Little Beta(s) Chapter 27

Prompt: Liam get’s turned at an early age and he looks at you as his guardian/parent. Plus you’re dating Scott who’s always trying to look after him. (10 year gap between Liam and reader)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) Scott McCall x Reader, Derek Hale (younger and platonic) x Reader


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Given that I think “My Immortal” is a troll (with the reason generally being that author Tara references both Marty McFly and TOM BOMBADIL), I just reread it and I’m astounded by the effort put into it.

The spelling and grammar gets steadily worse over the course of the story, messing up simple words and even the main character’s name (variations on Ebony include Enoby, Enony, Eboby, and my favorite Enopby). The author gives frequent shoutouts in the A/N at the beginning of each chapter to someone called Raven, who she considers a friend and apparently functions as a beta. In chapter 16, Tara severs ties with Raven, expels/murders Raven’s character Willow, and changes Ebony’s full name to Ebony Dark’ness Dementia TARA Way. It’s suggested that they fought because Tara stole Raven’s poster of Gerard Way. By chapter 17, they appear to have made up and Willow is brought back with no further explanation.

The plot, of course, is just insane, but the story was obviously being read; Tara begins each chapter furiously ranting about “flamerz” leaving bad reviews, terribly misspelled. At one point, Ebony was referred to as a Mary Sue and she immediately tried to shut that down, citing “Satanism” and “depression” as flaws. She held each new chapter hostage, demanding a certain number (usually 5) good reviews before she would update. Assuming the spelling and grammar mistakes were intentional, the natural progression of them getting worse and worse is incredible. The difference between Tara’s A/Ns and Raven’s edited text is also astounding, although chapter 16, during their supposed rift, is not noticeably more poorly written than the chapters immediately preceding and following it.

The misspellings of character names and general slipups get worse and worse to the point that once, “Enopby” is referred to as “Tara”, and at another point, “TaEnby”, further to emphasize that Ebony is, in fact, the most obvious self insert in the history of literature. The reference to Marty McFly (he appears at the end of chapter 35 to spirit Ebony into the future) confounds me; Tara does not seem like she’d been aware of pop culture enough to have seen “Back to the Future”, given that she describes “The Nightmare Before Christmas” as this serious, depressing, Adult movie. She’s young enough to consider “he put his thingy into my tool” an accurate description of sex. Further, she references Tom Bombadil, a character in “Lord of the Rings” who I believe just shows up and sings for a while and is strongly implied to be God and then disappears, not really relevant to anything. He’s not even in the movies. Would Tara Gilesbie have read “Lord of the Rings” when she admits she’s never read the Harry Potter books?

Read through that lens (that this was an elaborate hoax), can you believe the rest of it was so organically terrible? Even now, 10+ years after the fact, no one can agree on whether this story is a troll, and until anyone finds out who Tara Gilesbie really is, it’s going to be impossible to know for sure. This is just crazy to me.

I think a moment that really struck me about the importance of representation was when I made my asexual friend cry.

I have a book I’ve written, that I just haven’t posted anywhere out of fear. The leading lady is a pansexual/romantic trans girl cop, and she has a best friend in the coroner who’s an asexual sex repulsed homoromantic cis girl that really likes lizards. I would send my asexual friend the chapters to beta, because I’m not ace and I don’t want to fuck up anything.

The entire time she would mention loving their interactions (she wasn’t subtle about shipping it at all) and I, very excitedly gave her the chapter where said asexual character admitted to her father figure she was in love with the leading lady. She spent a good couple of pages freaking out about asking her out “I know she’s cool with me being asexual but what if she’s not cool dating an asexual? What if she takes it as an insult??” etc. Basic shit I thought almost all media with ace characters would cover.

Later, she calls me on skype, and is literally fucking crying. Apperently, ace media rarely considers ace people still having romantic feelings and almost never covers the difficulty, the fear, the nervousness. She said that character resonated so hard with her, it felt like she got hit in the chest and it proved to her I did care about people like her.

When I explained that I wasn’t even trying, it just felt natural to write she started bawling more and fucking begged me to keep writing especially ace/aro characters.

It was the most touching thing that ever happened to me.


or “the college au where lily is a single mom struggling with finishing school and raising a child, and james discovers he quite likes babysitting” (AO3)

(p.s.: thank you to @gxldentrio for being a lovely beta reader!)

