Random fic idea dump

Post-epilogue, Harry and Ginny get married, have kids, blah blah blah

Sometime when Albus Severus is like in third or fourth year, Harry and Ginny come to the realization that while they still love each other, it’s more in the “you’re my bestest friend ever” way than in the “let’s go upstairs and traumatize our kids by having really loud sex” way.

They get divorced because they know that if Ginny goes out and gets laid while still being technically married to Harry the Prophet will have a field day. They still live in the same house, just different bedrooms - although one might climb in with the other while sleeping if nothing else is going on, because cuddling is awesome and Harry is a very tactile affection kind of person. (He’s making up for lost time with a vengeance, and he trusts her enough to allow himself the comfort.)

Meanwhile, it turns out that Morfin somehow actually managed to reproduce before being carted off to Azkaban for his nephews crimes, and the Gaunt line isn’t as dead as previously thought. Not that anyone knows that. Anyway, some time after the final battle, Voldemort’s soul managed to piece itself back together, and he was reborn as his own cousin a few generations removed. He doesn’t remember anything, and wonders why the Headmistress always looks at him funny (he’s actually related on both sides, through a bastard line of the Riddles lol, so the resemblance to Tom v.1 is striking. Different eye color though). He gets sorted into Slytherin (naturally) along with Albus and Scorpius the same year. The three become friends, and even though he doesn’t remember anything Tom (Tom something something, same initials but different middle and last names) is a genius, grasping theory and practical aspects of spellwork like he’s been doing it all his life.

He makes Minerva VERY nervous, but Dumbledore’s portrait seems to want to dote on him (look, Albus 1.0 isn’t an idiot, and decided to try positive reinforcement this time around) and his sort of friends keep him from going all the way off the deep end.

Anyway, after the divorce (like fourth year maybe), Albus v2 decides that he wants to bring his friends over for the holiday (especially Tom, who’s in foster care). His parents, seeing no problems, say yes. When they finally get there, well.

Harry and Ginny have miniature heart attacks.

Tom, meanwhile realizes that his friend’s dad is hot and he totally wants that. And immediately starts flirting - badly, because he’s like 14/15 and has never been interested in romance or sex before.

Ginny gets over the shock first and like any helpful ex, immediately starts laughing and egging Tom on, Harry is long-suffering, and Albus is traumatized by one of his best friends hitting on his DAD.

Cue Harry trying for the next four years to convince his kid’s friend that he’s WAY too old for him while trying not to think about him resembling a teenage Voldemort too much, Ginny spending an inordinate amount of time pointing and laughing, and Tom actually asking for relationship/flirting advice from Dumbledore’s portrait and immediately regretting the act.

Meanwhile Minerva is making very good friends with a bottle of firewhisky.

Sisimulan ko na project ko sa english.

Pero online pa din naman ako. Patingin tingin nalang dito sa screen. Lels. Sana matapos ko na tong english hanggang next week para naman magawa ko na ap. Hay. 4th quarter na kaya kailangan ng magsipag. Lels. 

May namimiss na naman ako. Si Lea! Shizz. Ganda, magparamdam ka naman sa text! Miss na naman kita. Alam kong may konting galit ka pa din sakin sa ginawa ko kagabi. Babawi ako sayo sa monday. Hahatid pa kita hanggang gate 3. Sorry na talaga. I love you! :* Maniwala ka man o hindi, totoo yun, Ikaw talaga yung first sa priority ko sa mga kaibigan ko. I miss you >:D< 

So I went to Harry Potter Universal Studios on Monday.

It was crazy! And it was a surprise. So my 16 birthday had come in June and I had planned a party but everyone had cancelled. And my best friend got me a frame. So I’m like cool. And I didn’t think much of anything at the time. And then she asks me to do a charity run that her brother had planned. So I’m like sure, why not. So we’re in the car a month later driving to this charity run and suddenly they start saying ‘This is going to be massive’ 'Bow (my best friend) tells me you’re the best’. This is entirely not true - my stamina leaves little to be desired. And there they were, bigging me up saying I couldn’t lose and how everyone thought I was some athlete and I was up against some pretty competitive fit people. So I start panicking thinking 'ohmygod this is so bad’. My heart was increasing in speed, hammering through my body, I could feel my self heat up and I began to feel faint. At this point I was seriously deliberating hiding in the toilets when we got there. Suddenly my friend hands me a second birthday card and I’m reading it when I get to the bottom and it says 'and at the moment we are not heading to Athi’s [her brother] charity event, but to harry potter universal studios’. I look up and I see this golden gleaming sign reading 'Universal Studios’ and my heart skips a beat. I feel my pulse speeding and tears brim my eyes. I was literally the happiest person alive. I couldn’t believe she had pulled this off. It was an amazing day