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How do you think season 5 will start the Jake/Rosa storyline?

i’ll tell you how i picture it starting because it’s been on my mind since last night.

i think it would be cool to get a few episodes into season 5 with jake & rosa still in jail because as cool as it would be for them to be out in the first episode, it would be better for the nine nine to still be working hella hard trying to get them out and prove their innocence. one morning amy walks into the precinct and looks wrecked. like a completely different person because the case has taken a toll on her big time and she misses jake so much and even though she hasn’t told anyone they all know how much she’s struggling so they don’t push her. anyway they all work the case and keep coming up with dead ends and it’s frustrating all of them beyond belief. but one night amy goes home after work and is about to turn off all the lights and go to bed but she hears the front door close quietly and immediately her guard goes up. “hello?” she calls out and the next thing she hears is not what she expected. “ames?” her face drops and she peers around the corner to see jake standing in the doorway, his hair scruffy looking at her expectantly. she doesn’t say anything back, she’s too in shock that he’s actually standing in front of her right now. “i’m home,” he says, “for realz.” and then it’s all “not a doctor - shh” and that’s a nice wee cliffhanger for the next episode ha byeeeee

i really would love for everyone to stop telling me how ‘hard’ it’s going to be being a full-time student while working. i can manage 12 credits just fine thank you very fucking much stop trying to make me panic about the thing i am most passionate about in life- don’t you understand i am dying to have homework assignments and papers and exams to study for???? don’t you understand i am a nerd who thrives in the school environment and would do anything to just be in school until the end of time?????? stop telling me it’s going to be difficult. it’s going to be incredible and worthwhile and everything i have dreamed of. i’ve been to college before. i have graduated college before. i’m aware of what it feels like to take 12 credits and be stressed/overwhelmed beyond belief, but that never stopped me from getting an A in every course and making great friends with great professors and it never stopped my drive to go back to school to further my degree so um parents/relatives/coworkers- shut the fuck up. 

davehause: When my brother Tim was 11 years old, we lost our mom to cancer. It was brutal beyond belief for myself, my dad and our 3 sisters, but even more so for him at such a young age. The only way we got through that ordeal was music. Sharing records, playing guitar, talking about songs was all we could do to bridge our age gap as well as the chasm of sadness.
One of the bands I turned Tim on to at that age was My Chemical Romance. The Loved Ones (my old band) had played some shows with them and they were incredible, channeling Queen and a youthful anger and anxiety into amazing songs and live performances. Frank Iero in particular was a Loved Ones fan, and they were always super supportive and kind to us back then. Tim responded to their music, particularly the Black Parade, and it seemed to be a voice in the wilderness of grief that he could hold on to. (along with the Bouncing Souls, Hot Water Music, and many more). Playing music with my brother for the last 3 years has been one of the most enriching, incredible experiences in my entire life, and the best in my musical career. This tour Tim has gotten to open for and to know Frank and his lovely band, and last night be got to meet all of My Chemical Romance, a band that gave him solace through one of the hardest experiences of life. Much love and respect to these dear souls for helping my kid brother in a profound way.
Music can truly save.

keep the snyder family in your thoughts and don’t make this about the movie. even if we had no confirmation about the JL film being essentially finished, making this about the movie is horrible and inappropriate beyond belief

  • Sadie: That was Dave Henderson.
  • Frank: Do we know a Dave Henderson?
  • Sadie: He's married to my best friend, Donna Henderson and father to the Baby Henderson.
  • Frank: Eh...rings a bell...
  • Sadie: He is a police detective officer man.
  • Frank: Nearly remember him...
  • Sadie: He's occasionally a werewolf.
  • Frank: How occasionally?
  • Sadie: Once or twice a month.
  • Frank: So close now...
  • Sadie: Allergic to bees.