Heart of the Sea

Hey guys, it’s my third and final reverb! The really great art that inspired this was done by kaitlinmarley here, and the fic that fullmetalgrigori​ and I cowrote can be found here, both of whom were incredibly awesome partners. Many thanks to everyone who helped us finish and to reverbmod for organizing such a fun event. It would be amiss, however, to not give a shoutout to l0chn3ss​ directly because she is absolutely amazing and saved our butts by doing a fantastic job as a beta. The first chapter (more of a prologue really) and summary can be found below.

Summary: Maka Albarn has spent her whole life working towards one goal: finish her mother’s life’s work and find the lost city of Atlantis. But with no support and the academic community laughing in her face, prospects seem grim. When a mysterious benefactor offers her the chance of a lifetime, Maka joins a ragtag crew of characters on an expedition to find the city she’s only ever dreamed of. What they find when they arrive, however, will change everything.

Dark clouds poured in from every direction like rolling, poisonous waves of smog, blocking out the bright sun. Searing white lightning crackled between the higher buildings. Claps of thunder deafening the boy cowering under a table as rain beat rhythmically on the city, accompanied by screams and the wail of a siren. The song of pain and fear was interrupted by a shout. “Soul, come along - we have to get to safety!” called out an elderly woman, her lined face streaked with terror as the blue light above the city grew brighter, red spotlights scouring the streets. The child huddled under their table, unable to hear her. His grandmother crouched down and dragged him out, clutching his hand in hers painfully tight as she rushed outside.

Outside, her eyes widened in shock as she saw walls of water rise around the city. “Gods help us,” she whispered, the words falling from her lips and landing as softly as a feather on the boy’s cloudy hair. The crimson beams suddenly turned turquoise, causing the woman to look up towards the sky in shock. The boy glanced up at his grandmother, smiling as she seemed to calm, not noticing as a blue light surrounded them and threw everything else into shadow. Her grip loosened and she started to rise, floating towards the beacon far above.

“Bunaya!” the child shrieked, hands reaching for his grandmother as she rose upwards serenely, eyes glowing solid blue and white hair floating ethereally.

“Look away!” a teenager screamed, shattering the quiet as he slid to the ground beside the child and curling up around his little brother protectively, hiding the boy’s face in his robes. The older boy watched their grandmother get surrounded by the light, enveloped until she was hidden away completely, the brightness of it searing his eyes painfully.

A beam of blue energy shot out from the crystal, hitting one of the enormous statues on the outside of the city. The figure rose to his feet from its kneeling position, stone hands clapping together with a resounding boom. As they spread apart, a blue material stretched between them like a web made of pure energy, darks and lights and achingly bright white. The wall kept growing, a shield against the typhoon and tsunami. Waves crashed against it, covering the surface of the dome and plunging the city into darkness until they washed over. As the older brother, Wes, got a glimpse of the stormy clouds again, he realized the the top of the main building was missing, having been sheared off by the shield and then washed away in the first swell.

The older brother buried his face in Soul’s wild hair and he sobbed, “Matim. Pater. Bunaya.” Understanding somehow, Soul started crying as well, the two orphaned brothers holding each other tightly enough to bruise as another wave covered the protective dome, plunging them into darkness as the ground started shaking with the force of a thousand earthquakes again. They started sinking, lurching lopsidedly downwards into the bowels of the earth.

A Flight of Birds: Chapter 15 - Sansa

art made by thisisourlastdance

thanks to dhelainesfor betaing like the wind

Chapter 15 - Sansa

Sansa remembered everything that had happened the night before, and the memory still made her tremble whenever she thought of it. But it also made her furious. Since she had gotten on this stupid ship with Petyr, she had been just as naive and foolish as she had been as a child. He had kissed her once under the light of the red comet, and ever since then she had not stopped thinking about it.

