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Freak had a theory that the use of “Over The Rainbow” implies that the Zones are a strange version of Oz (or an Oz-like world) and that means the guardians are an intentional parallel to Dorothy and her companions.

And I really, really, really liked the idea.

I’ll probably make these available as prints and I’ll add a link here when they’re in my shop.

4i-s-panda asked:

Well for a drawing request how about you try the inside out feelings and see what pokemon they would be friends with >v< It's okay if you don't want to but it's an idea! :) Hope you're having a good day °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Ok sorry this took literally five thousand years and it’s really sloppy but yeah!

Thanks for the request!


Finally finished! I started this project like six months ago, before the third game was even released. And the fourth game dropped just in time; I was nearly done and would’ve ended up posting this short two characters!

All needle-felted with a bit of pipe cleaner here and there. Smallest is Chica at just over an inch tall and the biggest is the Marionette who is three inches tall when standing.

Ideas for a Nacre. I’m not really feeling the colours. The “human” body is almost there but not quite, I think. It’s a start anyway!

She’s massive, floating around like a space ship in a cloud of nebulous dust that twinkles with newly formed pearls. From a distance she looks like a drifting galaxy. Her shells unfurl into a regal dress-like mass to reveal her more humanoid form. New pearls are “birthed” from the shell that shields her “womb”.

Drew inspiration from all kinds of Mollusca, Dina Cimarusti’s Aphrodite make-up from ‘Face Off’, and today’s headcanon jamming that’s pretty much all documented in artemispanthar‘s nacre theory tag