Kai finished closing up the bar before turning her attention to the last customer. “Sweetheart, I don’t think they’re coming,” she said, her tone dripping with empathy. She’d noticed them glancing at the club’s door every three minutes for the past few hours, and was shocked that they had managed to wait this long. Kailani poured the both of them a drink. “On the house.”

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hello i was sent to you by ale and i was wondering if i could ask you a question? what is the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality? cause i always thought bi was two genders and pan more than two but i saw a post that said bisexuality isn't binary and now i don't know the difference anymore between bi and pan. sorry if i'm bothering you with this question :/

honestly language is such a mess and it makes sense that you’re confused and you are not at all bothering me <3 

basically pansexuality is attraction regardless of gender or sex. these characteristics aren’t a part of whether or not a pan person in romantically or sexually attracted to someone. 

bisexuality or biromanticism is when you are atracted to two or more genders. the ‘or more’ is a pretty recent part of it. bisexuality not being binary is a recent aditions to the definition (idk how recent but what i mean to say is that ‘not being binary’ means that it does not reinforce the gender binary. you may feel attraction two genders or three or four or however many but they do not have to be or include Men and Women. this has only been added to the definition of bisexuality since the idea of the gender binary even started being discussed/the language to discuss it was developed)

basically, its confusing and if you need anything else please let me know

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If I identify as male at times and at others as neither male or female, am I considered bi-gender?

Bigender could work for sure, lots of people would also use genderflux or even demiguy in that situation- check out a few labels and pick whichever one feels most right!




Stonewall Movie: 22 Hilarious Excerpts From Scathing Reviews
"Stonewall couldn’t be more whitewashed than if it was doused in Clorox Bleach and thrown into the laundry three times over."

Much to nobody’s surprise (especially that of the activists who were actually there), Stonewall has not fared well after its debut at the Toronto Film Festival. Here are just some of the many metaphors, comparisons and other delightful bits of wordsmithery that we can enjoy together instead of enjoying the movie.

1. “[Stonewall] slaps you in the face like a sodden cloth, over and over again.” (the daily beast)

2. “It’s so clumsy in its execution that it feels like someone set up an ornate chess set and then just smashed a watermelon on it.” (uproxx)

3. “Stonewall couldn’t be more whitewashed than if it was doused in Clorox Bleach and thrown into the laundry three times over.” (the heights)

4. “Stonewall has the opportunity to tell the story of a profound, pivotal moment in the history of gay rights in this country, and it not only fumbles it, it trips over it, then falls off a cliff, then sets itself on fire. ” (deadspin)

5. “[The] production design makes late 1960s Christopher Street look like Sesame Street.”(vanity fair)

6. “…often looks as if it was shot on the set of an old Janet Jackson music video.” (santa cruz sentinel)

7. “Ray leads a ragtag gang of street hustlers that look like a scruffy chorus line from an off-Broadway production.” (citybeat)

8. “When the group is sitting outside on a stoop, it all looks too staged, as if they are waiting to break into a song from Rent.” (nola)

9. “… it should be called “Independence Gay.” (vanity fair)

10. “…a gay Forrest Gump.” (uproxx)

11. “You get more of a sense of what it’s like to visit SeaWorld in the notoriously abysmal Jaws 3D than you do what it was like to patronize Stonewall in Stonewall. Stonewall teaches you about as much about being gay as the Aristocats taught you about being an aristocrat.”(defamer)

12. “Having Danny throw the first brick at the Stonewall riots is a bit like when Marty McFly goes back in time and steals rock ‘n’ roll from Chuck Berry, taking history away from the real participants.” (uproxx)

13. “[Danny screams] ‘Gay power!’ as though he’d just been stabbed with a high-dosage EpiPen.” (the a.v. club)

14. “You seriously watch Danny get off the bus and gape up at all those tall buildings while clutching his suitcase—acting less like an authentic representation of late-’60s gay culture, and more like a Newsies extra.” (deadspin)

15. “As if Selma had focused a fictional white liberal character instead of Martin Luther King, Jr.” (the wrap)

16. “Like saying that Rosa Parks was a tired lady who decided she’d rather rest her feet.” (salon)

17. “…the actually-gay Jonny Beauchamp lisps and screeches his way through his role like a straight high-schooler trying on homosexuality for a school play.” (indiewire)

18. “Stonewall plays like a William Inge knockoff, right down to the bookish, progressive little sister straight out of “Picnic.” (chicago tribune)

19. “Danny’s unflaggingly tolerant kid sister is an absolute nightmare… her every cloying message of total support like a rusty nail driven directly into the frontal lobe.” (indiewire)

20. “[The film] ends on a falsely contemporary note, as though it were a PSA for the It Gets Better campaign.” (vulture)

21. “Somehow, director Roland Emmerich has made a movie even less historically accurate than 10,000 BC, the one depicting Egyptian-style pyramids being constructed with the help of woolly mammoths.” (news-observer)

22. “…about as realistic as Godzilla’s radioactive flame breath.” (star tribune)


I’m trying to prove to a friend that being a teen and being gay/bisexual/lesbian/transgender/gender fluid/pansexual isn’t “rare” and that it isn’t just some phase. I’m doing it for a support project to prove it’s not some random irrational choice. Stories of your coming out (if in the LGBTQ community) or a reblog if you support them would be greatly appreciated! Please help! ♥️