She should have known better. It had been the same with Joffrey. Just the thought of him being a sweet, sweet prince and one gentle smile of his had made her blind to his cruelty for so long. She had lied for him and they had killed Lady, but she still hadn’t seen who he truly was. When her father had told her he wanted to leave King’s Landings she had not trusted him but instead run to Cersei and told her everything. Sansa knew it was her fault her father was killed, only hers, and she would have to live with that knowledge for the rest of her life…

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Peach Fuzz

An AU where people’s hair changes color based on their emotions. Or at least… it’s supposed to…

Because dealing with emotions wasn’t challenging enough already.

For the lovely nachoheichou - can’t wait to beta the upcoming chapter!

The first time Eren saw him, he almost knocked the book-cart over.

And it was a good thing he didn’t, for if he had, he would’ve drawn all sorts of attention to the fact that his hair was turning very, very pink.

Sure, it happened to everyone at least once, but still. How embarrassing.

He settled for studying the dark-haired boy through the shelves, two rows back, awed by the way all those hard lines and taut curves could merge to become someone so beautiful. And those eyes… Eren was sure even Armin couldn’t find a book with words perfect enough to describe the color.

And if Mikasa caught him with pink in his roots, he could blame it on re-shelving the romance section.

The second time Eren saw him, he was ready.

He’d had Armin find him the biggest dictionary in the entire library, and he’d spent a good two hours skimming its pages for the longest, driest, most boring words he could find and writing them on his hands – so he could spell them out if he felt a blush coming on.

Thus armed, he grabbed a pile of books from the shelving room and made a beeline towards the third floor, where he was sure to find the dark-haired boy.

And there he was, browsing the action novels, head angled to the side to better read the titles of the books as he passed. Every now and again, he’d kneel down carefully, making sure never to miss the books near the bottom.

“F-l-o-c-c-i-n-a…” Eren muttered under his breath. Don’t turn pink, don’t you dare turn pink…

“Excuse me?”

“Woah!” Eren jumped, startled by the unexpected voice. Books went flying – Eren went sideways.

A strong hand grabbed him by the elbow, pulling him up at the last second, and Eren stared at the other boy in mute horror as he gathered himself and stood. His hair wasn’t pink, sure, but this was so much worse.

He could the brilliant color burning scarlet on his skin.

Ground, swallow me now.

“Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, huh?” the other boy asked, catching hold of Eren’s hand and reading it, the word rolling easily off his tongue. “Prepping for med-school ”

“Ah… no,” Eren muttered, carding his fingers through the hair he knew for sure would be bright red. “Creative writing, at Rose Community College. You?”

“Nothing at the moment,” the boy answered, turning away to pick up the books scattered on the floor, pausing now and again to read the back covers if something caught his eye. “You could say I’m taking a break year.”

“Must be nice,” Eren replied.

The boy looked at him with an unfathomable expression. “I suppose it has its perks,” he said finally, setting the books on the shelf with a shrug.

Say something, you idiot, Eren chided, feeling the blush crawl back across his cheeks. His mouth refused.

“A library’s a good place to be, for a writer,” the boy muttered, plucking a book from the stack and walking away. “Anyways. See you around…”

“Eren,” Eren supplied weakly.

The boy nodded. “Levi. Right. See you around, Eren.”

When Levi had gone, Eren heaved a sigh of relief, sinking back against the shelves as his knees buckled beneath him. How had he done it? Eren was sure he had turned more colors than a crayon box in a matter of moments, yet Levi…

Black as the night sky, the whole damn time.

Levi liked espionage. He was in the ‘Spy/Mystery’ section almost every week – sometimes every day – eyes trailing across the spines of the glossily-bound books with a longing that sent Eren’s heart to his throat. Eren fondly scoured the titles Levi returned, wondering at the adventures caught within the pages – wondering if Levi had chosen them for that, like Eren might’ve.

And if Eren trawled the databases, finding new novels to recommend and sticking the titles in the wrong places on the shelves, nobody said anything.

