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aw geez this is so dumb! >:v Why don't other People give u more likes n' stuff?? I mean, look at ur ART !! <3 U just deserve sooo freakin more = . = U just NEED more followers >~< Keep ur super amazing Art up~ It's beautiful and I hope you'll get much more followers soon<3 >//<

N-nooooo! Such a nice compliment!!! I’m glad you like these pieces of junk my art~ I’ve already got more than enough followers/likes! I mean I got a ton with Dusty’s recommendation, but I’m satisfied with a few people like you~! I mean more followers would mean more pressure and more drawings and I’m super lazy you can tell by the super quick doodles and 

K, gonna stop there

ok but what if alain wasn’t white at all, he was just blonde and blue-eyed and pale-skinned because he was an albino?

what if?

I was tagged by @stunningcaptainswan. Thank you! ^.^

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Birthday: June 23rd.

Gender: Female.

Siblings: Three older.

Wake up / Bed time: Hahahahahaaaa. I don’t even know anymore. On summer holidays and with the heat driving me crazy, my current sleeping schedule is so off-schedule it’s ridiculous.

Love / Lust: Love.

Lemonade / Iced Tea: Lemonade. I prefer carbonated drinks and warm tea.

Coke / Pepsi: Pepsi. But Coke is easier to find in stores here.

Day / Night: Day.

Text / Call: Call.

Makeup / Au Natural: Au Natural. I think I’ve put powder on my face only twice in my life.

Smile / Eyes: Smile.

Light / Dark Hair: Mine are dark but I like light shades better.

Shorter / Taller: Shorter.

City / Country: Country.

Last Song You Listened To: Rocking Chair by Louis Armstrong (currently listening to a collection of some songs of his).

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How did you learn to colour so well?

I cry and use the tears as water to paint with

ok but like i’m not that great i find colouring the hardest for me. What i did to get better was that i learned how lighting/shading works and colour theory eg. what colours look good together and how to give images form by choosing colours for your shading. I also watched a ton of speedpaints when i was younger to see how it was done :3c