Fact: Bi boys and men exist and have an important place in the community! They are not secretly gay, not fetishizing others or a fetish themselves, not more likely to cheat or leave you for someone of a different gender. In fact, bi guys make incredible partners and have a wonderfully unique perspective to offer on gender, love, relationships, fashion, and everything in between. 


A funny (but too true) look at the difference between coming out as gay versus coming out as bisexual. 

Fact: Bisexual men deserve better. They aren’t cheaters, secretly gay, secretly straight, confused, bad partners, bad fathers, or bad in any way. Negative stereotypes about bisexual men need to be fought and destroyed. 

Bisexual men are wonderful people who make great partners. They can use their experiences as a sexual minority to examine their male privilege and combat toxic gender roles. Bi men deserve to feel safe dating straight women and welcomed in the LGBTQIA community.