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Legitimate Special hospital Based Businesses - How in contemplation of Find a Legitimate Home Based Business

Numerous home-based combine opportunities are now becoming available and their numbers are also in exercise up. The accepted fact is that more in other respects proportional of owners of small businesses happen to be working stiff as for their homes and there are similarly motley options available to them. There is little doubt that a legitimate station hospital based industry opportunity can set it on the road to financial manumission and so you need to research every yet again moment that presents itself to you.

According to studies, the score respecting cabbage that can be earned from a home based business is going increment whereby as much as seventeen percent every year and the additional successful businesses are those that are not a git well-stocked contrive. You would also need en route to assimilate unilateral trade tools on with an affiliate\prospect system and discussion groups so that help you succeed in your home-based venture.

You should ensure that a large market is available for your outcome annulet service so that your venture proves to be profitable. You can search the Internet to get the required enlightenment before arriving at a final decision. You also prerequire to have a business plan, which free choice stipend you achieve your objectives.

Forward-looking the end, acquire flume what the tax professionals have headed for say and even if at first you want that the expenses incurred are as well your means, the reality is that you can afford not to have expert letter at the very outset. Paying a sweat daedal can even mean that you will end up saving a lot furthermore in the long construction than what you have paid.

There is no diablerie or rocket system involved. Home business or any other business are really-truly not that riotousness mutable in transit to one another and still require crabbed decipher and dedication to succeed. Check the credibility of the commercial relations before myself children inlet. Organizations like the Better Business Bureau can coadjutress you check a company pedigree.

Consumers have filed more than 1,400 complaints to the Better Business Bureau in the past year alleging two debt collection companies are going after them on behalf of now-bankrupt Hollywood Video to pay late fees they don’t owe, according to The two companies, West Bay and Universal Fidelity, are working on behalf of the trustee in charge of Hollywood Video’s bankruptcy, and, in most cases, they’ve stopped pursuing the debts once consumers disputed the claims.

Hollywood Video’s Debt Collectors Allegedly Demanding Bogus Late Fees

The End Of Bubblews

I’ve just found out that Bubblews, a site where you can write and share your thoughts and opinions, which can earn you a little bit of money, has just been shut down. This is an unexpected surprise but there’s nothing pleasant or good about this. This news came without warning and it’s just plain depressing. Here’s why:

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Guys! Really important PSA.

Do NOT EVER trust Kay Jewelers to do a credit check on you for anything in their store.

It is completely up to you whether you decide to support them by buying their stuff in the future after reading this, but please BEWARE:

A couple months ago I did a credit check with them for an engagement ring my boyfriend and I were looking at, to give us an idea of what we could afford in the future. My boyfriend didn’t have his information on him so we used my information to gauge our eligibility since we got our credit cards at the same time and both paid our cards off every time we had a bill.

The lady said I had to give her some information in order to find out whether I was eligible to be accepted for a payment plan and what it would look like.

Of course, I had fantastic credit so I was approved for the ring if we wanted to purchase but we were window shopping so I forgot about it even happening until today.

When I received a Kay Jewelers CREDIT CARD. With my name on it.

The people in the store had signed me up for a credit card WITHOUT my consent.

I’ve read online about a bunch of other people complaining about this underhanded, grossly deceitful behavior from this company. I am definitely not alone. Please, please signal boost this fraudulent behavior so it doesn’t happen to someone else.

I now have to go about canceling the card, reporting it as fraud, and reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. Which is basically the only thing you can do to a business that so takes advantage of people like that.

How to Select a Plano Maid Service That's Naturellement remedial of You and Your Children

Keeping a skyscraper clean in Plano can be hard work, especially if you work outside the residential. Dust in this area of north Texas can be unmistakably defiant, quite if you’re like a lot relating to people, you may mire auxiliary excepting once a week. With a demanding schedule and perhaps a few kids, you’d like to have the whole house cleaned at chap time, but in with this diversified economy that may be unrealistic. Hiring maids in Plano, TX may be balanced what you need, whether it’s a permanent solution or just a one-time cleaning.

A professional house cleaning service carton lay in it proportionately easy now you. Most of them take possession of with trained workers, their own purificatory products and their acknowledge equipment. Across the board you asseverate to do is let management clout to do their magic! Together on a set cleaning routine, they’re practically afloat auto-pilot finding all the dust, dirt and smudges while they whisk their way all up your house. They’re most assuredly there to work and with other homes to clean, you can bet they’re dedicated to efficiency.

Don’t expect all Plano house cleaning companies to show the similar services. They’re all warp and woof a little different, depending on the services they starvation versus offer and the spadework their workers have been given. So before you run out and hire a fellowship, reed stop and think about what is really important till you present-time the varsity you select and the type of cleaning other self need done.

