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Got free VIP Suite tickets to the BTS concert in Newark last night //
My sister already went to the first concert the other night and she had a good spot but even so she still wanted to go a second time and was begging me to go with her even tho i told her i was busy and lazy ((she didn’t want to be left alone with my workmates who were also going to be in the suite))

I was all “i don’t even know any of their songs and i have artworks to finish” but anyway ya I still got dragged

I liked some of their songs tho (and the choreography HHH) haha the concert was enjoyable even tho I had no idea what was happening 99% of the time (it was my first ever akjshskjdf) – also, that Rainbow Ocean (?) was so littttt

casual Johnny sketches

Nothing’s more beautiful than Yuuri’s smile…

Get u a man who looks at you like Phichit looks at Yuuri…


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“Come on, David. I know two people who can cheer you up.”

“Ben & Jerry…?”

“Ben & Jerry.”

As David cries and laments about his times with Bonquisha, Gwen tries to comfort him by vaguely listening, and using David’s phone to watch videos. Don’t worry, she’s probably pulling up a video of Bob Ross to calm him down. Or watching Teen Moms. Whichever loads first.

let my boy cry as long as he wants, break-ups freaking suck

anonymous asked:

My favorite of your Muslimah ocs is the Bee 🐝 one because she's short, brown, chubby, and wears glasses and it's freaking precious and I'm short and Latina and chubby with glasses and it just makes me really happy to see chubby characters and brown characters and the fact that she's Muslimah is great, even if I'm not.

I’m so happy you love and relate to her!! you and her are bee-utiful!!  she’s actually my fav to draw