Hey fellow current and former retail drones - check me on this?

So I bought a pair of boots for my birthday - three months ago. Practically to the day. I paid $100, blithely assuming that that would make them better than the $40 ones I usually buy. At the one month mark I noticed the soles were disintegrating. I took them back. The manager said “no, they’re fine, if you wear a hole right through ‘em that might be a fault”. I was unimpressed. Friday I noticed my left heel was kinda cold. Close inspection revealed the upper had totally separated from the sole in about a 3cm line, right at the glue join. I wore them on Saturday anyway but took them to the shoe repair guy everyone says is best, by which point the separation had grown to about 6cm. He said he could fix it but it wouldn’t hold more than a week. (He also said a few more things about their shitty shoe construction.)

Now, I am lucky enough to be doing quite well financially, at the moment, and justified the purchase of a new, significantly better pair of boots from the nice and honest shoe guy (that cost more than I would have liked but if they last like they said they will it’ll work out about the same as a new pair of Walmart/Kmart/Target boots every year), so my immediate problem is solved. I have no faith that unhelpful retailer will be anything other than unhelpful given the boots are now three months old, so I don’t want to bother taking them back. I also think if I raise a fuss they’ll give me store credit. I don’t want it. I never intend to buy any further shoes from them regardless of the refund. 

Do I bother emailing corporate? Like, I don’t need issue resolution, but if I just walk away from this they’ll never know why I’ll never go back, and I feel like they should. They pretend to sell quality shoes. That pretense needs better products backing it up. Store-level complaints aren’t going to do it, but maybe higher up would? Or am I wasting my breath?

Ok, once again I must point out a few things:

Like the fact that these two goofballs are damn near showing all 32 of their teeth! LOL! I mean, I really love that you can tell how much they truly enjoy working with one another. I love their friendship. And look at little Miss Emily with full on dimples on display. Who the hell knew she had dimples?!?!? I didn’t. LMAO!

And that is NOT comic con. That appears to be the same dress, the same day the cast celebrated her birthday while filming. Same dress as her pic with Colton.

Therefore I am left with a few conclusions:

1) THAT IS NOT MY LAIR IN THE BACKGROUND. I have no idea what that place is.

2) No Stephen has not had this picture since yesterday and is just now posting it! LOLOL. The nerve! How dare he? He’s been holding out on us!

3) No he did not let Colton show him up by posting a shot of Emily’s great legs and those fabulous shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily Bett Rickards totally won the internet today folks, and made it her bitch!

P.S. - Look how tiny she is without her heels!

Ok, I’m done!