2017 Rewatch: Season 1

Good morning! As I said on Saturday, I really enjoyed re-watching S1. I hadn’t watched the entire thing in quite some time. Remember that in S1, Beth wasn’t on the horizon at all. None of the things I mention here came about because Beth was being planned for. In fact, I’m pretty sure Gimple didn’t even start working on the show until S2. But we have a lot of evidence that Gimple goes back through previous seasons and builds on what’s already been done. It’s a smart story telling technique bc it makes the story and characters arcs feel more cohesive. So I’ll just be pointing out things that Gimple may have gone back, seen, and used to build Beth’s arc.

1x01: Days Gone Bye

Remember that the first thing we see is Rick approaching the defunct gas station, where he sees the little, blond zombie girl. After that it goes back to the beginning. This part really surprised me. Check out some of these first images we see:

First there’s the gas station, which Gimple made good use of in 4a, just as Beth’s arc was kicking off. There’s the blond girl entangled with rick, this doll (reminded me of Sophia’s doll), then a bike/trike, and a tiger. Again, no idea if this is a thing, but could that truly have been looking forward to Shiva? I’m gonna say yes, it’s a possibility. They had no idea in S1 if the show would go that long, but Shiva is a big part of the CBs. And here, in S1, is a tiger.

(Oh, and I know this pic is blurry—the camera is moving too much to get it clearer—but I’m pretty sure around the tiger are poker cards. Where else did we see those? Around the “green” walker in Still. Just saying.)

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