Beyonce Knowles Carter






Its so amazing that beyonce has constantly tried to experiment in every solo album she released. In her first album as a solo artist, “Dangerously in love”, the lead single ( which is now considered to be one of the most iconic songs of all time) – “Crazy in love” was too retro and full of horn riffs and blaring fanfare which tbh no one used in the 21st century. Nevertheless, beyonce took the risk and recorded it. She came up with the (now iconic) catchphrase – “uh-oh-uh-oh,you know”  and made it one of the most popular songs of all time. Using Arabic tune with a hint of bollywood style in “baby boy” or using sexual tone yet  remaining extremely classy in “Naughty girl”  - she took these risks and succeeded.

In her second album, she changed her musical style again, using 1970-80s funk influences and urban contemporary elements like hip hop. Plus her vision of creating a record using live instruments helped in making this album different than her last album and gave us amazing songs like “Ring the alarm” which uses a siren as its melody. YES SHE USED A SIREN.; an amazing ballad “Listen” which showed her vocal prowess and is now considered one of the “it” songs in X-factor auditions; “Irreplaceable” which became one of the best selling songs of 2000s .

In her third album , “I am…Sasha fierce” , she did this whole fun concept of a battle between her true self and her alter ego which is brassy, big headed, confrontational and witty. All this managed to invoke the interest of everyone. The album not only gave us three iconic songs ; “Single ladies” , “If I were a boy” , “Halo” but also managed to impress the critics and fans alike and won 6 grammys- the most by a female artist in a single night.  
In her fourth album “4”, which boasts of one of the most beautiful ballads and romantic songs of her career till date was critically acclaimed because of its mid-tempo songs and evocations of late 1970s and early 1980s pop-soul. It gave us her most funky and creative song  yet called “Countdown” , and a feminist anthem “Run the world(girls)”. Also Love on top which had one of the best key changes of all times is considered one of the hardest songs to sing and won a grammy. The whole album was a major departure from beyonce’s dance-worthy  tracks and the world’s biggest star managed to explore her talent in ways few could’ve predicted.

But what truly made her the greatest entertainer of this generation was when she released her eponymous fifth studio album on itunes without any announcement receiving MASSIVE critical acclaim and commercial success.By exploring darker themes for the first time and embracing her sexuality beyonce made the kind of record people look upto. The album gave us an iconic song called “Drunk in love” , the feminist anthem “ flawless” , the raw yet oh so beautiful “XO” and one of the sexiest and most visually appealing songs of all time “Partition” Rather than working for no1 singles, she created a body of art- an album with an artistically rich music video for every song. The album marked a wide shift in the industry standards of heavy promotions and the whole hype around singles. There was no looking back, Beyonce had changed the rules of industry and marked her place permanently as the undisputed queen of the industry.

If that was not enough, beyonce released “Lemonade” , her most critically acclaimed work to date, receiving universal acclaim . It was considered the best album of 2016 and marked its place in history as one of the best albums of all time. From the visuals to the poetry to the lyrical content- every aspect of the album was perfect, receiving extremely positive reviews. Beyonce broadened her reach towards different genres of music  and effortlessly executed each and every one alike -  reggae(hold up), hip hop (formation), country(Daddy lessons) , rock (Don’t hurt yourself) , dance ( sorry) , Ballad ( Sandcastles) , Soul ( Freedom ). The album is considered to be a monumental feat in the history of music and is planned and executed with utmost perfection. Something that is synonymous with beyonce now. The lead single “Formation” officially became the most awarded song in history surpassing Michael Jackson’s thriller.
It truly amazes me how people try everything to tarnish her image and some even have the audacity to compare her with the mediocre artists of this generation who a few pop/RnB/country hits but can’t even hold a note without breathing heavily. Nevertheless, beyonce continues to be a legend and set an example for other artists.