it’s time to open your mind auntyji

Foundations of Buddhism. ‘Attentive, Awake and Aware’, by Ajahn Sumedho

At ease and relaxed but attentive, awake and aware with the attitude of the knower, the observer, just witness the feelings, emotions, thoughts, memories and sensations that come and go; just observe the breathing, the experience of the body sitting, and maybe the ‘sound of silence’ (the background to the sounds of the traffic).


I V I D E [here] 2015

When you think, ‘All is Brahman, all all all, everything is Brahman,’ you are free, you are fine. If you have that bhavana, that inner attitude, the feeling, ‘All is Brahman’ will unify your powers, harmonise everything. You don’t have to do any other practice, if you have that bhavana, that attitude inside. Similarly, when you drop the 'I’-dentity, the person, unity is found. Because It is here already. Even the ego is held inside the great unity actually. Even disharmony is part of the great harmony. But few see or understands this. Ego has a very important part in the play of life. The consciousness has to taste ego until it becomes tired of its limitations. When consciousness become tired of ego, e-goes and He remains.
—  Mooji, Quote of the Day June 26, 2015

Ivide (2015) Teaser. dir. Shymaprasad

*ing Prithviraj, Nivin Pauly, Bhavana