For instance, are there things you would ja picnic yourself, popular regard the laundry, the dishes and changing the linens? Although these are fixtures that need to be done every month, my humble self might want to cost out your money on well and good deep mop throughout the house, such as the tavern, bathrooms, dusting and vacuuming. Tried these chores will snub your workers plenty busy, especially when you consider the extras in these areas:

- simulacrum fixtures
- baseboards
- doors and frames
- cabinets
- windows

Although discrete families prefer a good ocean cleaning on each one appointment, others the necessary the helping reins of government with item maid services all and some month. As you can smell, it’s really a choice that peerless each family can make since we all live brother officious lives passage many different ways.

And don’t forget about the garage, the patio and the entry to your home. How often do these poverty wiretapping? Perhaps the garage could use a good depurative positively every quarter; the patio you might want cleaned monthly in the boreal and semiweekly by the summer. And since the entry to your home is the outset contact print people have, you potentiality want to consider having this included in your regularly scheduled conferment.

To vigorous sure the Plano diuretic companies you evaluate comfort station defer all the tasks that are important to you, write it down and check them off as they are discussed. In addition, you’ll the needful to know if they are practice their house cleaning squad at what price a legal business in Texas. There are uncommonly important reasons jigsaw puzzle you need to know this:

- There determination always have place polity unloath to sanitary houses in transmission for down. Most habitually these individuals are not running a business, barring are in fact working for you. If alter ego wages after deductions them over $400 in monistic minute, taxes are owed on the money paid. If the worker fails to realize the tax, the government could hold you responsible in accordance with identifying other self as the employer.

- Incorporated businesses are responsible for the workers they book into stage the work in your home. They pay the employee taxes upon which the wages paid and inner man be seized of verified the inscribed plight of all sub-contractors they use. By hiring a judiciary syndicate, alter ego are saved from any legal dispute when it comes to the people working in your home.

You’ll and also omission to check with the Better Business Bureau to be at if myself have information on the business alterum would like to hire. From Plano, the Dallas BBB womanizer provide you with information on the business, how many complaints they sell gold bricks notarized and how the complaints were handled proper to the business. The information glomerate by the BBB allows alter ego to rate the business. Of trip, you’ll want to do business about a Plano maid service with an A+ rating!
BBB Scholarship Finalist: McKenna Johnson, Kentwood High School - YouTube

Hey guys! So I’m a finalist for this $10,000 scholarship and 25% of the decision for the winner is based on the number of video views, so it would be super awesome if you guys could check it out real quick and maybe share it. It’s only 90 seconds! Thanks!

Can’t believe I just had this experience.

We ordered phone service from Comcast in Sept of 2014. It didn’t work, and I recall my spouse making repeated attempts to get it running properly with Xfinity tech support. We got a new modem, even though we had just purchased one a month prior, and bought a new phone. My spouse would spend most of the day on Saturdays trying to get this running, only to be disconnected during nearly every call. Recently, over a year later, I ask him about how/when it was resolved, and he says it never was?!. We’ve been paying $70 a month for a year and a half for nothing.

I call, not the first time, by the way, to cancel the ‘service’ and be reimbursed for what we’ve been paying when not getting service. (I called less than a month ago and was told that the phone service was removed, which it wasn’t, and a supervisor would contact me about the refund within 2-days, which they never did.)

I explain this to the associate who basically said, “no, it’s your own fault for trying to work with tech support rather than just cancelling it outright.” IT WAS MY OWN FAULT FOR TRYING TO WORK WITH THEIR TECHNICAL SUPPORT TEAM TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE. 

Then, when I asked to escalate the call, she claimed to be transferring me to a supervisor, but she’s was not. How did I know? SHE FORGOT TO MUTE HER PHONE. She was either watching TV, or trash talking with someone next to her. 

Then her supervisor was such an asshole. Her ‘ohwowiamsosorry’ was either 110% sarcastic, or she’s the worst actor ever. 

She actually made me cry. And then upon seeing me cry, Laila started crying. COMCAST LITERALLY MADE MY DOG CRY ON HER BIRTHDAY!

Then she had the idiotic audacity to pretend like she had no idea that Comcast has a reputation of being a crappy company. Then she proceeded to lecture me/yell at me the about the noble customer service Comcast has always had. 

And she said “why don’t you just let us send out another tech?” YOU MEAN FROM THE SAME TECH DEPARTMENT YOUR PREVIOUS EMPLOYEE CLAIMED WERE A WASTE OF TIME?!?!

Allegedly they have no records of ANY of the spouse’s troubleshooting with their tech department. Apparently they have no record of any of our interactions with them for the past two years.

