you did and what you have done, you shall forever be banished from the garden and amongst your kind. Forever shall you crawl on your belly and forever shall you eat the dust. As for you woman, there will be mutual hatred and ill will between you and the serpent, all the days of your life, from the bruised head of his offspring to the stricken heel of yours; which, you shall bring forth into this world with great pain. As for you man, for your disobedience in listening to your wife and eating from the tree which I forbade you to eat from, you shall now eat from the labor of hard work and sweat, from the ground now cursed to you. From there shall you survive and from there shall you be reminded of whom you disobeyed, for you will wrestle with the thorned weeds of Satan, to get your food until the day you die. For from the earth didst I make you and to the earth shall I return you, from dust and clay to dust and clay. Now put on these garments that I have mended for you to cover up your shamefulness. Wear them as a sign of your lawlessness and take with you your animals that you have betrayed and in turn will betray you. Take them all, all except my golden-horned stallion and my bird of fire,45 whom shall be signs and symbols for your generations to come. Now go and leave my garden and do not return. I shall station the Cherubim, who shall guard and watch the flaming blade of red fire, revolving before the platinum gates of Eden, to bar you from ever returning.”46

The two humans, sad and fallen, walked out of the garden of paradise and into the wilderness. Adam, thinking of what was said about his offspring and their generations to come, looked at his wife and saw in her the mother of all living human beings and named her Eve.

Mary, Jesus and Joseph (La Familia?), 17th Century, Cuzco School (based in Cusco, Peru, former capital of the Inca Empire).

The Cusqueña paintings of the period (16th-18th Centuries) were created for moral and instructional purposes in the Roman Catholic artistic tradition of the Cuzco School. Objects depicting the native flora and fauna were often incorporated in the milieu. Most of the paintings were created anonymously due to the Pre-Columbian tradition that “art” was communal, although there were a few exceptions, namely, Diego Quispe Tito and Basilio Santa Cruz Pumacallao.


It all comes back to where it all went down,
The lights where flashing and they were cast out,
I don’t know what they where doing then,
But it was something close to home-grown sin,

O gather the garden, and mill the bread,
Make the trees bow down their heads,
By the sweat of your brow,
By the toil of your hands,
By the labor of your plow,
Make this good earth,
Yield all it’s worth,
Hallelujah, Yea Stewards from Eden. 

Praying that “You Might Not Undergo the Test”

Something that I’ve learned from the scene of the Garden of Gethsemane is that it is ok to pray “that you may not have to undergo the test” (Mk 14:38). It is ok to ask God to block certain temptations from entering your life. Such prayers reflect the fact that you know you are weak and that you may not be able to resist them, and that you don’t want to do anything that would harm the relationship that God shares with you. So it is ok to pray for the Lord to take away those things that would tempt you to turn away from him whatever they are. 

However, the second half of that petition is that God gives us the strength to persevere through whatever trials come our way; that we might always do his will: “Abba, Father, all things are possible with you. Take this cup away from me, but not what I will but what you will [be done]” (Mk 14:36). It is ok to admit to God that we are weak, that we don’t want to have to go through too many tribulations and that we need help to get through those trials which we need to go through. It is, in short, ok to admit that we are weak.

Rose-Shaped Map of Bohemia (1677)

“A map that shows Bohemia as a stylised Hapsburg rose. The stem firmly connects the flowering Bohemian rose to the fertile soil of Vienna, the Habsburg’s political centre. The Latin text at the bottom explains:

“'There grew a graceful Rose in the Bohemian woods, and an armoured lion standing guard next to her. That Rose had grown out of the blood of Mars, not of Venus. […] Do not fear, lovely Rose! There comes the Austrian. […] The Rose of Bohemia, bloody for all the centuries, where more than 80 battles were waged. She has been now drawn in this form for the first time.‘”

Why cant I sleep:

Well I’m trying to ignore my grandma as she spam texts me about seeing her again before she leaves to go back to PA with my grandpa and Uncle. She’s really stating to annoy me because I’m trying to sleep.. Sooo here’s my rant!

 -One: shes not even really my grandparent, she’s my sisters’s dad’s mother (we have different dads because my mother was adventurous when she was younger). 

-Two: she’s very religious, homophobic and anti-anything that has to do with ‘my kind’ as she calls it. Basically your garden variety bible thumper.

-&Three: she never treated me like her granddaughter when I was younger, so when I came out at 17 she called me a ditch diver and told me I was going to burn..

Well all I have to say now is that… Grandma you have two gay granddaughters, not just me the outcast of the family my youngest sister as well. No matter how hard you try you cant ‘save’ either of us because we were born this way and we’ll die this way.

So no matter how hard you try to shove ‘the good book’ down our throats grandma I know I wont be intimated by you or anyone else. Because I’ve made my peace with god and the only person I have to answer to is him. Anndd guess what? He’s cool with me. Why wouldn’t he be? I’m fudging awesome!

I mean damn, I loved this woman to death when I was younger. I wanted to grow up and be just like her. But she turned into a toxic sludge to me as soon as I was old enough to understand who she really is. I can’t stand being in the same room as her. I just want her to leave so I don’t have to see her till next year.  End of rant!