Chapter: ½

She’s just another face in the crowd.

But she stands out.

She’s battling her way through the waves of I’m late-s, I should have gone to bed earlier-s and Why haven’t I started that bloody paper yet-s entangling themselves in people’s legs. They trip, but she bears on.

Her hair is made of flames; they lick their way through the sea of people, turning them to ashes, burning a path for her - James is entranced. Her brow is furrowed with decision, and she doesn’t hesitate to nudge someone out of her way with her shoulder, or to make herself bigger with the size of her backpack which looks like it could make her topple over. She parts the flood with sheer determination in her eyes.

She’s unstoppable.


He goes unnoticed.

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Hollow Point

Date: March 28, 2017
Art: Juujishou (@vosteium)
Story: @gunnerpalace
Beta: @synoshian, @sequencefairy, @duckiesteasmiles
Chapters: 3 (unfinished)
Word Count: ≈17,800
Rating: M (likely future E)
Genres: romance, thriller, action, crime, drama
Warnings: blood, violence, angst, trauma

Summary: United States Air Force A1C Ichigo Kurosaki wanted to get away. Against all odds he’s assigned to Security Forces at Yokota Air Base, under an hour from home. Seirei-gumi Yakuza family “Older Sister” Rukia Kuchiki wanted to fit in. Dispatched to Karakura, she discovers a plot to overturn Japan’s criminal underworld. Their chance meeting is anything but, and they’ll only survive the web of lies cast over Tokyo’s concrete jungle by sticking together.

Notes: This is the start of a (long) retelling of the series within a realistic (non-fantasy/supernatural) setting. You can read the notes if you’d like (1, 2, 3) although you’re warned that there are spoilers of upcoming events and some of the information is out of date. Big shout out to my artist and beta readers, you’ve all been lovely and I couldn’t have done it without you guys! And thank you to IRBB chat for the positive encouragement!

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Chapter 1: Neon Rain

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Neon rain fell in sporadic sheets, always hot. Asphalt steamed, glowing with rippling prismatic bands. Every color of the rainbow coruscated, glinting off umbrellas—mostly clear plastic—that hurried to and fro.

A white and lilac wagasa parasol advanced steadily through the bustle. It bore an unseasonable lunar crescent of snowflakes and was lit from below by carefully concealed soft white LEDs.

Rukia strode beneath it with poise and grace, immune to the heat and humidity. Civilians flowed by her on instinct, like schools of fish about a predator. She wore a Western-style two-piece suit—a black jacket and slacks—and the collar of her white blouse rested open above the former’s lapels.

To all appearances she made for a plausible—if rather short—office lady, yet her bearing alone suggested something was off. If one looked carefully, her dress shoes hinted at the story. However, the wagasa, and especially the oversized pink pair of almost-oval shades she had on, really advertised what she was—the street was lit up, but the sun had set almost two hours before.

It wasn’t long before she passed yet another nondescript alleyway leading off the thoroughfare. Her shoes splashed in a puddle that echoed in optical riot as she halted. She turned and trekked into the gloom, taking off her sunglasses and letting her parasol light the way. It was soon the only source of illumination, silhouetting her as she disappeared around a corner and vanished from the night.

Continue reading Chapters 1–3 on AO3 or FFN!

Little Beta Chapter 2

Prompt: Liam get’s turned at an early age and he looks at you as his guardian/parent. Plus you’re dating Scott who’s always trying to look after him. (10 year gap between Liam and reader)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) Scott McCall x Reader

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Long Live - Chapter 7

This one got a bit longer than i expected. I also had a bit of trouble with it as the words i wanted didn’t seem to want to exist for me. Thank you to @mylasagnaisraw and @ilovemyspoopydad for beta-ing this chapter for me! You’re both angels!  

Edit: I accidentally uploaded the unedited version first, sorry!

Pairing: Prinxiety

Words: 2266

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The playlist for Long Live can be found here!

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6

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Little Beta Chapter 4

Prompt: Liam get’s turned at an early age and he looks at you as his guardian/parent. Plus you’re dating Scott who’s always trying to look after him. (10 year gap between Liam and reader)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) Scott McCall x Reader

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Speak Now, Part 7 (Jughead x Reader)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Imagine: After walking out on an emotionally-charged situation regarding Jughead and Betty’s marriage, you come back to a distraught and angry Jughead.