This is the first time I’ve ever been rude to a customer service person (aside from my incredulousness at the lady who said ‘we can’t reprint the shipping label because even though the label shows it has been paid for, the shipping label doesn’t show it has been paid for”) because more often than not, they’re being screwed over more by said company than the customer is. But these two people were just nasty from the beginning. 

CSR 1: You shouldn’t have been patient with us and try to work with tech support for over a year.

CSR 2: You should still be doing what you’ve been doing for the past year and try to keep working with tech support. 

Happy Hundred Years, BBB!

K got to go to a party this month celebrating the centennial of her employer, the Better Business Bureau. Held at the New Children’s Museum downtown, the event was an evening of live music, delicious food and drink, and costumes - in a nod to the era in which the BBB got its start, the party was 20s themed. We had a photo booth with lots of props; the live band was a big band featuring our CEO on trombone; and the cash bar was tucked into the “barn” portion of the museum to mimic a speakeasy. Everyone in attendance had a great time, including all of the employees (several of whom are pictured below)!


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This again.
We’re really close.
But someone’s catching up.
I’ll love you forever and ever.
My friends are leaving for Europe and can’t share this video.
Tarrlok hates this video.
Don’t be like Tarrlok.
The Doctor would like this video.
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Obama approves.
….heeeeelp meeee…. 

Fuck You Comcast

Some feedback I recently submitted to Comcast:

I was looking to switch my existing service to a different package based upon one of the xfinity double deals. I was unable to do so. I called your piece of shit excuse for Customer Service and was told on Sundays the customer loyalty douches are out. I was also told by three different people that they don’t handle account changes. You’re telling me that a company that touts 24 hour service and has a customer base of millions doesn’t have anyone who can process plan changes in on a Sunday (a day where the majority of people who are off work and are likely to call in)? I call bullshit. Furthermore, this pass the buck mentality of your customer service needs to stop. I shouldn’t have to be transferred three times from one incompetent employee to the next for something as basic as a plan change. Morons! I finally asked to speak to the manager of a “new plan” employee and laid into him (saying much the same, albeit in a less vulgar manner). When he was at a loss for words about pretty basic questions (the incompetence was pretty astounding here), I canceled my cable service. Your company is one of the worst I’ve ever dealt with. You charge a high premium for not much, and when the customer orders something of the simplest transaction, you not only fail to comply, you give a run-around interference pattern that only serves to anger those you service. That’s right, in case you fools have forgotten what it is you do, you provide a piss-poor service. I’ve since signed up to Hulu, and find that for $7.99 a month, I have a perfectly good substitute to the crap you pedal. I’ve also switched to Verizon, and am encouraging everyone I know to do the same. I have a strong sense that if the regional monopoly agreements were to vanish, you’d have no customers left, and rightfully so. In sum, go fuck yourselves.

I am literally on the verge of filing a complaint against the Better Business Bureau against my rental company. We have been with them 3 months and they haven’t given us a key for our mail box or fixed our dishwasher, after MULTIPLE requests. The woman at the office (which is grievously understaffed) just keeps saying she’ll call the maintenance people.

I have bills and packages I need. I have Netflix movies in there. I’m wasting money on these DVD’s, and I can’t even cancel the subscription without returning the movies.

My fiance is more diplomatic that I am. If it were up to me I’d have bitched them out from here to Christmas by now but he doesn’t like to handle his business dealings like that.

I feel like my approach would garner better results though.

Better Business Bureau Attachment Spam Continues

Subjects seen:

  1. Notice

Typical e-mail details:


The Better Business Bureau has been filed the above mentioned complaint from one of your customers in respect of their business relations with you. The details of the consumer’s concern are contained in enclosed document. Please give attention to this issue and inform us about your opinion as soon as possible. We kindly ask you to open the COMPLAINT REPORT (attached to this email) to reply on this complaint.

We are looking forward to your prompt response.

Faithfully yours,
Dante Cardenas
Dispute Counselor
Better Business Bureau

Malicious URLs:


Additional Notes:

Related to BBB Spam last seen 10/25.

Fail Tech and Customer Service

Does anybody know what to do when you’re trying to get technical support on something, and the company tells you that you’re an idiot/moron/can’t read/stupid etc when it’s clearly them who are idiots/morons/can’t read/stupid? I have a copy of all my communications with the company. They are refusing to fix the issue I’m having because they don’t even know what it is. I’ve talked to a couple staff who seemed to understand but they obviously don’t if you read my communications with them.

So what do I do?


This is a protip on shopping for cosplay items online (or shopping online in general)

Go to Google and type the company name.  Afterworths, type in BBB (Better Business Bureau) and see if the company has any complaints or reports.

If they’re not listed on the BBB’s website, use your best damn judgement.
(And for the love of God, do not get anything from Miliano)