One night while out I ran into a friend from one of my classes at the small college in Palm Beach that I recently transferred from. He was actually born and raised in Gainesville, a true ACR, and was just taking courses in Palm Beach, but moved back to Gainesville around the same time that I did.

He had asked me if I hadn’t seen the Springs yet while living here, if I wanted to go check them out.

Are there mustaches in Mexico?

I had no idea what to expect, and hardly knew the kid at all, but I was more than ready for an adventure.

The day was borderline monotone, the sky was an all over light grey and the air had a moist chill to it.

He picked me up in the late afternoon and told me that we were supposed to meet up with a bunch of his friends, but they all bailed.

As I said, having no prior expectations, I could care less about that or the weather and couldn’t wait to see what the day had in store

He said that he had to stop at a house and pick some stuff up, so we headed about 30 minutes out of town to the middle of nowhere.

After driving through the woods on a small dirt road for a while, we pulled up to what I can only compare to a more amazing version of the Weasley’s house with hippy-hand-made stained glass windows randomly splattered around the wooden spiraling home.

He told me to stay in the car.

I watched as he met an extremely skinny spectacle adorned man before flagging me to come inside.

This young man in the large glasses who lived I the middle of nowhere looked like he’d seen a ghost.

Then he excitedly asked if I was at the Identity music festival in Tampa this year because he remembered my gloves.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with a music festival and the vast amounts of glitter and neon covered humans, that is one of the craziest examples of a small world Ive ever came across (next to this story from the Istanbul W last summer)

This dream of a day had only began. What seemed like hours of road time down the curvy country North Florida roads were filled with thought, and the two of us somehow didn’t exchange one word, but it, for whatever reason was not awkward at all.

Bob’s but it was roped off and no one was there.

We finally pulled in to a place he called

It was apparently a hand built small-scale amusement park for children built by a man named Bob who lived on the property and normally was full of people swinging from the hand built rope swings that stretched at least three stories above the ice cold water.

He went to go check out the water and I started to wonder around. Within seconds, I looked down to find this insane giant caterpillar squirming around on the ground and while thinking to myself “this is not real life.” I ran through the woods filled with hand painted wooden clown faces and karaoke sihns to grab my camera.

Before long, I was gliding 50 feet over the air into the black, icy water and zip-lining through the eerie, empty children’s park.

We left to grab greasy cheese burgers and corn nuggets at somewhat of an ACR’s landmark, Bev’s Better Burgers.

On the way home, we had to stop for gas. There was a sign on the tank reading “pay inside” and after realizing I was waiting in the car for about 30 minutes, a ran into the building to find my new friend waiting in a line surrounded by 50 over weight, tooth missing, and literally hackling for some reason, people.

After five straight minutes of in uncontrollable laughter, I ended this dreamy day with the re-occurring thought, “this is not real life.”

Goes down as possibly being my favorite first rodeo yet.