They always caught Levi’s eye.

“If you read them so quickly,” Eren finally got the courage to ask, “why not check out a few at a time?”

Levi frowned, looking away. “I just like the library,” he muttered.

When he thought Levi wasn’t looking, Eren copped a glance.

Still black. Eren was starting to think he’d never see it any other color.

Especially not for him.

It had been a long day. Too long. Eren’s aches ran bone-deep from being on his feet since 9AM that morning, and his shift wouldn’t end until 5PM… and then he’d be hitting the books again, studying for the finals that crouched dangerously in the weeks to come.

He sank wearily into one of the seats in one of the third-floor reading nooks. Five minutes couldn’t hurt. His eyes slipped closed.

“Sleeping on the job, Eren?”

Eren jolted, looking around for his boss, finding Levi instead, standing over him with a book in his hand and a smirk on his face, hair dark as pitch. As usual.

“You’d be sleeping too,” Eren scowled, flinging an arm over his face. Not now. I can’t deal with Mr. I-Feel-Nothing-As-I-Take-You-Apart right now. Please.

But he stayed. “I think I sleep enough as it is,” he said wryly, marking the page and closing the book.

“Wish I could spend a year to myself,” Eren grumbled. “Must be nice.”

“…It could be better.”

“Oh come on,” Eren teased, flinging his hands back to stare at the other boy. “You lay around and read all day – that’s the life! What else do you do with all that free time?”

A peculiar look flashed across Levi’s face. “I’m at the hospital across the street,” Levi finally muttered.

Eren’s eyes widened as alarm colored his hair a pale, corn-silk yellow.

“Out-patient therapy for this.”

With a single, graceful move, Levi scooped down to catch the leg of his pants, lifting the hem…

…exposing the smooth metal pylon, attached to a plain, prosthetic socket just below the knee. The ankle was carbon. The foot was plastic.

Eren’s stomach hit the floor.

“Bone cancer,” Levi said evenly, tapping his ankle twice before letting the hem fall back to the floor. “In my ankle. Wasn’t responding well to treatment so they lopped it right off.”

Eren wondered if your hair changed color when you couldn’t breathe.

“I don’t need your pity,” Levi grumbled, sourly eying the crown of Eren’s head. Eren caught a few strands in his fingers. Pale blue. “I just finished my last round of chemo today. I’m cancer-free.”< p>

“That’s so great, Levi,” Eren breathed. “I’m really happy for you. Are you going to go and celebrate?”

Levi nodded. Swallowed. Ran his fingers through the black locks at his temple. “That’s what I’m here for.”

“In a library?” Eren chuckled. “Going to check out two books this time?”

Levi almost scowled, but he caught his lip with his teeth instead. His fingers pulled harder through his hair. “…I came to see you, actually. I was hoping you would… celebrate with me.”

Eren swore his heart froze over.

And Levi laughed – actually laughed – the shock quickly erased by the smile that rose on his face like the sun. Eren caught sight of his reflection in a metal bookend.

White as snow.

“Is that a yes?” Levi chuckled, reaching out to brush pale strands from Eren’s brow with a tender look in his eyes.

“But… but, you didn’t – y-you never…”

“I did,” Levi murmured, glancing shyly back at Eren.

He raised a hand to his hairline, tugging gently, and the black locks slid forward, the wig slipping into his fingers like black feathers from the sky, revealing the pale pink peach fuzz underneath.

“Pink just wasn’t my color.”

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Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. @ Howard University “Beta’s Back”

Rest in Power, Dear Brother Edward Brooke

Rest in Power, Dear Brother Edward Brooke

Brother Edward W. Brooke(Beta Chapter – Howard University) has died at the age of 95.  He was the first African American man popularly elected to the United States Senate; the first African American Attorney General of Massachusetts–and any state, for that matter; first chairman of the Alpha Phi Alpha World Policy Council; honorary chairman of the 2006 Centennial Celebration; lay member of the…

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unforgettable semester! <3 thanks for the slide show auntieee creeesh <3


We couldn’t wait until Throwback Thursday to share this!