A/N: Thank you to the wonderful @jasmineladjevardi for beta-reading this chapter! She is a life-saver!

“You should have called.” Jughead’s voice came out strained, through gritted teeth. His hands gripped the kitchen counter so hard his knuckles stood out white against his tan skin.

“You don’t always need to know where I am, Jughead,” you said, crossing your arms. After such an emotionally draining night, you really didn’t need a lecture right now.

“Did you get amnesia when you went away for college? There was a killer in this town only a few years ago. You could have died, for all I knew!” Jughead threw up his hands in emphasis.

“A killer who was targeting his own son for family business reasons. You act as though Ted Bundy himself came to Riverdale.”

“Where were you?” Jughead asked, changing the subject. You’ve never seen your best friend this hostile.

“Sweetwater River,” you replied.

“Alone?” Jughead’s voice went quiet. Afraid.

“With Archie.”

Something in Jughead’s expression shifted. “Since when did you go out on midnight lake trips with Archie?”

“It’s a river,” you reminded him. “And, since high school.”

Jughead’s expression went blank, controlled. While they were brotherly, you always knew about the jealousy and tension lying beneath the friendship between Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones.

“I see,” Jughead said, with just a hint of passive-aggression.

“Why do you care, anyways?” You asked, eyebrow raised. “Why do you care who I’m with or where I am? I’m an adult, you know.”

“You’re my best friend, (Y/N)!”

This set you off the edge. Angry tears flowed from your eyes, and you raised your voice twenty decibels:

“It hasn’t really felt like it.”

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Are you Afraid of the Spotlight - Midnigtartist - Hamilton - Miranda [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 6/?
Fandom: Hamilton - Miranda
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Alexander Hamilton/Thomas Jefferson
Characters: Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Elizabeth “Eliza” Schuyler, John Laurens, Gilbert du Motier Marquis de Lafayette, Margaret “Peggy” Schuyler, Aaron Burr, and more
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - College/University, Theater AU, Slow Burn, Enemies to Lovers, Hate Sex, Sexual Tension, Explicit Sexual Content, Pining, alex is literally the most unobservant person ever, they’re both dicks, bottom jefferson of sure, Denial of Feelings

Alexander’s abrasive personality makes him ill equipped to be an actor, however, he thoroughly enjoys his position as stage manager. It’s a noble job to have. At least, he thought so before he was assigned to basically babysit the ever arrogant Thomas Jefferson. Now, he’s not sure if he can handle his spiraling social life and keep the show afloat without someone getting seriously hurt.

Jefferson has a few questions about where he stands, and Alexander is less then helpful in helping him figure them out.

Eyyyyyyyy long chapter tonight y’all!

Huge thanks to @ham-for-ham and @kyller-biis for beta reading this chapter!!!

Little Beta Chapter 6

Prompt: Liam get’s turned at an early age and he looks at you as his guardian/parent. Plus you’re dating Scott who’s always trying to look after him. (10 year gap between Liam and reader)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) Scott McCall x Reader

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Raise Hell - (Negan Fic) Chapter 1: People Like That

Summary: Doveport is a little community just trying to survive in the apocalypse. Elle finally feels like she’s found a home…and then she meets Negan.

Characters: Negan x Elle 

Word Count: 3,186

Warning: No warnings for this chapter (gotta introduce everyone!), but this fic is going to be a dark one. And it’s a slow burn

Author’s Note: I’m so excited to finally share this multi chapter fic with you. I’ve had this idea in my head for months and to get it started feels really good right about now. As of this moment, I have approximately 20 chapters outlined for it and hope I can do Negan’s character justice in this fic. There will be romance. There will be heartache. I will try and update as often as possible. Please let me know what you think! You can message me anytime!

You can also read this fic on AO3.

Huge thank you to @ashzombie13 and @my-achilles–heel for being my beta readers!

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Deeply Wired - Prologue

Summary: It’s 2904. A mechanician known as the Doctor finds a broken android, Rose, and decides to take it with him and fix it. The two become closer quickly but soon a mysterious virus inside Rose starts acting up and revealing its true capabilities, changing everything.
When Rose’s previous owner comes around and tries to get a hold of the Bad Wolf virus, the two are left with no choice. What lengths will they go to keep Rose away from the evil hands of the Master?

Pairing: Tenth Doctor x android!Rose Tyler (au setting)

Chapter: 1/?

