Better Together


“We are each other’s shelter from the storm.”

What made this relationship special for me is how tender these two are always with each other and the way they showed their vulnerable side to one another. When it comes to seeking solace, empathy and understanding, Clark and Diana would often turn to each other. It speaks about the level of trust and love they shared, be it as best friends or lovers.

I Wish To Be As Happy With Life As Lauren Jauregui Is With This Ice Cream Cone

Thank you from the bottom of my heart ssweet-dispositionn . You wrote this tattoo for me this past Wednesday when you were on tour in Dallas. As a child I was sexually abused by my grandfather and my whole life I asked myself why this had to happen to me and I felt as if “there will be an answer let it be” answered my question like a puzzle piece. This is something I’ve struggled with from my childhood until now and it’s not something I can just get over, but this tattoo is a step towards closure and I wouldn’t have had anyone else write this out. Thank you for your pure soul, advice via social media, and your beautiful voice. Thank you for making me feel loved when I feel like I have no one. Thank you for getting me through days I never thought I could. Thank you for being you, just thank you. I love you.


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To all of my followers, but perhaps my younger followers especially, who have come of age in the Obama years:

I was angry and scared and heartbroken when George W. Bush was granted the Presidency. I cried. I was in denial. I thought things would never be okay again. And I was angry and scared throughout most of the next eight years. I learned about the importance of midterm elections. I protested in whatever ways I could. I could have done more, and I regret that now; that’s on me.

But I was also happy sometimes, and joyful, and excited, and bored, and silly, and forgetful. Life goes on. It does not have to be terrible all the time, and you do not have to feel bad about being happy. In the worst of times, life goes on. You must still have joy, and you will.

I am not telling you that it will all be okay, that we will all survive this. There has never been a time in history when we have all survived this. But we do not have to let it break us. When the people you’re fighting hate you for existing, your very existence is part of the fight, so take care of yourself. Take care of each other. Your joy is a weapon to use against them. Don’t let them take it away from you.

There will be people who tell you that you are overreacting, that preparing for the worst is silly, that using words like “Nazi” and “fascist” and “racist” and “bigot” are wrong, that looking back at history to see where we might be headed is being overly dramatic. All I can say to them is that the world promised, after the Holocaust, Never Again, and if we succeed in preventing anything like that from ever happening again, then we will always look like we were overreacting. And I am okay with that.

Better Together. Part 2. Sneak Peek!

This holiday season is turning out to be busier than I expected and I haven’t had as much time to write as I’d hoped for. Still, I’ve been making some progress. 

New chapters of Better Together and One Victor will be up soon.

This small teaser is for  @notanislander, @peetaspikelets, @akosiroxy, @burkygirl, @mega-aulover@roseymama, @honeylime08, @katnissdoesnotfollowback, @mtk4fun, @sponsormusings and everyone else who has read, liked, and sent me their love over this little piece. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement, they mean the world to me.

I won’t keep you waiting much longer. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy! Happy holidays!

Dear Peeta,

Happy birthday!

I can’t believe you’ll be turning 18 this week! Or that it was only a year ago that we sat in Victors’ Village, blowing out the candles on your beautiful birthday cake.

So much has happened since then.

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