Brother Brian Lassiter (Beta - Howard University )  digitized and shared this silent footage of Beta Chapter’s 1979 pledge line, The Disciples of Osiris.  Amazing!

Passing the torch to the next KAbinet

The 2012-2013 Beta Chapter KAbinet and Active Sisters definitely held it down the past year - keeping traditions, overcoming challenges, and introducing new projects. I am definitely proud to have been a part of this amazing group of womyn doing work in our community.

A week from today, a new group of our sisters will come together and make plans for the new year at our annual Summer Retreat. These ladies have so many great ideas and all the passion to make them beautiful realities. So without further ado, we pass the torch and I introduce to you the sisters elected to our 2013-2014 Beta Chapter KAbinet:


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<3 in solidarity,

Felicia Escalona
Beta Chapter, Kappa Class
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Hidden Royalty

Just before his eighteenth birthday, Harry finds out he’s crown prince to a country he’s never even heard of. Which is funny considering the fact that if he can’t get through a presentation without barfing how is he expected to rule a country of 50 million. And oh would you look at that, the guy he’s been crushing on since he walked into his English class flashing those baby blues and that million watt smile is his assigned bodyguard.

Or the Princess Diaries AU nobody asked for. Prince!Harry, Bodyguard!Louis with a dash of Fake/Pretend Relationship AU

Thanks to killjoyncis for being my beta :)

Chapter 1 is here

Chapter 2 - Surprise Motherfucker, You’re a Prince Part II

Update on Mine to Take

UGH so It’s about 1am here and I’ve got about 4,500 words written and I’m still not even halfway what I had planned out D: Writing smut always ends up so much longer than I expect, so I think I need to go back to the drawing board with this chapter and figure out how to pace things properly. If this were any other day I’d probably tough it out and just stay up as long as I needed to get it done, but my chem final is Thursday, and I need to be alert and focused to study all day tomorrow. To put things in perspective, I have to make a 95 on the final just to make a B- so I really need to haul ass, otherwise I’ll end up with a C or C- which will kill my gpa. 

Anyway here’s a bit of a teaser for you guys! I’ll try my best to work on the update while I’m out of town, and you’re all more than welcome to come talk to me if you have questions about either the update or the fic in general.  

Sousuke’s hands mapped out the smooth expanse of Ai’s pale skin. His movements meaningful and slow. Ai could feel himself blushing under the Alpha’s gaze. He leaned down trailing kisses along the Omega’s collarbone as his hands continued to gently massage him. Ai’s heart hammered wildly fueled by lust and nervous excitement. One of Sousuke’s large hands pressed against Ai’s chest, his rampant heartbeat on clear display for the Alpha. With his free hand, Sousuke took Ai’s wrist, splaying his small fingers against his own chest. His strong heart thudded against Ai’s fingers at a pace just as fast as Ai’s. A broken whimper slipped through Ai’s lips, as he felt a trickle of slick slip down his thigh.

“S-sou,” Ai breathed needily in a small voice. Sousuke crooned softly, as his hands removed Ai’s pants. A shiver ran up Ai’s spine his whole body trembling with want. Another trickle of warms slick ran down Ai’s thigh. He looked up at Sousuke, a worried look in his eyes.

“I’ll get the blanket dirty,” He said

“We can wash it,” replied Sousuke huskily, as he draped himself over Ai. He pressed his lips back against the Omega’s, his arms curling around his lithe, quivering form. Ai blushed brilliantly when Sousuke grinded his hips down onto Ai’s. The Alpha’s hard, throbbing cock pressed against the confines of his pants. Ai’s small hands tugged gently at Sousuke’s waistband.

“T-take it off,” he breathed, earning a pleased growl from the Alpha.