I’m not saying that Danny Zuko is bisexual, submissive, and attracted to every single other character in the show except that’s exactly what I’m saying

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Helping me feel better about being married and being a bi sexual guy. Nate is an inspiration also! And you guys are beautiful too!

he’s pretty god damn fantastic <3 thank you 

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has a girl, or guy, ever refused to date you because you are bi?

Well the last guy I dated said he was okay with it at first, and then after a few dates he said that I just don’t seem interested in men at all and don’t seem sexually attraction to him (idk wtf he was even talking about bc I def was not acting like that) and he stopped talking to me

The girl I dated before that would tell me that I’m straight and that I only like her bc she dresses like a guy and I should just stick with men and eventually stopped talking to me too lol 

The girl before that would tell me I’m gay and just in denial about it lol


Know Your Bisexual History: In 2011 Actor + Bisexual Rights Campaigner Alan Cumming, added his name to Bi Social Network’s I Am Visible” bisexual awareness campaign. This step forward in bisexual visibility was the brain-child of Chicago bisexual activist, journalist and creator of the Bi Social Network, Adrienne Williams who initiated a poster campaign of a number of bisexual activists, including three by Cumming, (which can currently also be seen on their facebook page: 1, 2, 3 ).

In an extensive interview, campaign organizer Williams was quoted as saying,

“He’s using his voice to stamp out biphobia and bi-erasure in entertainment, news and media and we are honored. If one bisexual life can be changed by showing that we are everywhere, that even in entertainment there are people like them, then all the better.”

[Image: Photo of Scottish actor and bisexual right’s campaigner Alan Cumming, in a business suit taken against a city-scape. Superimposed in black is the following quote from an April 2014 interview with the USA’s National Public Radio in which he discusses the importance of always clearly identifying oneself as bisexual as a way to combat a binary view of sexuality: 

“I still would define myself as bisexual partly because that’s how I feel but also because I think it’s important to — I think sexuality in this country especially is seen as a very black and white thing, and I think we should encourage the gray.”]