Rating: T

Wordcount: 1183

Notes: This is my second attempt at fic writing. As some of you might know, I’m really into the android!au I’ve had around for some time. I have a full story planned, but I’m doing a test chapter of sorts to see if people are interested at all in this sort of thing. More will come if this catches off ~
Also a huge thanks to @wordsintimeandspace for being the beta for this chapter, she really helped me make this thing readable. Huzzah!

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Thieves Among Us (Part 4)

Let Jon have his armies and his devoted wildlings and the love of their people, she thinks. Let him have his dragon queen. She’s in possession of a secret, tragic as it may be, but at least it’s entirely her own. For Sansa, that’s more than enough. It has to be. Rated M; inspired by content from S7. Previous chapters can be found here.

A huge thanks to @alittlestardustcaught for beta reading this chapter!

We used to play in the godswood together when we were children, me and you and Robb and Theon. You remember that, don’t you?

Jon stared at the ancient face carved into the heart tree. That was what Sansa had asked him when they had been in the broken tower, when the tension in that small room had been thick enough to taste on his tongue. There she was, looking out towards the godswood with her back facing him, her body a tense line, her voice soft and wistful. It wasn’t enough to fool him—Jon knew that she was barely holding herself together, but he couldn’t undo what had been done. Worse, he didn’t what she was referring to—not then, not now. It rang true, was the thing, authentic, and yet for the life of him he couldn’t conjure any memory whatsoever to fit with her words. All those moons ago, Jon had assumed that he’d been too wrapped up in his intentions to think about anything else other than what he had to do, what he had to end, but lately his perceptions had altered. More and more, he realized that there were other things he couldn’t remember, a dark space in his consciousness where something ought to have been, but no longer was. It left him feeling unsettled and out-of-touch, but he had yet to mention it to anybody. Jon wanted to change that.

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The Birds and the Bees, Part 3 (Jughead x Reader)

Part 1, Part 2

Imagine: After months of misunderstandings, discussion, and hijinks, you and Jughead plan to sleep together for the first time.

Acknowledgments: BIG thanks to @jasmineladjevardi for beta reading this chapter!

Well, it was actually happening.

FP was away on a trip with the Serpents (“it’s like a company retreat for gang members” he had joked) and had left Jughead to watch the trailer for the weekend. A weekend that Jughead had invited you to spend with him.

“I was thinking we could… you know,” Jughead said nervously, eyes darting back and forth. “Only if you’re ready.”

You kissed him on the lips, smiling at his shyness. “I’m ready.”

The pieces were all in place. You’d told your parents you were staying at Veronica’s with Betty for a girls’ weekend (“use me as a sex scapegoat any time” Veronica had said excitedly). Veronica had helped you pick out some scantily clad outfits that weren’t too obscene. You toted them in your duffel along with your other sleepover things, clutching the bag like it held government contraband.

“Hey,” Jughead said, opening the door with a tender smile. His hat was gone, hair neatly combed, and he smelled of a different, more expensive cologne.

“Hey,” you said, smiling shyly. You followed him inside.

The trailer you’d once hung out with Jughead and his dad inside was transformed. All the clutter had been cleared away, and every semi-safe surface was covered with candles and rose petals. Jughead’s phone was plugged into a speaker, playing one of your favorite songs.

“Oh, Jug,” you whispered.

“You hate it, don’t you,” Jughead said, embarrassed.

“No, I love it,” You said, turning to him with a huge grin. “I have a surprise for you too! Let me get ready!” You waggled your eyebrows suggestively and he laughed, trying to hide the blush on his cheeks. You brought your duffel into the small trailer bathroom, closing the door behind you.

After a fair bit of maneuvering and a bit of contortion you were able to clamber into the piece Veronica had picked out for you–a transparent nightgown that split into two halves around the midriff so your stomach could be seen. A matching thong covered your underside. You re-did your lotion and fixed your hair and makeup about ten times. Finally deeming yourself to be dressed (or undressed, as the situation may be) you reached for the door handle. Your hand froze and began to shake.

Taking a look at yourself in the mirror, you couldn’t feel anything but dread, and self-loathing.

You weren’t ready.

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Little Beta Chapter 5

Prompt: Liam get’s turned at an early age and he looks at you as his guardian/parent. Plus you’re dating Scott who’s always trying to look after him. (10 year gap between Liam and reader)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) Scott McCall x Reader

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