just so everyone can stop asking questions (not like it’s anyone’s business BUT) i’m just gonna make a post. any old post about my girlfriend is about any post i make about my boyfriend. he came out as trans and at the time identified as a girl SO pls stop asking me abt my gf and my bf they are the same person thank u!!!!


000006 by Thanh Nguyen

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If you don’t get this excited about giving your man some head then you ain’t really bout that life 😁. Good Vibes Only!

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Reasons Niall and Me are literally platonic soulmates

  • easily annoyed by all people
  • don’t like going out except for when we do
  • wanderlust, except only one of us has backpacked across the globe
  • sarcastic to the point where ppl think we’re lowkey mean but we only do it when we’re comfortable with people or nervous
  • would drop all responsibilities at the mention of a 1D reunion
  • ??????!!!!!!!! ???? ?

please don’t settle for someone who doesn’t give a shit about your mental health. they can claim they love you over and over but if they don’t care when you’re down, especially if you have mental illnesses, drop them. my ex girlfriend made me start loving myself only to rip that from me by cheating on me. that seriously broke me. she continued to play with my head and heart constantly, knowing about my illnesses. my current boyfriend, on the other hand, really gives a shit. he asks if i’m okay randomly, he checks up on me constantly, he tells me he loves me all the time, he makes me feel good, he makes me feel like living. he reads up on my mental illnesses and actually wants to help. he’s very supportive. please don’t stay with someone just because they “love” you. sometimes love isn’t enough. they need to care and support you as well.

Você não é mais a minha prioridade. 
Então, se te doer, 
saiba que aprendi isso com você.

Sobre um tal de “não vou te deixar”.