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Amy Shumer causa revuelo en las redes sociales

La cómica norteamericana y la actriz Goldie Hawn unieron su talento para parodiar el videoclip de Beyonce ‘Formation’ e inmediatamente twitter se revolucionó. El clip de Youtube tiene muchos más comentarios negativos que positivos o likes y sorprendentemente se publicó en Tidal, el canal de música del marido de Beyonce, Jay-Z. La cómica de 35 años aún no ha hecho ningún comentario al respecto.
Jay Z to rally voters for Clinton

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Jay Z to rally voters for Clinton

Rap mogul Jay Z will return to the stage to rally voters for Hillary Clinton in the key swing state of Ohio, her campaign said Tuesday.The Democratic presidential candidate’s website invited fans to enter a lottery for a ticket to Jay Z’s free show, which will take place on November 4 in Cleveland.The rapper and husband of Beyonce also performed in Ohio to support President Barack Obama during the 2012 election when he tinkered with his hit “99 Problems” to throw in a reference to Republican rival Mitt Romney.Jay Z has played few shows in the past two years as he focuses on his Tidal streaming company, although he is also scheduled to perform next month in India at the Global Citizen Festival against poverty.Prominent musicians have rallied behind Clinton in her quest to be the first woman president, notably pop superstar Katy Perry who has described herself as Clinton’s “number one fan.”


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♣ ( juliette )

SEND ONE FOR MY MUSE’S REACTION TO YOUR MUSE — ♣ = discovering them crying .

It was a rare site to see the usually bubbly, vibrant girl so — not ?? She sat in a corner, knees pulled up to her chest as tears ran down once her light, sun-kissed cheeks ( which had paled in her sadness ). People could be so cruel, especially to those that were different. As soon as Juliette came into view her tears seemed to strengthen, sobs now escaping her lips. “ They called me — they called me THAT WORD. That awful terrible word. Why ?? ” Brown eyes shinning with tears. “ Why do they hate me so much ?? What did I do to them ??

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{MFK Meme} Beyonce, Superman, A Literal Cockroach

Ya got issues with cockroaches Nonnie?

Fuck: Beyonce- totes

Marry- the cockroach because yanno what i bet hes a good guy.

Kill- Supaman because fuck this guy.
Missing backup dancer for Beyonce, Rihanna found

Her car and cellphone were found by New York City police.Rihanna posted an emotional plea online for information leading to the whereabouts of a missing dancer from New Jersey who also performed with Beyonce and Missy Elliot.
“In the video, Quigley speaks about treating each other as family.
"This beautiful soul, and former dancer of mine is MISSING!!!
"I know people probably think I’m crazy because I’m always telling everyone ‘I love you!
"Imagine if we treated each other like we all really came from the same family,” Quigley says.

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