The Wicked Bible (AKA “The Sinner’s Bible”, AKA “The Adulterous Bible”) was a Bible published in 1631, and was intended to be a reprint of the King James Bible. However, the printers made a grave mistake in accidentally omitting the “not” in “thou shalt not commit adultery”.

This mistake ended up being printed in a number of copies before it was noticed, upon which most of the copies were seized and burned. The printers responsible, Robert Barker and Martin Lucas, were given a fine of over 40,000 Pounds in today’s money, and had their printing licenses taken away.

Only a few copies of The Wicked Bible exist today, and they are considered very valuable collector’s items. Copies are housed in the New York Public Library, the Dunham Bible Museum, and the Cambridge University Library. In 2010, another copy was put up for sale for $89,500.

The Wicked Bible is just one of the blasphemous Bibles history has to offer. Other Bible errata include the Sin On Bible, which instructs readers to ‘sin on more’ rather than 'sin no more’, and the Unrighteous Bible, which suggests that “the unrighteous will inherit the earth”.

whoa I didn’t know that there are actually a whole lot of so-called Bible Errata – Bibles with printers’ errors and peculiar translations. Some of the examples of them can be found in Wikipedia and they are hilarious.

No wonder Aziraphale collected them. Check out “Sin On Bible”, for example, it’s like straight from Pratchett’s pen.